Ravaging Times

volume 26

Back Cover Couplet
History will remember the brave ventures; who is to decide whether they are praiseworthy or condemnable

Previously on Ravages
Sima Yi’s family is in ruins; in tears, Liaoyuan Huo bids Handicapped Warriors farewell

Ravages Afterword
As a child I learned in history class that the ancient Chinese suffered through all kinds of foreign oppressions.
Now that I’m older I tend to read deeper into things.
And turns out those foreign people were oppressed by us so much that they had to fight back.
Invasions became expeditions; only historians would write such lies.
War is a misfortune, and those who write history were merely pawns on their own side.
Even modern history is all over the place, let alone ancient history.
I always feel that history is not to be trusted-
It all starts with a fart (aka “bullshit”), and it all ends with shit, while human lives are like toilet paper.

Shit-ory (or Shit-story) of China

(the hanzi 史 “history” being covered by the dropping is pronounced in the same way as the hanzi 屎 “shit”)
Next on Ravages
Through thick and thin,
together we send Lü Bu on his way.

Volume 27
War, God of War!


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