Ravaging Times

chapter 201

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Main city of Henei . south gate}

[Cheng Yu]: Sorry to be late. You all must’ve be frightened.
[?]: Nonono, if it wasn’t for your advice, we’d have already fled to our deaths.

[CY]: I only came with four thousand men. The rest went to other cities.

[CY]: But don’t worry, this is plenty for me to take care of them.

chapter 201 Forging the Young Aspiration

{Cheng Yu}
[CY]: Light up more torches; scare them a little.

[?]: Tor… torches spread up!

[?]: By the looks of them, there must be at least thirty thousand men!
[?]: We… we don’t have enough to fight back!

[Sima Yi]: The enemy outnumbers us. Let’s not die in vain.

[SMY]: Go home.

[SMY]: Open the gates. Send the Clear Wind Triad away.

[SMY]: Go Home. Pretend you know nothing.

[SMY]: This is the last thing I can do for you all.

[?]: Young Master… but… but…
[SMY]: Go. I can’t do anything either.

{sfx: tah! tah! tah!}

[servant]: Young… Young Master!

[servant]: Our house…

[SMY]: Wait…

[SMY]: Keep me still.

[SMY]: I said, keep me still.

[SMY]: I beg of you.

[SMY]: Go on.

[servant]: That leader went to our house,

[servant]: and then… and then…

{crying: wah~}

{crying: ah~}

[servant]: A sizable troop went to the secondary city.

[servant]: The other cities have been surrounded as well.

{crying: wah~}

{crying: ah~}

{crying: ah~}

{crying: wah~}

[?]: Keep at it.

{crying: yah~}

[soldier]: San Chuan,

[soldier]: San Chuan, do you understand?

[soldier]: Young Master said, when it’s time,

[soldier]: take . one . life.

[San Chuan]: Hai.

On that day,

all is lost.

{Henei . Secondary City}

[3rd Uncle]: Big brother, don’t!

[3rd Uncle’s son]: No, first uncle, don’t do it!

[1st Uncle]: Third brother, can you bear to watch this any longer?

[1st]: All dead, even my son is dead.

[1st]: What else can’t an old man let go of?

[3rd’s son]: First Uncle!



[3rd]: Big brother…

[soldier]: Third Master, Cao Cao’s men are coming up here!

If everyone dies,

could I still bear to watch?

[3rd]: Son…

[3rd]: why do we dream such grandiose dreams!
“dreaming of Lü’s Spring and Autumn”; Lü Bu Wei, who invested in an oppressed prince, later enjoyed wealth and power after the latter became the First Emperor of China

[3rd’s son]: We are not, father, but…

Our clan,

still has the destined emperor!

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

Yes, we still have the destined emperor!

Zhong Da!

Zhong Da~

My elders,

after all these years of merely going through the motions,

I have finally found my life’s goal.

“The Annals of Lü Bu Wei” says, a stone can be broken,
/* “Lü Shi Chun Qiu”; http://www.amazon.com/Annals-Lu-Buwei-Complete-Translation/dp/0804733546 */

but its hardness cannot be taken away.


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