Ravaging Times

chapter 208

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Nothing can be seen when it’s dark.

[?]: Lei… how is he?
[?]: Thankfully his body held on.

[?]: Buy a few plots of land with my money; for those who have passed…
[?]: It’s done, Young Master.

[?]: Make sure Guo Ang’s son gets all the proper training at his village; let him become a talented man.

[?]: As for you…

chapter 208 Onto Brighter Path
/* “toward the light” */

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I know. It’s my fault…

[LYH]: Had I not insisted on assassinating Cao Cao on my own…

[Sima Yi]: Huo,

[Sima Yi]: what’s that got to do with you? Somebody figured out how we work, that’s all.

[SMY]: What seed of trouble we’ve planted long ago –
/* distorted */

[SMY]: is now ready to be uprooted. Might as well…
/* distorted */

{sfx: ta~ ta~}

[LYH]: Zhong Da, what’re you doing?

[LYH]: That’s dangerous! Get back inside!

[SMY]: Back to where?

[SMY]: Back to the darkness?

[SMY]: It’s daylight out.

[SMY]: Beat it.

[SMY]: There’s no use for you here anymore.

{Liu Biao’s camp}

[Jia Xu]: What can you do here?

[JX]: I told you already, you can’t fight Cao Cao with brute force.
[JX]: Not only did you fail in killing him, your territory also ended up in Liu Biao’s control.

[?]: You mean this was all planned?

[JX]: My Lord, which side is looking good right now?
[JX]: Who else but the Liu clan?

[JX]: It’s daylight out;
{Jia Xu}

{Zhang Xiu}
[JX]: you should be able to tell friend from foe, my Lord.

[Zhang Xiu]: What should I do now?

[JX]: That depends on you, my Lord.

[ZX]: Jia Xu,

[ZX]: I’ll do whatever you say from now on.

[JX]: Very good.

Nothing’s changed.
What once left has returned.

[Guo Jia]: That’s very good.

[GJ]: With the support of Yuzhou’s merchants, we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

[merchant 1]: We businessmen rely on foresight. Advisor Guo may not be asking, but you could be thinking it.
/* distorted */
[merchant 1]: We rather lend you the support than be robbed.

[GJ]: Oh, so you’ve noticed Nanyang’s deployment.

[merchant 1]: First, after Li Dian returned to Wan a few days ago the Cao army deployment suddenly changed.

[merchant 1]: Second, we figured that if this fight continues, the slow market will worsen our losses.

[GJ]: You figured exactly, I’m impressed.

[GJ]: Then everything’s easier now.
[merchant]: Yes.

[merchant 2]: Advisor Guo, we just want everything to stay the same. Money first, no questions asked.

[GJ]: Very good.

[GJ]: But speaking of which…

[GJ]: how’re you going to deliver the rations within Liu Chong’s territory?

[merchant 1]: That depends on you, Advisor.

[GJ]: Finally getting to the point. I don’t like beating around the bush either.

[GJ]: Say, what are Sima Yi’s terms?

[merchant 2]: Tell him.

[merchant 1]: Military ration is just the first gift. Let’s talk about the real deal now.

[GJ]: Just what I’ve been waiting for.

[merchant 1]: I’m sure you wouldn’t refuse, Advisor.

{Liu Chong’s camp}

[?]: Take a life,
/* speech bubble reversed */
[?]: when the time is right.

[San Chuan]: Hai.
{San Chuan}

[Sima clan subordinate]: The Sima clan hates Cao Cao, sure,

[subordinate]: but that doesn’t mean we will help you.
[subordinate]: You’re too trusting, Liu Chong.

[subordinate]: We were just waiting for you to visit.

{sfx: cha~}

[subordinate]: Hurry, it’s light out.

[SC]: Hai.

[subordinate]: Let’s go.

Everything’s clear when daylight comes.

[SMY]: Beat it.

[SMY]: Go find a worthy Lord, then use my funds to help him.

[SMY]: Empower him, enough to rival Cao Cao.

[SMY]: And most importantly, create an opportunity for me to take the throne.

[SMY]: Daylight has come.

[SMY]: Haven’t you been wanting to leave this dark maze?

[SMY]: Today you can finally take that step.

[SMY]: Beat it,

my “enemy”.

Take care, Young Master.


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