Ravaging Times

volume 30

Back Cover Couplet
The formation breaks but the spirit lives on; marks a sword’s range to prove loyalty

Previously on Ravages
A genius presents a scheme to siege Xia Pi; who will take the credit for Lü Bu’s capture

Ravages Afterword
When people incorrectly relay erroneous messages, even in modern days we will be influenced by preconceptions whether we felt it to be false or not.
We are prejudiced based on first impression. Sometimes we unconsciously become subjective, and even when the truth is presented to us later, we continue to see something through a tainted lens, too lazy to be clever for once.
If it is already this bad now, I can’t imagine the state in the past, when information technology was so backward. People doing stupid stupid things for a despot just because of some rumor – how sad is that!

General-in-Chief who Conquers the West, Herr Hitler, a real hero who has killed countless enemies for our country~
This demon would have been a hero of the people if he was born in the ancient past.

Next on Ravages
Please cut into my body and mark me with the scar.
Remember that I am Lü Bu.
Volume 31
White Gate Tower


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