Ravaging Times

chapter 212

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Huang Da]: Looks like Liu Bei has no intention for an ambush. That fool is still over there burning things.
[HD]: How noble, letting slip such a golden opportunity.

[Chen Gong]: Noble? Hahaha, look at it this way, brother Huang.

[CG]: Cao Cao regained food supply, and Yuan Shu has been defeated; the outcome is already clear.
[HD]: You mean Liu Chong will lose for sure, and that Liu Bei will withdraw after this victory?

chapter 212 Public Enemy

[CG]: Correct. Tell sir Huang what you’ve seen.
[servant]: Yessir.

[servant]: We’ve been watching the battle fronts between Cao and Liu. We found that they were deadlocked in a stalemate.
[servant]: But a few days ago the Liu army began to dwindle.

[HD]: That means… something happened to Liu Chong?

[CG]: If I’m not mistaken, old man,

[CG]: staying put means he’s not well, leaving means he’s dead.
[HD]: You… you mean Liu Chong’s dead?

[CG]: Correct. Lord Cao will return soon. Yuan Shu’s defeat is a golden opportunity to annex Shouchun.
[CG]: And you can then use your position to help your Lord, brother Huang.

[HD]: In other words, tell the world that Liu Chong’s death was Yuan Shu’s doing.

[CG]: Exactly. Since Liu Chong can’t speak for himself, use this chance well when Yuan Shu is losing.
[CG]: This way Yuan Shu will look worse while you get a promotion.

[HD]: Thank you for giving my Lord a stately excuse to wage war on Yuan Shu.
/* what’s the word that means superficially logical but actually easily disproved? */

[CG]: It’s a little something for old time’s sake.

[HD]: Knowing you, I bet you are expecting something in return.

[CG]: To be honest with you, my army is going southward to pursue the enemy. There will be casualties along the way…

[HD]: Don’t worry, I’ll have a hand in it.

[HD]: That’s war, isn’t it.

[CG]: Ok, when will your master return?
[servant]: He’s busy with things at home; but he should be here soon.

In year 197, Yuan Shu moved in on Xiapi. Lü Bu fought back, defeating Yuan Shu.

Lü Bu’s army pursued them, killing ten well-known Generals; the southward sweep nearly annihilated Yuan Shu’s Supreme Commander Zhang Xun’s army.
After that they arrived in Zhongli by ground and river.

They ravaged the regions they passed through, taking countless amount of supplies.

Lü Bu’s army kept closing in, and Zhongjia Empire’s army collapsed under pressure.
In July of the same year, Shouchun entered a state of panic.

[?]: Hurry! Send them all to our home base!
[Yan Xiang]: Your Majesty, we cannot continue after this loss.

[YX]: Why don’t we request help from the clan elders? If we sound sincere, they…
{Yan Xiang}

[YX]: Your Majesty!

[Yuan Shu]: They took them all…

[YS]: All these years of toil, ruined in mere days. I’ve wanted to claim independence from Han for the good of the people, sadly…

[YS]: Sadly nothing’s left. What will the people eat?

[YS]: I’m sure the world will soon know me as a wasteful and immoral emperor, and that Zhongjia got what it deserved. Damnit, I’ve lost face for the entire Yuan clan!

[YS]: Send someone to him! If he’s willing to help me, I… I’ll do anything!


[scout]: Report! Zhongli has been breached!
{eighty li outside of Shouchun}
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_%28Chinese_unit%29 */

[captain]: Gao Shun, should we keep looting?

[Gao Shun]: That’s the order. Just do it.

[GS]: Damn you Chen Gong.

The next day the Liu army suddenly disappeared.
Cao Cao’s army took the chance and waded across River of Yu.
/* Yushui */

{sfx: sha~}

[?]: Left flank, to the rear camp.

[?]: Right flank, prepare to take over the main camp.

Most of Nanyang fell to Cao Cao’s control on that day.
[Xiahou Dun]: True to his clan, Liu Biao sure is an indecisive man.
[XHD]: With this stronghold, Jingzhou would be ours for the taking.

