Ravaging Times

chapter 211

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

What has history conveyed to us?

Is it one-sided?
Or is it of unfathomable depth?

[?]: Yuan Shu is heading for the river!
[?]: After them! Make this day their last!

{shouting: kill~}

chapter 211 Weathered Through History

[?]: Your Majesty! Zhang Liao is gaining on us!

[Yuan Shu]: Hurry, we have another troop near the river!

[?]: Hurry!

[Zhang Liao]: Oh.

An unexpected troop!

{sfx: don~ don~}

[?]: Liu Xun has been attacked too!

{sfx: don~ don~}

{Liu Xun}
[Liu Xun]: Fear not, your Majesty!

[LX]: Ji Ling or no Ji Ling, I am your loyal vassal too!

{sfx: don~}

{Gao Shun}
Pretty good!

[LX]: Everybody, cover for his Majesty!

[?]: Without Ji Ling,

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: you’re nothing.

{crowd gasp}

[Gao Shun]: Who’s that?

[LX]: Ah~~~

[ZL]: Who cares, just finish off Yuan Shu!

[ZL]: Burn their ships so they can’t escape!

[?]: My Lord!

[?]: My Lord! Another one of Lü Bu’s pursuing troops is here!
[?]: No, I mean your Majesty!
/* distorted */

They’re so flustered they don’t even remember who I am anymore…

All is lost;
everything is gone in one day.

Am I dreaming?

[Mi Zhu]: My Lord, Lü Bu has dispatched his entire army to pursue Yuan Shu; the city is empty…

[?]: So indecisive, he’s a Liu all right…

[Guan Yu]: Keep talking,

[GY]: keep talking.

[MZ]: I’ve heard what your men have said, that you, Imperial Uncle, are a determined and decisive lord, thus many have come to serve you.

[MZ]: I have witnessed your courageous nobility back then, so I’ve decided to persuade others to join you.
[MZ]: But having weathered through reality, my Lord, have you become so fearful of moving forward?

[MZ]: It’s true, politics is like that – vastly different from what the history texts taught us.

[MZ]: There is no merciful lord on the battlefield, only hegemons who know how to take the initiative.

[MZ]: Forgive my impertinence; it’s just my honest opinion.
[MZ]: If you have any concern, my Lord, please voice it…

[MZ]: Just like when you were drunk.

[Liu Bei]: I…

[LB]: don’t want Xuzhou; only the world!

Wh… wh… what?

{crowd gasp}

So what he said then was not a lie, but this time… has he… gone mad?

The world?!
That… that’s too candid!

[officer]: Great, our Lord has spoke his mind, let’s follow his lead!
[official]: Yeah, the Emperor is incompetent, capable men should take this chance!

[?]: Let’s do it, unlike that coward Cao Cao!
[?]: That’s the reason why we came to you!
[?]: My Lord, what’re we waiting for?

[LB]: That’s the terrifying reality.

[LB]: Burn it!

[LB]: I said, burn this traitor’s throne!

[LB]: Ill-intentioned things should not be left in this world.

[LB]: Even a casual statement can bring out the devils in your hearts.

[LB]: The chaos of this world is caused by the ambition of warlords like us.

[LB]: The Emperor is incompetent? Which emperor doesn’t want his country to be peaceful, and his position unshakable?

[LB]: Yet the last emperor of any preceding dynasty always became incompetent by the words of historians.
[LB]: It’s because the usurper wants to justify their action, while the text may serve as warning for posterity that governance should not be taken lightly.

[LB]: I ask you, with all the past examples as warning, which emperor would neglect to lecture his descendants?
[LB]: And which emperor would be as stupid as they say?

[LB]: Put it another way, who in this world would be more knowledgeable of governance than an emperor?

[LB]: Why is the world in chaos when the governing power still exists?

[LB]: Having been perplexed for all these years, battling through one conflict after another in my mind, I’ve just had an epiphany today.

[LB]: You can’t trust history.
[LB]: Kong and Meng may have been pedantic, but there is Truth in their words.

[LB]: Rulers rule, ministers minister. Where is the problem? We all know the answer.
/* not sure */
[LB]: I’m not a pedantic man; I’m loyal because reality demands it.
/* not sure */

[LB]: Perhaps not many people could understand this. But remember this, everyone…

[LB]: Protecting Han is to set an example for posterity, so we can eradicate bloody coups.

[LB]: But… a true Loyalist should also use his power to suppress treacherous vassals!

[LB]: What I want is not a trivial gain but the real power to deal with treacherous vassals of this world.
[LB]: Then his Majesty would be able to focus on governing.

My oh my, this view is even more high-sounding than Third Brother’s crazy talk.
All of a sudden my Big Brother has reached an even higher level.
Noble and sinister, becoming like Gao-zu.
/* Gao-zu = “First Emperor of Han”, Liu Bang */

When… when did he become this decisive? Who helped him take this step?

[LB]: Yuan and Cao clans have the biggest influences in this world today.

[LB]: But in terms of clan power, an alliance of Liu clans would surpass them both. Unfortunately the Liu clan is only a headless snake right now.

[LB]: How many golden opportunities have we missed in these years, and how many deaths did that cause? Hence reputation is a head…

[LB]: Reputation shall be the greatest weapon used for calling.

Calling the clans of Liu?

[LB]: Speaking of which, Lü Bu did a righteous thing by opposing the traitor. Both being vassals of Han, we cannot turn on him and damage our reputation.
[LB]: In the end we must fight those who use the Emperor to control the lords.

[MZ]: Then you must be confused, my Lord, Cao Cao is in danger now, if we miss this chance…

[LB]: You think Cao Cao will be defeated by this? This man has a powerful army and numerous commanders, not to mention his own extraordinary talents.

[LB]: Besides, it is true that the Lius are famous for their indecisiveness; if Liu Chong fails, other clansmen would not help except retreat to safety.

[LB]: In order to win against powerful enemies, we must truly call forth all our clansmen.
[LB]: Good things come to patient men. Liu Chong could only start an uprising but could not unify the clans, all because his reputation is not great enough.

[LB]: I hate Lü Bu as well, but now is not the time to fight him.
[?]: Second Master, look!

So it is him!

{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: Because Liu Chong is dead,

[LB]: and the alliance has failed.

I heard the news before any other lord.


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