Ravaging Times

chapter 243

Historical records write about the past; folklores write about heroes.
All become mere recollection.

What will last for an eternity?

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Hurry. Up the shore!

[?]: Sir, the water level is too high for the horses to get across!

chapter 243 The Strongest Opponent

[Gao Shun]: Forget it then.

[GS]: Our Lord has lured away all of Cao’s main force so their camp is empty. We can’t miss this opportunity.

[GS]: Forward we go!

[?]: Don’t worry, chief, with horses or not,
[?]: we’re still the Chargers!

Historical records recounted the war in Xuzhou,

but not the suffering behind it.

[Chen Gong]: Since our Lord went south to see Yuan Shu,

[CG]: the Cao army will try to head him off if he is discovered.
[CG]: And I’m only left with this one last trick – an ambush by the Chargers!

[Zhang Liao]: If this is the last move then you should have sent me to help our Lord.

[CG]: No, you must stay here and serve as Gao Shun’s support.

[ZL]: What do you mean?
[CG]: You will lead the reinforcement to help Gao Shun if he is successful. And you will also calm the morale here.

[CG]: We are in serious danger. I’m worried the most about cowardice among our soldiers.

[ZL]: Everyone here have been through thick and thin with our Lord. How could they betray us?

[CG]: We’ve been surrounded by flood for months and our rations have been contaminated. An epidemic is rampant throughout the city. We are in hell indeed.

[ZL]: Everyone’s losing it?

[CG]: Yes, anytime now.

[CG]: I’m only hoping that Gao Shun could take out Cao Cao with this ambush. Then we still stand a chance.

[ZL]: But how could you put our Lord’s life on the line?

[?]: The wall is giving way!
[?]: The wall is giving way!

[CG]: Honestly, Zhang Liao…

[CG]: if my humble scheme doesn’t work…

[CG]: what good is Lü Bu even if he stayed?

[CG]: See this rain that should have stopped pouring?

[CG]: Everything,

[CG]: is now up to fate.

{horse neigh}

{sfx: pong~}

Folklores recounted the bravery of heroes,

[?]: Stab it!
but not the Truth behind it.

{sfx: pong~}

{horse neigh}

[?]: Stab it!

{sfx: pong~}

[Xiahou Yuan]: Han Hao, you okay?

[Han Hao]: Ha… ha… we won… cough… cough…

[XHY]: Xu Huang!

[Xu Huang]: Kill! Kill!

[XH]: Get… get up… We… we won!

[Xu Chu]: We, won!


[XC]: Lü Bu, you, you… are, done!

Those so-called heroes – are they not insane during a fight?

{sfx: pong~}

Who appears human in reality?

[Lü Bu]: Let’s, keep, fighting!

[Redhare]: Hoo, loo!

In the end,

Heaven responds, and the days of the God of War are over.

He must give up his title to another.

[Guan Yu]: What are you men looking at? Go save them.

{sfx: ta. ta.}

He gave an order. Everything seems to be under his command.

[GY]: You are a hero,

[GY]: with true loyalty and honor.

[GY]: My only wish is to be able to fight alongside you.

[GY]: Live.

[GY]: Take your master and go.

[Redhare]: Hoo, loo!

Suddenly all is quiet.

Then I was led by him, slowly becoming more human –

[LB]: You hear that, Redhare?
once again feeling a sense of humanity.

{sfx: pa}

That’s right. The insanity on a battlefield –

makes men and beasts one and the same.

All around us there seems to be only the creator,
and the various animals under heaven.

But now I see –
a true hero is one who has ascended from among the species.

[?]: After him! Don’t let Lü Bu escape!

A dignified race.

[Zhang Fei]: Second brother is always like that – he never takes advantage of a person.

[Liu Bei]: Hoo… That’s what moves people about him.

[ZF]: Too bad history will remember his ignorance one day.

[LB]: And one day he will also be a mere recollection in folklores.

[LB]: Only… his sacredness will last for an eternity.

The Lü Bu of men –

already out of touch with the time?


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