[Xiahou Yuan]: I’ve received Guo Jia’s secret message. The troop is ready.
[XHD]: Good. Leave two divisions to guard this place.

[XHD]: Send the rest to Guo Jia. Vanquish that struggling Yuan Shu.
{Xiahou Dun}

{Xiahou Yuan}
[XHY]: Big brother, I’m afraid Yuan Shu’s going to ask for that man’s help.

[XHD]: You’re talking about his brother Yuan Shao?

[XHY]: Yes. If Yuan Shao brings his army here, we’ll be in trouble.

{sfx: ta~}

[XHD]: So what? I heard Xun is on top of it.

[XHY]: Oh ho, how will he tie Yuan Shao’s hands? That’s what I want to know.

[XHD]: I’m more worried about that headache in Xuzhou.

[XHY]: You mean Lü Bu?
[XHD]: You got it.

[XHD]: Yuan Shu is but an appetizer. Lü Bu is the main course.

[XHD]: Boss Yu, I heard you like appetizer the best?

[Yu Jin]: Yes. This appetizer is delicious.
{Yu Jin}

[?]: Haha.


[Lü Bu]: Word has it that Liu Chong really is dead.
[CG]: Yes. The Liu army has disappeared.

[LB]: You were right. Cao Cao would take over the losing side.

[LB]: This place is short of men and resources; not great, but not bad enough to give up.
[LB]: This battle proved one thing.

[LB]: The two meaty Lius in this world are indecisive. What a waste not to be eaten.

[CG]: You spoke Zhang Fei’s mind.

[LB]: Right. Certainly he is scheming to eat it himself.
[LB]: With Liu Bei’s reputation, if they could only get close…

[CG]: Yes. If something happens to either, and someone serves as the insider,
[CG]: I’m sure Tao Qian’s Xuzhou Relegation will happen again.

[?]: However, they need a fuse.

[LB]: If Cao Cao is willing to intervene, then it’s theirs for the taking.

[CG]: And the one to alienate Cao Cao first is…

[LB]: Looks like Liu Biao is the first.

{book title: Liu clan family tree}
[?]: Liu Bei’s patience sure is unbeatable.

[LB]: Three Lius as one; the western kingdom shall take shape.

[CG]: Don’t jump to conclusions. We still have a chance.

[CG]: You’re back.
[?]: Looking for me?

[LB]: What have you found after all this time?

[Qin Yi Lu]: Cao Cao has the needed routes for troops and supplies.

[QYL]: I say he has already planned to annex the eastern parts.
[QYL]: Looks like you will die in place of Liu Bei, my Lord.

[?]: Just like Chen Gong’s predictions, as long as we remain loyal we’ll be safe, but not for long.
[?]: The other suggestion is… We ally with Yuan Shu. If we oppose Cao Cao, we will not be alone; but our reputation will be tarnished.

[CG]: Over all, Yuan Shu is in trouble now; he’ll agree to anything if only to have the fearsome Gao Shun withdraw.

[CG]: Most importantly, we wiped Zhongjia’s fortunes clean. Destroying Yuan Shu and appeasing the crowd will cost Cao Cao a lot.
[CG]: If he’s not able to recover soon while new battles break out, the economy will take a heavy hit.

[LB]: Cao Cao’s army is heading east, and if Yuan Shao sends his forces, victory is very likely.
[CG]: Yes. Yuan Shao is our trump card.

[CG]: Besides, Yuan clan’s biggest enemy is the Cao clan, while we just swing between the two.
/* not sure */
[CG]: In addition, I’ve made it so that Liu Chong’s death will be blamed on Yuan Shu.

[LB]: Framing Yuan Shu, causing his clan to hate Cao Cao more. Nice going.
[CG]: All’s well. Don’t worry.

[LB]: Oh, Qin Yi Lu.
[QYL]: Sir.
one of the folklores says his wife is the legendary Diao Chan;
as far as I can tell, nobody in this fandom guessed his identity correctly. XD

[LB]: Your servants say you’ve been busy lately;

[LB]: preparing for a wedding?


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