Ravaging Times

chapter 209

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

What has history forgotten?

Is it forgotten?
Or has it already left its burning mark?

[Ji Ling]: Simpletons, open your eyes!

[JL]: Why stay loyal to a dead empire?

chapter 209 A Sear In History

[JL]: Lü Bu, this is Heaven’s Way!

{Yuan Shu’s Supreme Commander, Ji Ling}
[JL]: Guan-zi said the end of extreme is the opposite, and the end of a flourishing empire is its decline. The time to act is now!

[JL]: Hence the death of Qin, and the death of Han…

[officer]: Reciting tirelessly – just like in school.
{Zhang Liao}
[Zhang Liao]: That star-pupil sure has memorized his history text.

[?]: Listen, he’s repeating again, haha.
[?]: Look over there.

[officer]: What a huge throne; we can see it even from here.
[ZL]: Yuan Shu came himself, so he really wants to win.

[ZL]: Ok, where is Chen Gong?

[officer]: Chen Gong went to greet a man from Cao Cao’s camp.
[official]: Who do you think it is this time?

[ZL]: Could it be…

[?]: Oh, same old Chen Gong.

[Chen Gong]: Haven’t seen you for a while; so, brother Huang has started writing again.
[Huang Da]: You’re funny, it’s not that difficult of a task; anyone can do it.

[CG]: Not really, brother Huang. So, how’s the text coming?

[HD]: Do you remember a man named Dong Zhuo?
[CG]: Yes, the previous man who controlled the Emperor.

{Chen Gong}
[CG]: He’s done similar things as your Lord Cao Cao. And in order to raise your Lord’s reputation, you must first…

[HD]: You guessed it. We’d need to describe the former as lusty, wasteful and cruel, just like the Second Emperor.
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Emperor */
{historian Huang Da}

[CG]: That’s right. That’s what happens after a dynasty change. In order to justify the rule, the enemy would have to take all the blame. Historians are but tools for propaganda.

[?]: That’s history. Knowing how smart the First Emperor was, how could he raise a son, the Second Emperor, that was a “foolish hedonist”?
[HD]: Haha, therefore we cannot simply describe Dong Zhuo as an idiot; he’s also going to be an ambitious pig.

[HD]: And this pig will finally meet his destined “end”.

[CG]: So… the man who killed him is…

[HD]: Frankly, even if it was Lü Bu… he would need to do a good job if he wants a better recount.

[HD]: That’s why my Lord has sent me here to observe the battle. I’m interested in Lü Bu’s “sincerity”.

[CG]: That’s easy. Just write what you see, brother Huang.
[HD]: Haha, with your cooperation, I’m sure it would look good.

[ZL]: Oh, Cao Cao’s historians.
[official]: Looks like we have to play by the “script”.

[HD]: Yuan Shu oversees this battle personally, and even has the famous Ji Ling as the commander.

[HD]: Their two-hundred-thousand army strength will immobilize Lü Bu. We all know how this battle will end.

[ZL]: Two-hundred… thousand? How can there be so many people in Yuan Shu’s Kingdom?

[?]: Archers, crouch!

[?]: Defenders down there be careful!
[?]: Incoming!

{sfx: shoo~}

[HD]: The next bit is easy to write. Xuzhou’s people cowered in fear, the scene became horrid, and then…


[Lü Bu]: It’s noon.

[HD]: He is…
[CG]: That’s right.

[JL]: Lü Bu!

[JL]: Lü Bu! If you don’t come out to fight me,
[JL]: we will light the next volley and waste this place!

[JL]: Do you want the main city or not?

[LB]: How is it?
[ZL]: Gao Shun has setup ambush outside the city.

[ZL]: Our target is Yuan Shu’s supply line. We’ll force them to withdraw after a month.

[HD]: A month?

[HD]: Right now Yuan Shu’s army has at least three months’ worth of food.

[HD]: Take your time. My Lord’s reinforcements will come soon.

[LB]: Chen Gong, this is…

[CG]: A historian.

[LB]: Okay, please note, Lü Bu will fend off the enemy…

[LB]: in one day.

[LB]: You can write it however you want.

[JL]: Simpletons, open your eyes, this country…

[ZL]: Alright alright enough already. Lü Bu is coming!

[JL]: Good!

{sfx: ka~}

[JL]: Cease fire!

[LB]: I challenge you.

[JL]: I accept!

{crowd gasp}

[HD]: A duel…
[CG]: Don’t worry, brother Huang, neither of them like to waste manpower.

[HD]: Speaking of waste, don’t you think that you’re wasting your talents here in Xuzhou?
[CG]: Oh.

[HD]: Advisor Xun has asked me to tell you that there is a job in the court that is worth your time…

[CG]: Not really, brother Huang.

[CG]: I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life here.

[CG]: At least I don’t have to suck up to my Lord.

Ji Ling, General from Heaven!
{Zhongjia Emperor, Yuan Shu}

Ji Ling~

Ji Ling~
General from Heaven~

[LB]: What a big title.

[LB]: Go.

[HD]: He… he went in alone…

[HD]: He’d be… shot through and through!


[LB]: Hoo.

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pa~}

[CG]: Brother Huang, remember after the death of the Second Emperor…

[CG]: there was one man’s legend that could not be shaken by historians.

[CG]: Was it because it could not be changed?

[CG]: Or has it already left its burning mark in history?

[CG]: Win or lose, Lü Bu is just like him.

Do you remember a man named Xiang Yu?


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