Ravaging Times

chapter 195

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[?]: Does it taste good?
[Liaoyuan Huo]: Mm, good.

[?]: Good?
[?]: Liar!

chapter 195 Live To Suffer

[Xiao Meng]: That fish is covered in raw stench.

[LYH]: Oh really? I can’t tell…

[?]: That’s just like you, never can tell the good from the bad.

[LYH]: What’re you talking about? It’s rare enough for the whole family to sit and eat together.
[Guo Ang]: Who’s family?

[GA]: You ever treated us like family?

[LYH]: Yo baldie, what’s that supposed to mean?
[GA]: Am I wrong?

[GA]: You run and hide after causing trouble;
[GA]: ever thought about how our lives have been?

[LYH]: I… came back for that…

[Zhang Lei]: Come back for what?

[ZL]: To see if we’ve suffered enough?

[ZL]: Or to see us one last time?

Young Master once said, he grows bolder
after every dream,

[?]: The boss is awake!

but I…

[?]: Boss, we got out of there!
[?]: Our families have been sent away too!

[LYH]: Then the Handicapped Warriors…

[Ma Yong]: Handicapped Warriors? What’re you talking about? This is Luyang!

[LYH]: No, never mind…

[?]: Boss, are you hungry?

But I…
seem to become more afraid of death.

What… am I doing?

[?]: Come here to sign up!
[?]: You can go eat over there once you’re done!

[soldier]: Too many people; cook faster!

[Yu Jin]: How many more?
[Chen Nan]: They’re surrounded by about ten thousand men.

[YJ]: So our Lord is still alive.
[CN]: Yessir.

[YJ]: Good.
[?]: Looks like Li Dian can’t handle it.

[CN]: Head for the woods. They’re there.

[YJ]: Deputy, dispatch some men and come with me to rescue them.
[?]: Yessir.

[YJ]: Thanks for your hard work. Sign up the men you gathered to the rear camp.
[CN]: Oh yes yes yes.

[CN]: Haha, let’s stay…

[CN]: and watch your back.


{sfx: long~}

[scout]: Sir! The main camp has sent troops!

[Song Li]: Good! Yu Jin has been lured out too!
[Hu Ju Er]: Get ready to take Wuyin!

[?]: Team one attack the main camp!
[?]: Team two attack the secondary camp! Head out!

[Cao Cao]: You were ambushed?

[CC]: We expected it, but not this bad.

[Li Dian]: They deployed archers all along the northern route. It’s not easy to break through there.

[Xiahou Dun]: Goodness, they haven’t lost a man for all this time.
[CC]: We have lost all of our advantage in numbers ever since yesterday. If this keeps up…

[LD]: My Lord, without a supply line we must not linger too long. Let’s head south!

[XHD]: You guys hear that? Get ready!


The wind has turned…

[?]: Sir! Fire in the south!

[LD]: Damnit, can they summon the wind?
[?]: The southern route is blocked then!

{sfx: xiong~}

[XHD]: We have no choice but to retreat by the northern route!
[?]: But… but there are…

[XHD]: I know, the gate of hell has opened.

[Xu Chu]: Our opponent, knows, wind.

[CC]: Xu Chu, tell us another joke.
[LD]: Joke?

[XC]: My Lord, are you afraid again?

[CC]: Very.

[CC]: I see no end to this nightmare.

[CC]: If it continues I just might go insane!

[XC]: Yesterday,

[XC]: there was, a pervert.

[CC]: Haha, why do you always joke about this?

[XC]: This one, is funny.
[CC]: Yes, even funnier when you tell it.

[XC]: That pervert, for, a,

[XC]: woman…

At this point good and bad

have become indistinguishable.

[?]: Hungry?

[?]: But,

[?]: that fish is covered in raw stench.

Xu Chu does not like to tell jokes, but he kept at it nonetheless.


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