Ravaging Times

chapter 228

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

For revenge, suppress your anger.

[?]: All these years you Generals have diligently recruited lord Dong Zhuo’s former followers to help our Lord. Thank you for your hard work.
{Xuzhou’s outer city}

[?]: Nonono, Lord Dong’s spirit lives on even if he has fallen to misfortune. We will help lord Lü as long as he carries on the unfulfilled goal.
[?]: Besides, our former comrades can’t wait to re-join the Duke of Wen, who has been steadily growing in influence.

[?]: Good. Now that we are about to take on Cao’s forces, we definitely need the help from you Generals.

chapter 228 Straight To the Point
“open door see mountain”;

{Dong Zhuo’s former subordinate, Song Xian}
[Song Xian]: Please tell the Duke that we will soon rejoin the ranks too.

[SX]: Safe journey.

{Dong Zhuo’s former subordinate, Wei Xu}
[Wei Xu]: As expected we can join them now when Lü Bu is short of man power.

[SX]: Eh, where did you go?
[WX]: Same as you –

[WX]: meeting a guest.

{Dong Zhuo’s former subordinate, Hou Cheng}
[Hou Cheng]: Oh, there he is.

[WX]: He’s the businessman who has been secretly funding us.
[SX]: Oh.

[Sima Lang]: General Song, you can finally return now, right?

[HC]: My apologies, but this guy still hates the Sima clan.
[SX]: I knew it was you!

[SML]: Let me reiterate. Lü Bu forced the Sima clan to assassinate lord Dong. We had no choice at the time.

[WX]: Bro, we’ve restrained ourselves for years so we can find the evidence and exact revenge for our Lord!

[WX]: Who survived after Lord Dong’s murder? The real culprit is obvious!

[HC]: And I found something else recently. Back when general Hua Xiong lost an arm to Guan Yu, he came home without a head either.

[HC]: And so did the entire troop that went with him.

[SML]: Yes. Not only Hua Xiong, mister Dong Huang and Li Ru also died under questionable circumstances.
[SML]: And you, General Song, must have noticed the man who benefited from all of this.

[SML]: Just like you all, the Sima clan hates Lü Bu’s guts. And that’s why we are secretly helping you.

[SX]: Ok, let go of me. Bitter memories, you know.
/* distorted */

[SX]: Honestly, over the years I have realized how right they were. I just got a little worked up knowing that I can return to Lü Bu’s camp today. Sorry, brother Sima.
/* distorted */

[HC]: Let me be frank here. Our goal is to exact revenge for our Lord. We’re not interested in a long term alliance with the Sima clan.

[SML]: Then I’ll go straight to the point as well. We help you in secret, and by eliminating Lü Bu we hope to get on Cao Cao’s good side.

[HC]: Always having a backup plan. No wonder when the world thought you were destroyed by Cao you became his guide to Xu instead.

[WX]: Excellent. Now that Cao Cao has made up his mind we’re in a much stronger position!
[SX]: Lü Bu is powerful, so we’ll finish him from within and without!

[SML]: I’m here today to give you another sum for buying the support of your former comrades whom you are gathering for Lü Bu.

[SML]: Don’t worry. After years of service, I’m sure you have his complete trust.

[?]: Thanks!
[?]: Finally, the time for payback is near!

[?]: Sir~ Gao Shun has arrived.

[HC]: The Chargers… Looks like Xiahou Dun has lost.

[HC]: Don’t worry, Gao Shun came for recuperation.

[HC]: Oh since you are here, brother Sima, you should bring our gift back to Cao Cao.

[SML]: What gift?

[HC]: Xun Yu is still alive.

[HC]: I heard that he has been placed in Gao Shun’s camp so he can be shown our army’s might.

[WX]: Don’t worry, brother Sima. I will arrange the details so you can take him back.

[SML]: Hoo,

[SML]: it was a good idea to come.

{Yu Jin’s camp}

For revenge, please your enemy.

Sima Yi!

[Sima Yi]: Oh.

{sfx: foo!}

[Xiahou Yuan]: Good job! Hahaha!
/* or “good man”? */

[XHY]: Brother, we Xiahou clan won’t forget what you did for us.

[SMY]: Don’t… mention it.

[Guo Jia]: You are really amazing. Just a few tricks and you have turned the tide…
[SMY]: What… do you mean?

[GJ]: I mean cultivating popularity.

[SMY]: I don’t understand.

[GJ]: Earning Xiahou’s trust is the most important step before earning our Lord’s trust.

[GJ]: But it was done efficiently. I like that.

[GJ]: Look,

[GJ]: here is all the information about our army. Please study them.
[SMY]: Please elaborate, Advisor Guo.

[GJ]: You have also earned my trust.


For revenge, join those who has the same enemy.
/* “fight along side those who share the same hatred for the enemy” */

[Qin Yi Lu]: Wait!

[QYL]: Wait! What are you doing?

[QYL]: Don’t lose your head to anger. I beg of you!

{sfx: ta}

{sfx: pong~}

[Meng]: Lü Bu.

[Chen Gong]: Oh.

[Lü Bu]: Oh…

[M]: My respected teacher Cao Xing died in battle.

[CG]: So…

[M]: So I want to avenge him!

[?]: Keep talking.

[M]: Command me to lead the archers.
/* “I’m willing to be your minion/henchman, and command the archery team.” */

Door opens – march on without turning back.

Can’t return – hatred fills the path behind.


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