Ravaging Times

chapter 197

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

I met him that day.

And I, too, began a journey of no return.


[4th Uncle]: Great, they have all been transferred.

[4th]: Now their defense around here is thin, easily broken.
[4th]: Lü Bu is powerful, and Liu Biao of the Liu clan is also quite influential.

chapter 197 Nowhere To Run

[4th]: Cao Cao has made a bad move this time.

[officer]: Our mercenaries on the outskirts are ready. They’re only waiting for your signal, Fourth Master.

[?]: Furthermore, those officials who were funded by the Sima clan long ago have declared,
[?]: that they will help us in the court when the time is right.
{note: near the end of East Han, most high ranking officials bought their positions}

[4th]: As they say, years of cultivation for this very moment.
/* I can’t think of an English proverb… */

[?]: Haha, Cao Cao thinks we only have the Handicapped Warriors, and thus not a threat. But he doesn’t know that it’s just for show.
[?]: The Sima clan is powerful to begin with, and if we want, Cao Cao would be as good as dead.

[?]: Right. If things work out in Henei, the Yan and Yu regions will support us.

[?]: Report! The Triad of Clear Wind has entered the city.

[4th]: The business families have formed an alliance.

[4th]: Save the young Emperor –

[4th]: and Lü Bu Wei’s world is coming too.
/* my interpretation: a world built upon investment */

In that day and age, power is built with money.

And fearsome reputations are built with lives.

[Hu Ju Er]: Song Li!

[Song Li]: Ge… get back, don’t throw your life away!

[?]: Get back!
[?]: Back!
[?]: Back!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Retreat!

{sfx: shoo~ shoo~}

[scout]: Report! Be… behind us!

[scout]: Yu Jin’s departed troop has returned!

[?]: Retreat!
[?]: Retreat!

[Yu Jin]: Stop firing!

[YJ]: Brothers, the enemy is on the run!

[YJ]: Follow me!


[general]: General Hu, Song Li’s army can’t catch up!
[HJE]: Forget about them. We must first head back to join our Lord.
[HJE]: Retreat behind the mountain. Our Lord and Liang Ping’s troops will arrive soon.
[HJE]: Everyone hold on!

[HJE]: Hold on, the main camp is in sight!


[CC]: Am… ambush.

[Xiahou Dun]: Bastard, I’ve been meaning to see you!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pu!}

[CC]: Yuan Rang, retreat! It’s an ambush!

[XHD]: A Man, this is the miracle you wanted!


[soldier]: My Lord, look!


[YJ]: After years of training, my Lord, you have finally stopped roaming about!

[CC]: Ha, way to go, Yu Jin!

[?]: Yu Jin has caught up! Retreat!


[SL]: Liang Ping, help me!

[Liang Ping]: Song Li, how could you…

{sfx: sha~}

{sfx: pong~}


[LP]: Who… who’s this?

[YJ]: Liang Ping!

[YJ]: You and me, let’s see who’s the Stronghold Master!


[LP]: Maintain the formation! Zhang Xiu’s main troop will be here soon.
[LP]: Brothers, give’em all we got!


[Pang Tong]: The battle is fierce. Yanzhou’s forces have all been sent to defend against Zhang Xiu and Liu Biao,

[PT]: while Yuzhou’s forces have been sent to deal with Lü Bu at Juye;
[PT]: and Chen region’s Liu clan could act at anytime.

[PT]: Cao Cao’s main force has suffered heavy casualty at Wan; at his weakened state it is the best time to revive Imperial Han.

[PT]: Besides, with Cao Cao’s main troop fully mobilized, they will lose without Sima clan’s ration support. Isn’t this the easy way to go?
[PT]: As long as your loyalty lies with Imperial Han, who cares about Lü Bu Wei’s wealth?
/* my interpretation: the rich can stay rich if he helps the right ruler */

[Sima Yi]: Haha, you are really scary, mister messenger.

[PT]: You mean what I said,

[PT]: or what I look like?

[SMY]: Do you care?

[PT]: I do if you’re going over to Cao Cao’s side.

[PT]: The most important thing for a businessman is to know where the wind is turning.

[SMY]: Don’t worry, can’t get away this time.


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