Ravaging Times

volume 29

Back Cover Couplet
Father and daughter defies a fated end; lone rider breaks through a thousand passes

Previously on Ravages
Xiahou Dun pulls out the arrow and swallows his eye; Sima Yi appeases his enemy

Ravages Afterword
Every day I come home after work to dinner, then work a little more. After that I watch some television,
and also turn on Xbox360 – enjoying a little Next Generation online gaming fun.
I am a fan of war games, especially those with realistic counter-terrorism themes, though recently my wife has joined the battlefield.
She plays PS3’s Warhawk and she’s pretty good.
And so the two playful brats end a day amidst gunfire.

DIE DIE DIE~ (PS series)
Next Gen online PvP gaming takes place at home. Funny.

Next on Ravages
The end of the God of War
Volume 30
Lü Bu’s last move


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