Ravaging Times

chapter 207

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[?]: With the west city breached, civilians have all fled here.

[?]: Liu Chong’s allied forces are continuing their advances, now separating us from our Lord.

[?]: And the worst part is he cannot budge due to Liu Biao’s threat.

[?]: If this keeps up, our Lord’s food supplies will be critically low.

chapter 207 Business Is Business
/* “benefit takes priority” */

[Cao Ren]: What a pathetic loss for Cao Hong – losing the west city.
{Cao Ren}

{Guo Jia}
[Guo Jia]: That’s not his fault. You should blame it on the shortage of troops!

[CR]: Liu Chong has shown some skills as a commander back when he was fighting the Yellow Turbans.
[CR]: And this confrontation proved it.

[GJ]: Don’t praise the enemy. Right now we must establish contact with our Lord, then decide what to do.

[GJ]: Who is willing to break through the siege and give my strategy to our Lord?

[Li Dian]: Don’t worry, he has already sent such a man.

{Li Dian}
[LD]: I can walk just fine.

[GJ]: This man…
[CR]: Taking his life is the hardest thing in the world.

[LD]: Sirs, our Lord’s rations will only last a month.

[GJ]: Hoo, sooner than I thought.

[CR]: Li Dian, you stay to recover; I’ll send another messenger in your place.

[LD]: I’m too impatient. Tell me what the tactic is.

[GJ]: Fine, I’ll prepare it immediately for you to take back.

{west city}
[Pang Tong]: Hahaha, another city down.

[PT]: Cao Cao’s rations will only last a month. Very good.
[Luo Jun]: Shi Yuan’s deployment is really amazing. An eye-opener.
{note: Pang Tong, courtesy name Shi Yuan}

[LJ]: Expel the tiger and eat the wolf; Lü Bu and Yuan Shu will soon start a fight that would leave both sides in ruins,
{Liu Chong’s subordinate, Luo Jun}
[LJ]: so once we finish Cao Cao the threats from both the east and south would be relatively eased. That’s the best strategy.

[PT]: In order for the Liu clan to retake the world, everything must be taken care of. And now Master and the rest might suddenly realize the truth.

[LJ]: People at the School of Water Mirror might have thought you were intending to help Liu Bei.

[PT]: Haha, a misdirection; unaware of the oriole behind.

[?]: Our Lord is back!

Lord Liu! Lord Liu!

[PT]: Chen Kingdom’s Liu Chong is a brilliant and well-loved ruler. He will make something of himself one day.

[PT]: There are many able men in the world; how can one claim there are only two great rulers?

[PT]: Seventh,
{Lord of Chen, Liu Chong}
{note: Liu Chong is East Han Emperor Ming’s son “West Prince of Peace” Liu Xian’s great grandson, later crowned Prince of Chen, setting the territory at Chenjun}
/* not sure */

{Pang Tong}
[PT]: my Lord is so much better than the man you admire.

Smart birds choose the tree they land on; it may be for resting, or to get a push to fly even higher.

[Xun Yu]: He’s been here a while?

[servant]: Yes. Strangely he seemed to know that you will return today.

[XY]: Haha. Dismissed. Show him in.
[servant]: Yessir.

{Xun Yu}
[XY]: Oh, quite gutsy…

[?]: What else would scare me after having died once?

[XY]: I’m afraid your clan is a painted target – soon to perish.

[?]: Nonono, my younger brother said, Sir Xun is a kind man;

[Sima Lang]: surely you wouldn’t just watch us die.
{Sima Lang}

[XY]: Silly. Your people put a rope around your own necks, why should I help you?

[SML]: I did not say whom you should help.

[XY]: Then tell the jerk to turn himself in now.

[SML]: Surrender? Or strike?
/* word play on homonyms */

[SML]: I heard that… Cao Cao is in some serious trouble…

[XY]: He may be in trouble, but we always know how to win.

[SML]: So does the Sima clan. Now we’re a little better off residing somewhere else.

[SML]: A friend of the family just had a great harvest at Yuzhou this year. What about your eaters at Nanyang?

[XY]: Frankly, wouldn’t you be happier if we lose?

[SML]: My brother said, Cao Cao may be an anti-hero, but no one is more worthy of an investment than him.

[SML]: You two seem to agree on this point.

[XY]: Hoo, mixing business and military affairs makes for incomprehensible rubbish.

[XY]: Speaking of which, last year my seventh shidi mentioned a strange theory in a letter.
/* shidi = “mail lowerclassman” */

[XY]: Fighting a powerful enemy is like hitting a rock with an egg; it may be better to aid evil,
[XY]: bringing peace to the world sooner, then laid the groundwork for a coup. Much beneficial that way.

[XY]: I wonder… is this your brother’s words,
[XY]: or am I entertaining groundless fears?

[SML]: Again, how did an anti-hero like Cao Cao get the support of a principled man like Sir Xun…

[XY]: With my skilled and systematic guidance, an anti-hero would only be Imperial Han’s most loyal minister.

[SML]: So if you don’t even fear a powerful figure like Cao Cao, why be afraid of petty money-lovers?

[XY]: Fine then. I will help you once my Lord receives the rations from Yuzhou.
[SML]: It’s a deal.

Mercy for another? Or for oneself?

{outside west city, Liu Chong’s main camp}

[?]: Those inside the city who are loyal to Imperial Han have surrendered.
[?]: The seven warlords within the province have also decided.

[?]: Their troops have joined ours, and are awaiting orders.
{flag reads: Liu}
[?]: Very good. Our principle is to accept anyone who supports Han.

[?]: And there is another group that we must take in.
[?]: You mean…

[Liu Chong]: Advisor would not take in Sima clan’s servants?

[LJ]: Yes. They fought alongside with us, but sadly became our shield and ended up like this, so I…

[LC]: Yes. We did them wrong.
[LC]: We must regard them like honored guests, and treat them well.

[LC]: I never owe others.

A wise move? Or a mistake?
/* distorted; */

[PT]: So many have come; our Lord really does have people’s support.
[official]: We hope to have your continued guidance, Advisor.

[PT]: Ha, the so called Kingdom to the north refers to the Kingdom of Chen.

[official]: Hey, don’t wander around!

[guard]: I’m sorry, but this man is a foreigner, so…
[official]: Foreigner? What a medley mob.

[San Chuan]: Hai.

[PT]: Hai?

The two became silent.

A greeting, and a farewell.


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