Ravaging Times

chapter 199

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Liu Xie]: I know that feeling very well.

[LX]: You are both my closest comrade and Cao Cao’s trusted advisor. This is quite the dilemma.

[LX]: Who knew that indecisive Liu Biao would agree to send troops, plus he has Liu Chong’s inside help.

{note: Liu Chong is East Han Emperor Ming’s son “West Prince of Peace” Liu Xian’s great grandson}
/* not sure */

[Xun Yu]: Right. And then there is Xuzhou’s God of War.

[LX]: But we know Lü Bu is fickle. To ask for his help…

chapter 199 Resolution Or Complication

{Han’s Xian Emperor, Liu Xie}
[XYu]: Why don’t we… make him General of the Left?
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */

[LX]: Make Lü Bu General of the Left?
[LX]: So that’s what you had in mind, Xun Yu.

[XYu]: Your Majesty should put more value on those who are useful to Imperial Han.

[LX]: You are right, that’s why I have always put such faith in you.

[official 1]: The Imperial Secretariat is right.
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */

[official 1]: Lü Bu is a very practical man. We must tread carefully and adapt as things change.
[official 2]: Promoting him would definitely strengthen his resolve to oppose Cao.

[LX]: I’ll think about it.

[XYu]: Be decisive, your Majesty.

[XYu]: Forgive my boldness,

[XYu]: but I have already drafted the Imperial Edict for you.

[?]: In the world today only Cao Cao can support Imperial Han.

[?]: But this move, uncle…

[?]: adds more pressure to our Lord, no?

[Xun You]: Though it does make things interesting.
{Xun Yu’s nephew, Xun You}

[XYu]: It’s good that you understand. I need your help.

[XYou]: Leave it to me.
[XYou]: Oh right, a word from home.

[XYou]: Go ahead, Xiao Fang.

[Xiao Fang]: Your shidi paid a visit, Young Master. He left a message since you two were not home.
/* shidi = “male lowerclassman” */
[XYu]: It’s Pang shidi again, right?

[F]: Yes, Young Master, for the most part he wanted to persuade you to join the opposition.

[XYu]: He wants to create distrust; after this is over…

[XYou]: Don’t worry. Cao’s men won’t believe that we would betray them. But with his skills,
we won’t be the only ones Fledgling Phoenix is after.

[XYu]: Has there been anything unusual at Sima clan’s side recently?

[XYou]: Yes. They kept delaying sending supplies.

[XYou]: You thought keeping the Sima clan would bring unlimited funding.

[XYou]: But this gold-laying chicken…

[XYu]: Not a chicken, but a wolf.

[XYou]: You sound like you already know, uncle.

[XYu]: Gong Da,
{note: Xun You, courtesy name Gong Da}

[XYu]: ever seen a wolf turn its head?


[Cao Cao]: An urgent message from the base said the rations have arrived.

[CC]: Haha, your brother really is amazing.

[Xu Chu]: Yes.

[Yu Jin]: Hoo. Talk about taking matters into one’s own hands; this guy beats us all.
[Xiahou Dun]: Looks like Xu Chu’s achievement tops all of ours.

[CC]: Sima clan’s evil claws have extended. They must go.

[XC]: Thank you.
/* for letting them destroy the Sima clan */

[CC]: We don’t need them anymore now that we’re strong.
[CC]: Xu Chu, I hope your older brother…

[CC]: can tell jokes like you do.

[XC]: You won’t be, disappointed.

Someone is laughing,

so then,

someone on the other side must be crying.

But it would be brief,

because they can no longer cry out.

Others, however, will have to cry a lot more.

[Xu Ding]: Because…

[XD]: their crime warrents much greater suffering.

[XD]: Go.

{sfx: peng~}

[?]: Team one second floor!
[?]: Team two first floor!

[?]: Report! They’re all in hiding!
[?]: I don’t see anyone. They must be in the secret room.

[?]: Team one, call the hammer man!

[XD]: Go.

[hammer man]: Ready.

{sfx: fu~}

{sfx: zha~}

{sfx: peng~}

[XD]: Hand or leg,

[XD]: if you use it,

[XD]: you will lose it.

[?]: Go ahead and cry.

{sfx: zheng}

[XD]: I know that feeling very well.

Just cry.


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