Ravaging Times

volume 28

Back Cover Couplet
Audaciously takes down battalions; ferocity gulps down armies

Previously on Ravages
Lü Bu leads battle against tens of thousands; Liu Bei suffers and gains insight

Ravages Afterword
Please stop saying that Chinese are diligent, because we are too poor.
Please stop building casinos, because the stock market has much more “gusto”.
Please stop making Wuxia movies, because there is so much vengeance killing in gangster stories.
Please don’t believe movie stars who tell you to do well in school, because on another show they will talk about how mischievous they were back in school.
Please don’t emulate their hard work, because we lack their inborn gift (looks and personality, etc.).
Please don’t say that the movie industry is sagging, since it’s only because crappy films lost steam.
Please don’t condemn Americanism in movies, because they have what it takes in reality.
Please don’t tell me to vote, because I never really know those people.

Recently I like to listen to a band called “Zhu Ling Ling”; their music is good, and the lyrics are even more interesting

Next on Ravages
Drums roll – as the genius schemer plays sacrificial strategy again
Volume 29
An elder takes on four lads


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