Ravaging Times

chapter 210

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[captain]: Hold your fire! Wait… wait a moment,
[captain]: General Ji is still alive!

{breathing: shuh}

[Lü Bu]: Didn’t you want to take me out cold? Do it, if not…

chapter 210 Chu And Han Revisited
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chu_%28state%29 */

[LB]: Here I come.

[?]: Look out! He’s coming!

[captains]: Lü Bu! I dare you to put down the hostage!

{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: Don’t underestimate me!
/* distorted */

{sfx: pong~}

He does things as he pleases, no wonder people think of him as a courageous brute.

But I feel that he is more skilled than Xiang Yu.

A wave of emotion floods me all of a sudden, and I am unable to describe his mighty presence…
/* could be better */
Only the old-fashioned way of portraying a hero would settle this excitement.
/* could be better */

Lü Bu fell in love with Dong Zhuo’s woman.

Succumbing to beauty, he decided to oppose Dong Zhuo.
Yes, he’s a disloyal man after all; I just need to spice up the story.

Since my Lord doesn’t want me to put a good light on the enemy,

Dong Zhuo shall become the Second Emperor;

and Lü Bu shall become the Conqueror of West Chu!
/* Xiang Yu */

Heros don’t last anyway.

But this moment of awe will stay with me forever!

{sfx: pong~}

Perhaps you were born at a wrong time?

Lü Bu!

Lü Bu!

The world will remember your Might!

Like Xiang Yu,

{crowd gasp}

Tens of thousands mean nothing in his eyes…
The morale has collapsed.

[LB]: Sit tight, Yuan Shu, I’m coming!

{sfx: pa~}

[general]: Don’t worry, Lü Bu won’t make it to here!

[general]: Please sit still, your Majesty! Keep the troops calm!

Right. A mere savage, how dare he oppose me!

Your Xuzhou is within my powers,

I could just…

[Yuan Shu]: Oh.

grab it?

[scout]: Your Majesty, Zhang Liao is coming with troops as well!

[YS]: Oh.

[scout]: Your Majesty, valley to our east…

{shouting: kill~}

East? Aren’t they our allies who were getting ready to overthrow Lü Bu?

How come?

{flag reads: Liu}

[?]: The flag says Liu… Liu Bei!
[?]: Stay clam, stay calm!

{crowd gasp}

{Guan Yu}
[Guan Yu]: Oh, we meet again. Haven’t you learned your lesson last time?

[soldiers]: It’s Guan… Guan Guan Guan… Guan Yu…

[scout]: Your Majesty, our right flank troop has scattered!

[scout]: Your Majesty, be… behind us!

[scout]: We can’t tell which command flag it is!
[scout]: Our rear flank is in danger!

Are… are there more warlords?

It’s over.

It really did take just one day…
Am I dreaming?

[LB]: Your turn.
{sfx: pa!}

[?]: Pursue Yuan Shu, full force!

[messenger]: Second Master, Sir Mi Zhu ordered us to hold our ground!

[GY]: Hold our ground? But I don’t need to rest.


[Mi Zhu]: I remember what you have promised us in the past.
[MZ]: We went through all that trouble to hand Xuzhou over to you, yet you let it go.

[MZ]: You joined forces with Lü Bu instead.

{Mi Zhu}
[MZ]: You are both influential and merciful, my Lord, hence the people really wanted you to rule Xuzhou.
/* could be better */

[MZ]: Our Xuzhou’s subordinates all volunteered for this battle; do you know why?

[Liu Bei]: You mean, capture Xiapi from both the inside and the outside while Lü Bu is away in battle?

[MZ]: Why not? Remember how Lü Bu treated us back then? Why can’t we reciprocate?

[MZ]: Your reputation is already renowned, and you just need a stable base.

[MZ]: Besides, we’re only taking back what’s ours.

[MZ]: Look, my Lord.

[MZ]: Even Yuan Shu – a man from three generations of Loyalists – disregards loyalty; so what’re you afraid of?

[MZ]: The Emperor is now Cao Cao’s puppet, while the world has already become an arena for the ambitious.

[MZ]: Who among the conquerors talk about Principles and Morality?

[MZ]: They’re just sugarcoating by the conqueror’s historians.

[MZ]: Winners are always right. That is the Truth of history.

[MZ]: You may be weak, but you have won over tens of thousands of people. That is a sign from Heaven.

Remember a man named Liu Bang?
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_bang */


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