Ravaging Times

chapter 222

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Lü Bu]: Just like I thought. When the leader Liu Chong dies, his rag-tag army scatters.
[LB]: Having his entire plan foiled, His Majesty must be quite anxious right now.

[LB]: As the ambassador between His Majesty and Cao Cao… Without you, their relation would be even more strained.

[LB]: And His Majesty would remember me soon after that, just as I expected.
[LB]: His willingness to approach me…

chapter 222 About the Water
/* about~around~along~on */

[LB]: I have you to thank for that.

[Xun Yu]: Why keep me around when I have outlived my purpose in your plot?

[LB]: I hold deep reverence for your talents, Sir Xun.

[LB]: How could I serve His Majesty without your support?

[LB]: Besides, I only want power under Imperial Han, not the throne itself.

[XY]: That reminds me of a saying.

[XY]: Hell sure is the perfect place for me to work in.

[Gao Shun]: Hahaha, but this is hell!

[LB]: Gao Shun is right. Where on earth is not hellish?

[LB]: The world is yours to command, Xun Yu, if we get rid of Cao Cao.

[LB]: Isn’t that better than aiding Cao Cao?

[XY]: You are no competition for my Lord.

[XY]: Lord Cao is well-trained in theory and practice. He’s a rare talent of the ages.
/* distorted */
[XY]: And this time he will send the powerful Xiahou brothers who have already beaten you in number…

[XY]: Your boasts won’t keep you safe.

[LB]: Gao Shun, is that true?
[GS]: Even their vanguard is comprised of ten thousand men.

[GS]: Their numbers are staggering compared to ours.
[GS]: And they are arriving at the outskirts without suffering any casualties.

[LB]: What should I do, Sir Xun?

[XY]: Submit to Lord Cao immediately. I will gladly speak for you.

[LB]: What if I refuse?

[XY]: Then let’s carry on in hell.

[LB]: Sorry Gao Shun, I got dared.
[GS]: Ha.

[GS]: No problem. This must be resolved sooner or later.

[GS]: Sir Xun, do you want to see?

[XY]: Gladly.

{Xiahou Dun’s encampment}

[Xiahou Dun]: You must really like water, Imperial Uncle Liu.

[XHD]: Sadly distant water will not quench a nearby fire.

[XHD]: If you would take a stand when the Imperial clan is full of internal strife, my Lord Cao Cao will certainly support your cause, therefore…

[Liu Bei]: Quiet.

[LB]: Did you hear that?

[XHD]: Hear what?

[LB]: There, on the water.

[XHD]: Hey, Imperial Uncle,

[XHD]: no one is on the water,
[XHD]: but I see two along the bank.

Big brother!

Big brother!


[LB]: Second brother! Third brother!

[Zhang Fei]: Big brother!

/* guys crying */

[ZF]: Big brother, I thought you… I thought…
[ZF]: I’m sorry!

[LB]: I’m sorry too. Everything you two managed to save, I… I lost them all…

[?]: Forget that. As long as you are ok…
[?]: Yes, we have no regrets as long as you are ok.

[?]: Yes, as long as you are alive.

[LB]: Ok, ok, my brothers. I felt the same way.
[LB]: I am now…

[LB]: a different man than before.

[Pang Tong]: Lucky man.

[?]: Yes. Even Heaven is helping him.

[PT]: If we wait,

[PT]: I bet he’ll do some very interesting things.

These… these two,

I’m sure, absolutely sure,

they will surprise us all the next time we meet.

[ZF]: Big brother, what are you looking at?

[LB]: The Book of Odes says:
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shijing */

[LB]: about the water.
for the interested, see line 3~4:


[Cao Xing]: We’re being transfered to Gao Shun’s Ambushing troop?
{Cao Xing}

[Qin Yi Lu]: Yes. Looks like we’re facing Xiahou’s army.

[QYL]: I’m sorry for your trouble.
[CX]: What for? We’re friends!

[CX]: Besides, I owe you a favor.

[QYL]: It was nothing.
[CX]: But I didn’t expect he would end up in our Lord’s control.

[CX]: How is he?
[QYL]: Still won’t eat or drink.

[QYL]: It wouldn’t be like this had I found out earlier.
[CX]: You’re too hard on yourself. Neither of us were there.

[CX]: Your idea was great. Now our Lord would keep his distance.
/* I think he’s talking about “the wedding” */

[CX]: And he has a purpose.
[QYL]: That’s right. Only Lü Bu can help him now.

[CX]: Xiao Meng, your master brings good news.
/* master~teacher */

[Meng]: Is Cao Cao coming?

[CX]: Yes.

Time to exact revenge for your master.
/* employer, but that sounds so modern… */

Xiao Meng tightens his grip,

and recalls those who have died.


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