Ravaging Times

chapter 236

{sfx: hoon~}

{sfx: hoon~}

[soldier]: Sir! Water from the Yi river has been directed here too!

[soldier]: The water level has risen again by one chi!

[?]: The fifth team should head for higher grounds immediately!

chapter 236 Slipping Through The Crack

[?]: The Overseer is here. Who’s breaking the rules?

[overseer]: Three cities south of Xiapi have been pillaged. Who’s responsible?

[?]: Our Lord gave order to execute pillagers. Third battalion, how dare you stir up trouble?
[?]: Don’t make baseless accusations! Our battalion is very disciplined. How could we do such a thing? There is a precedence, you know. Maybe it is blind Xiahou‘s doing again.

[?]: Lü Bu is trapped in Xiapi. Xuzhou is in a state of panic.

[?]: People in Xiapi must be very fearful.
[Cao Cao]: You got a good eye. How does it look inside?

[CC]: Uh, don’t mind me, I forgot.

[Xiahou Dun]: Haha, I can’t see it, but I can feel it.

[XHD]: You won, A-Man.

[XHD]: An impressive victory.

In November of year 198, the Cao army dug canals and directed Si and Yi river to the city of Xiapi. The region submerged under waves, and the water flooded the cities.

{sfx: sha~ sha~}

{sfx: sha~}

[Lü Bu]: This is a few months worth of food.

[LB]: You ransacked the three cities south of us.

[Chen Gong]: Yes. Those three cities have more civilians than soldiers, so it is only a matter of time before they surrender. Might as well use their resources.

[CG]: Once they surrender Cao Cao will want to show the other cities his generosity and provide relief.

[CG]: And if the other cities flock to his side, we will further deplete Cao Cao’s reserves.
[LB]: You certainly are a first-class wise man, Chen Gong.

[LB]: With these rations we will be able to defend against Cao for quite a while.
[?]: But for now we might not have enough manpower inside the city. It would be difficult to break the siege after the rainy season.

[LB]: Xiaopei‘s Chen family also surrendered to Cao Cao yesterday.

[CG]: I know. It must’ve been Sima Yi‘s doing again.
[LB]: We are marooned, Chen Gong…

[LB]: All this… due to my momentary carelessness.

[CG]: Even though Yuan Shu made a treaty with Cao Cao, I believe he was merely tricked by Xun Yu.
[CG]: We share a common fate. If we are gone Yuan Shu will be dealing with Cao Cao. Who knows what will happen.

[LB]: But don’t they have a treaty of alliance?

[CG]: That’s the interesting part…

[CG]: They allied with Cao.
[CG]: They allied with “Cao”.

[CG]: Do you understand, my Lord?

[LB]: I see.

[LB]: Send someone to Shouchun again.
[CG]: Okay.

{Cao Cao’s main encampment}

[Liu Bei]: You mean… once Lü Bu is finished,

[LB]: you want me to propose to His Majesty about eliminating Yuan Shu for Han?

[Xun Yu]: Yes. His Majesty has always hated Yuan Shu’s treason. What you will be doing is merely to push your boat along the current.

[XY]: As long as His Majesty approves, all of your military needs will be provided by us.
[XY]: Remember, Yuan Shu only made a treaty with “Cao”,

[XY]: not with “Han”.

{sfx: sha~}

[Guan Yu]: I knew he had an ulterior motive for getting our trapped family members here from Xiaopei.

[?]: Huh, so he had it all figured out.
[?]: Your great reputation and your relation to the Imperial clan – everything’s perfectly justified.

[LB]: Yes.

[LB]: That was why Cao Cao took us in.

[Zhang Fei]: Push the boat along the current. You made a nice move too, big brother.

[GY]: This man thinks far ahead, big brother. I’m afraid he has something else planned.

[?]: I’m just worried that we will never escape being his pawn.
[?]: Too bad we can’t see any way out.

[LB]: Cao Cao is well-versed with the ways of warfare, and his men are all talented.
[LB]: He already has Xun Yu and Guo Jia, and now Jia Xu – all first-class tacticians.

[LB]: The two of you may rival Lü Bu’s physical prowess,

[LB]: but you lack an military advisor to help you.

[LB]: That’s like a fish in shallow waters – you can’t accomplish much.

[?]: Hoo! It’s really pouring!

[ZF]: You are late.

[Zhao Yun]: I’m sorry. I had to go around when the water level kept climbing.

[LB]: How was it, Zi Long?

[ZY]: Lord Liu Biao is very much looking forward to meeting you and the two one-man-army.

[GY]: That’s good. Now we will have a way out regardless of what’s to come.

[LB]: How could they ignore us when every conqueror of the world are thirsty for talented people, my brothers?

[LB]: But what about the one that I seek?

[ZY]: Right. The man I recommended earlier –

[ZY]: mister Crouching Dragon – awaits you, my Lord, in Longzhong.

[GY]: The most famous one…
[ZF]: among the Eight Geniuses?

[LB]: Then why didn’t he come?

[ZY]: It’s weird. He said you can take on Yuan Shu all on your own.

[GY]: He… has predicted it?
[ZF]: Huh! That guy’s quite interesting!

[LB]: Does that mean he has also predicted my short-stay at Cao’s camp?

[ZY]: Yes. Very much so.
[LB]: Haha, Longzhong is near Jingzhou‘s Mian river.

[LB]: About the water indeed.

Liu Bei also kept waiting.

Waiting until the day he rises to the top.


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