Ravaging Times

chapter 230

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Hell has a job opening for him.

{fire sfx: foom~}

[Gao Shun]: What’s happening?
[soldier]: Our rations depot is on fire!

[messenger]: General Gao! Bad News!

chapter 230 Take Them By Surprise
/* “strike the enemy when they are unprepared” */

[messenger]: The fire has reached Xun Yu’s location!

[soldier]: The fire is too strong, we can’t get close!
[soldier]: It looks like Cao’s insider planned to burn our rations!

[messenger]: General Hou requests reinforcement to catch the insider!

[GS]: Forget that. Saving Xun Yu is more important!
/* “reinforce what” */

[GS]: Hurry! Don’t let anything happen to him!

[Hou Cheng]: The fire is nearly extinguished.

[HC]: But Xun Yu has been burned to ashes.

[Wei Xu]: Gao Shun is sure to lure Cao’s men here when he entered the city. A night raid is probable.
/* “within reason” */

[?]: And this doesn’t affect us a bit.
[?]: That was a great idea, Wei Xu.

[HC]: Having lost an important key player, Gao Shun’s position is in jeopardy.

[WX]: Haha. Save a man and hurt a man. Two birds with one stone.

His job is to lead people to hell.

{Yu Jin’s encampment}

[Xun Yu]: Their reserves include a thousand for Gao Shun,

[XY]: three thousand for Lü Bu, two thousand for both Chen Gong and Zhang Liao;
[XY]: plus a few allied troops, no more than twenty thousand in reality.

[XY]: They lack endurance. It’s not difficult to beat them.

[Guo Jia]: Lü Bu seems to trust you a lot, letting you examine his military setup.

[XY]: It was just too sudden. I doubt he expected me to escape safely.

[GJ]: Escaped? More like incinerated, no?
[XY]: Haha, that’s even better. My work will be easier from now on.

[official]: Advisor Xun has returned safely, and Dong Zhuo’s former subordinates are now our insiders.
[officer]: This is all great news.

[Yu Jin]: I have already sent contacts to work with them on the plan.

[YJ]: Haha, it’s fate.
[GJ]: Yes. Looks like Xuzhou’s campaign will be over soon.

[GJ]: You all should return to your camps and tell our Lord to prepare.

[officer]: Do you want to proceed now, Advisor Guo?
[GJ]: Yes. Right after Hou Cheng’s group returns to Xiapi.

[?]: Rations officer, prepare to supply the troops.
[?]: Team leaders should get ready too.

[XY]: He’s very good.

[GJ]: You mean Sima Yi?

[GJ]: The man is unfathomable. He has a backup plan for everything.

[XY]: Fortunately he’s on our side at the moment. However…
/* “…walking our path…” */

[XY]: that man in the other group… worries me more.

[GJ]: Yes,

[GJ]: me and you both.
/* “our thoughts coincided” */

[officer]: Then we shall leave you to rest.
[official]: Rest well, mister. We will discuss more tomorrow.

[?]: Anything you need help with, just ask!

[?]: Yes. We are eternally grateful for your help in getting our master back safely!
[?]: Enough, leave already. Let him rest!

[?]: Haha… ok, excuse us!

[Sima Lang]: After Xiahou, even the Xun clan is fawning on you.

[Sima Yi]: So you had a fruitful trip to Xuzhou’s outer cities, big brother.

[SML]: So, Zhong Da, what’s next?
[SMY]: Wait a little longer. We should not rush.

[SMY]: We should think it through some more.

[SML]: Some more? The outcome is already clear.
[SML]: Aren’t you over thinking it?

[SML]: And didn’t you say,
/* simplified with the next word bubble */
[SML]: Cao Cao’s two geniuses are more skilled than you?

[SMY]: Something doesn’t make sense, that’s why I’m worried.

[SML]: You… worried?

[SMY]: I’m sure Xun and Guo feel the same way.

[SML]: How could that be? I don’t see any flaw in this plan…

[SMY]: Get in touch with the Chen family in Xuzhou.

[SMY]: Tell them to monitor one man closely.

The man who plans to send us all to hell.

{water sfx: sha~}

[Chen Gong]: How’s the situation?

[?]: Everything’s according to plan.

[CG]: Hou Cheng and Song Xian didn’t suspect you, did they?

[WX]: Don’t worry, Advisor. I’m still keeping tabs on those two.

[CG]: I appreciate your hard work these days.

[WX]: Nonono, getting resources for Feng Xian is my duty.
/* Feng Xian is Lü Bu’s courtesy name */

[CG]: Ok. Send Dong Zhuo’s subordinates to Xiapi tomorrow. I’ll arrange something.
[WX]: Yessir.

[CG]: Two schemes at once. Xun Yu has been rescued, right?

[WX]: He’s been “incinerated”, just like you planned.

[CG]: Excellent. Once he returns he will dish out our entire strategy.
[CG]: Cao Cao has such faith in him he will surely order his men to attack, and die.

[CG]: And that lawless Gao Shun makes me so mad; now that he lost Xun Yu he will soon be dismissed.

[CG]: You will temporarily command his troop, so we can get rid of Hou and Song later on.

[CG]: When that’s done return the Ambushers to him, and tell him to follow my orders.
[WX]: Yessir.
[CG]: And make a big deal out of Gao Shun’s demotion. It would be best if Cao’s men hear of this.

[WX]: Great. Cao’s army dreads Gao Shun. Now they will attack with peace of mind.

[CG]: That’s good.

[CG]: Come hither, Cao Cao.

Prepare to go to hell.

Storm clouds gather – when a seasoned strategist is about to soar.
this is the first half of the “couplet” written by Mr. Chen, the other half is on the last pages of the book;
“Drums start – as the genius schemer plays sacrificial strategy again”


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