Ravaging Times

chapter 246

It’s so cold today.

Even the morning sunlight feels like a razor’s edge.

[?]: Someone’s coming back!

{sfx: loom~}

[?]: Look, look at that horse’s motion…

chapter 246 The Arrow of Fate

[?]: It’s our Lord, our Lord is back!

[Gao Shun]: Huff!

[GS]: Redhare, show me your power!

{horse neigh}

[?]: The water is too deep!
[?]: Get back! Don’t come any closer!

{sfx: sha~}

[GS]: Waoh!

[?]: Hurry!

{sfx: sha~}

[Xiahou Dun]: Haha, I knew you would do this!

[XHD]: You want to run, coward Lü Bu? Not if I can help it!

[XHD]: Faster, my brothers!

[?]: The Cao army is closing in!

[?]: Archers, get ready to cover for them!
[?]: No, it’s too far away!

[?]: Do we have boats too?

[Zhang Liao]: My Lord!

[ZL]: Hang on!


[?]: Zhang Liao!

[ZL]: Swimmers!

[ZL]: Follow me!

[?]: Oh screw it!
[?]: I’ll just go and freeze to death!

[?]: Follow me!

{sfx: sha~ sha~}


[GS]: Get off!


[XHD]: Oh good, Gao Shun wants to die with him!

[?]: Quickly!

[XHD]: Bull’s eye!

{sfx: cha~}

Haha, I’m too cold to feel anything.

[XHD]: Go!

{sfx: cha~}

[XHD]: Whoa!

This… this arrow!



that far!

[Meng]: Arrow!

[soldier]: Here.

{sfx: ka}

[?]: Xiao Meng, the one on the left!

[M]: Bull’s eye!

{sfx: cha~}

It came from the tower…

Xiao Meng, it must be Xiao Meng!

[GS]: Redhare, hurry!

[XHD]: You wanna run?

{sfx: cha~}

Ow, my back itches!

{sfx: shoo~}


{sfx: cha~}

Who did that?

I see it!

It’s her again!
The one who took my left eye…



{sfx: pa}

[ZL]: My Lord! Gao Shun!

Only Lü Bu…

So the little one… has left quietly.

It’s so cold today. The bone-chilling weather makes us numb.

Only a flickering spark is struggling in the cold.

And yet, yet,

even a spark has its radiance.

At least it lit up in my heart.

I know, this place…

will be my life’s end.

The chilling breeze sneers.

The past like a flicker of fire, dissolving into smoke.


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