Ravaging Times

chapter 218

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Everyone is good at something.

I grew up in darkness.

[?]: Keep looking! He’s wounded; he can’t get far!

[?]: It’s too dark to see anything!

[?]: He’s good.

chapter 218 Strength of Each

[?]: No one has escaped my aim all these years.

[?]: But he managed, somehow.

[?]: Boss, that guy seems to know your techniques.

[?]: Yes, as if we’ve trained together.

[?]: Who is that guy?

[Gao Shun]: Halt! Who goes there?

[GS]: Oh, almost didn’t recognize you!
[?]: General Gao Shun, we’ve been laying low in the city for days, and now the gate is finally taken.

[GS]: Good. Gather everyone to the city center, and follow me out to join the main army!
[?]: But master wants us to catch someone…

[GS]: Forget that, let the second legion handle it!
[?]: Yessir!

Another twist?


what’s going on?

{sfx: cha~}

This arrow looks familiar.

That archer,

who is he?

It is said that Liu Bei is good at something.

He suffered through half of his lifetime,

but he could always turn the tide in his favor.

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: There!

{shouting: kill~}

[?]: Nowhere to run, Liu Bei!
/* “where do you think you’re going” */

{shouting: kill~}

[?]: Sir!

[?]: There is an ambush in the valley up north! Our first team is captured!

{Mi Zhu}
[Mi Zhu]: The mistresses are in danger, my Lord, let’s send a team to rescue them!
{Jian Yong}

[Liu Bei]: No need. Tell the other divisions to change course. We’ll meet at the delta.

[MZ]: Wait, my Lord… you mean…

[LB]: The enemy will be waiting for the rescue team. Don’t be reckless.
/* “throw a stone to clear the way” */

[Jian Yong]: You purposely used your family to lure out the ambush?
[MZ]: Doesn’t that land them in Lü Bu’s hands?

[LB]: Lü Bu treated them well last time, remember?

[LB]: Let’s go. Sometimes a Liu can be decisive too.

No one on the gate tower.

Lü Bu is here.

Good, I held them.
Our troops must have retreated.

And they thought I was really going all out.

There is method in my madness.
/* “meticulousness within savagery is my strength” */
{breathing sfx: shuh!}

[Zhang Fei]: Lü Bu,

[ZF]: Today… today…
[ZF]: just you and me!

{vomit sfx: wuh~}

[Lü Bu]: We’re one of a kind, bro,
[LB]: you can’t fool me.

[ZF]: Then,

[ZF]: what are you waiting for?

[LB]: Guess what, Liu Bei won’t live to see tomorrow.

[LB]: So,

[LB]: I can take my time to wipe the floor with…

[LB]: both of you.

[LB]: without a care in the world.

[ZF]: Why did you come back?

[Guan Yu]: I can’t let my little brother throw his life away.
[ZF]: What about our main troops?

[GY]: They’ll withdraw safely since I’m in charge. Go, I’ll hold them off this time.

[GY]: An army cannot do without a strategist. Big brother needs you.
[ZF]: Ok, brother, be careful.

[LB]: Valuing camaraderie is your strength.

[LB]: You ride well; where from?

[GY]: Hedong, Xiexian.
/* Hedong province, Xie county */

[GY]: Renowned for horsemanship.

[LB]: Excellent.

One feels self-important; the other, full of hubris.


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