Ravaging Times

chapter 198

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

To make the enemy slack, you must make him forget.

[?]: Cao Cao’s territory is not far ahead. Doctor Hua, please hurry.

[Hua Tuo]: If it wasn’t for everyone’s courageous efforts, I don’t know when I’ll be able to…

[?]: As colleagues we don’t want to see your outstanding medical skills go to waste either. Please hurry.

[Wang]: The female Handicapped Warrior went after Cao Cao.

chapter 198 Two Talents of One Family

[W]: Once he returns, he will tell Cao’s men all about it.

[W]: Sima clan is crafty. With this scheme we force them to stay the course.

[Chen Gong]: That’s so amazing. He even calculated the next few moves. I don’t see any weak point.
[Lü Bu]: Tell mister Pang that we have no reason to refuse either.

[messenger]: Sima clan’s mutiny is only a part of the scheme. There are more coming.
[messenger]: If you, Duke of Wen, could make a decision…

[LB]: Haha, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.


[Sima Lang]: Huo… killed Dian Wei?

[Ma Yong]: Boss suffered heavy injuries, Young Master, so I come on his behalf to tell you to get ready.
[MY]: Otherwise it’ll be all over when the news get here.

[SML]: It’s already over.
[MY]: What? They already sent the news?

[Sima Yi]: Fortunetellers always have foresight.

[SMY]: That Xiao Wang has sent us a letter.

[MY]: Xiao… Xiao Wang?

[SMY]: With the proof of your dirty business at Luyang, Xiao Wang blackmails us to help. Since the proof is irrefutable, even if we manage to escape, it’ll be for nought.

[SMY]: Our fragile defense, plus your boss’ reckless actions…

[SML]: All these… are accounted for by the schemer.

[SMY]: One measure after another, I really can’t see any weak point…

[SML]: Tired? Take a break.

[SMY]: You think I don’t want to?

[SMY]: But it would be disastrous if I don’t stay clear-headed.

[SMY]: Someone skilled at calculation…


that man who were studying the puzzle at Pingyang back then…

I’m remembering this again after many years.

[SMY]: What else did I forget?

What else…


Yu Jin! Yu Jin!

Yu Jin~

Yu Jin~ Yu Jin~

[Cao Cao]: After frequent trainings we have completely defeated the enemy.
[CC]: My men have all mastered wonderous abilities.

[CC]: Zhang Xiu is only the appetizer; the entree to follow is the menacing Liu Biao.

[Xu Chu]: My Lord, this is, not the only, entree.

[CC]: Lü Bu.

[XC]: My Lord, have you, forgotten?
[CC]: No!

[CC]: When I remember the delayed rations I think of that cursed Sima clan.

[XC]: Deal with them, when we return, would be too late.

[CC]: Then what can we do? Right now we must let fate carry us.
[XC]: My Lord…

[XC]: want to, hear, a joke?

[CC]: I doubt I can laugh at a time like this.

[XC]: There was, a Xu, wiseman, fathered, a son, who is, articulate, and smart.

[CC]: Phh!

[CC]: Hahaha! You, articulate? Hahaha, that’s funny, that’s funny!

[XC]: My Lord, employees man, without question, and so, everyone can do, what they do best.

[CC]: Certainly. Therefore they can disobey orders for the sake of the big picture.

[XC]: That’s why, that smart, man, is also waiting, for an opportunity.

[CC]: What opportunity?

[XC]: Chu, will never forget, my Lord’s, appreciation;

[XC]: and never forget, to share, your burden.

What happened a few years back is happening again today.

When everyone has forgotten about it, like telling joke –

[Guo Ang]: Halt!

it comes unnoticed.

[GA]: Didn’t you go escort the rations? Why are you back?

[?]: The rations seem not to be sent to lord Cao, so I came back to see what’s happening.

[GA]: No wonder someone volunteered to escort the transport. Someone seems to want to take matters into his own hands.

[?]: Correct. The rations have been sent to somewhere you don’t want them to go.

[GA]: Get him.

[?]: What?

[?]: Is that how you treat your leader?

[GA]: I only answer to Liaoyuan Huo and Zhang Lei.

[?]: One left, and the other isn’t interested. It’s a shame you don’t have the skills.

[GA]: Sir Leader, do you know the requirement for being the leader of the Handicapped Warrior?

[?]: You’re saying I have no handicap?

[GA]: I, Guo Ang, can help you get a real one.

[?]: And I can help you get another.

[GA]: Who are you, really?

[?]: That year,

[?]: a boy made his way into the ranks of my father’s trusted servants, and even became his foster son.

[?]: My father was killed the next year.

[?]: The year after that, I made my way into the house of my enemy’s ally. With my eloquence I climbed to the top.

[?]: A while ago my employer recommended me to work for my enemy, and I even obtained the leader’s position after killing Xuzhou’s Cao Bao.

[?]: Now do you remember things that you have forgotten?

[?]: It’s just that lord Cao had always wanted to use Sima clan’s fortunes, and that I was still weak then. Thus I held back. But now…

[?]: I have enough men and proof to be the judge and executioner.

[GA]: You are Xu Lin’s son?

[?]: My father has two sons. Chu is the second while I’m the eldest.
[?]: We each made an oath for vengeance.

[?]: One will start the conflict while the other will kill the murderer.

{sfx: fu~}

[Xu Ding]: Today, I, Xu Ding, will make the Sima clan…

[XD]: pay with blood.

[GA]: Four… Fourth Master!

[XD]: Learn from me,

[GA]: Weapon!

[XD]: to be a leader of the Handicapped Warrior, one must first remain calm.

{sfx: zheng~}

{sfx: cha~}

[XD]: And one must be really charismatic.
/* Thanks, , for the suggestion */

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: cha~}

[XD]: Of course, having the skills is more important.

[GA]: No wonder… you became the leader.

[GA]: Too bad you lack nothing…

[XD]: No, I’m missing something too.
so these are not the “handicapped warriors”, but “savage warriors”; play on multiple meaning

[GA]: Hell!

{sfx: pa~}

[XD]: I’m heartless.

And then only corpses and enemies live in that house.


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