Ravaging Times

chapter 247

As if unsatisfied by the unending rain season, the heaven sends snow too.

The rain and snow are like two sharp blades, slowly cutting through everything.

[?]: Not many guards.
[?]: Be quick!

The blade pierces the bone; the pain awakens the already numb body.

Out pours the blood;

chapter 247 Shedding Blood and Tears

it is all too late.

[?]: Halt!

[?]: By our Lord’s order, no one is to leave the city without permission!

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Here, boss! I caught one!

[?]: Boss! Bo…

[?]: Bo…
[?]: Boss!

[?]: Stop hollering, (old) Wu. The deserters are the guards.

[?]: We’ve been serving our Lord all these years, boss, how can we abandon him now?

[?]: Who’s going to guard the city if you leave?


[?]: Listen. This is only Lü Bu‘s war. What does it have to do with us?

[?]: It’s time for you to wake up too, (old) Wu!

[?]: Stop fooling around like this!


All awaken.

What new scene is to follow?

But some are still asleep –

because he had his dreams confused with one another.


[?]: It’s really too bad.

[?]: We almost had it, but our Lord screwed it up.

[Chen Gong]: They have all left. Only you came back.

[?]: So why haven’t you?

[?]: With your talents, you can make it anywhere.

[CG]: Strange.

{Wei Xu}
[CG]: Why do you talk like Xun Yu, General Wei?

[Wei Xu]: Sounds like you two knew each other well.

[WX]: You must have received many of his letters these past few days.

[CG]: What are you getting at?

[WX]: Hoo. More and more of them down there are running away.

[WX]: It’s about time to get off the bed, peek outside, and look around.

Get off the bed, or keep laying there?

Some continue to wallow, while others insist on getting up.

[Zhang Liao]: Cough! Cough! Go back! Go back!

[ZL]: You men have been with our Lord the longest.

[ZL]: How can you, how… cough, cough!

[?]: It’s all over, General Zhang. There is no reason for us to stay!
[?]: Spare us, for old time’s sake!

[ZL]: You’re right, we’ve been through so much together, and we always pulled through. This time is no different!

[ZL]: I remember… Cough! Cough!

[ZL]: Cough! Cough!

[?]: Acting tough with that sick body?

[?]: Chief Doctor, come and treat this sick fool!

[ZL]: My, my, even the Chief Doctor is leaving!

[?]: Doc, tell him why you are leaving!

[?]: Don’t be afraid, Doc!
[?]: Tell him! We’re here for you!

[doctor]: The plague has ravaged the city, killing more than we could save.

[doctor]: Our Lord is heavily injured and confined to his bed, while we are paralyzed by fear.

[doctor]: And now even your health is failing, General Zhang. Who else can we look to to hold the support?

[ZL]: Hell I’ll get better eventually!

[ZL]: And you have Gao Shun if I’m not here!

[doctor]: General Gao… His wounds are severe.

[doctor]: Even if the wounds heal,

[doctor]: he will never walk again!

[doctor]: My talents are limited. I’m ashamed to stay…

[?]: It’s over, General Zhang, did you hear that?

[?]: Please step aside, General Zhang.
[?]: Give us a chance to live!

[ZL]: Cough, cough… Good… good, you are all speaking your minds…

[ZL]: Fine, if you want to go, go!

[ZL]: But!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha}

[ZL]: This is my sword range.

[ZL]: You can go if you survive it!

[ZL]: You have my word!

[ZL]: Who is first? Who is first?

[ZL]: Come! Cough! Cough! Cough!

[ZL]: Cough cough… Cough cough cough…

[ZL]: Cough cough cough cough cough…

[ZL]: Cough uhh…


[ZL]: Come, don’t underestimate me…

[ZL]: Cough cough…

[ZL]: Go back…
[ZL]: I…

[ZL]: beg you all…

Should I hold on? Or accept the fate?

When the support crumbles, can one still maintain a dignified presence?
(reader extrakun translates this as: “When one has lost his pillar, how could he put on a facade of glory?”)

[?]: The arrowhead has penetrated the bone, my Lord. It must be removed.
[?]: But we have ran out of anesthetics. Please bear with it.

[?]: Here it comes, my Lord.

[?]: Do it.

{sfx: cha}


[Lü Bu]: Ah!

[LB]: Ah!

[LB]: It hurts!

[LB]: Hurts… no…

[LB]: It doesn’t!

[LB]: Not at all!

[LB]: It doesn’t (hurt)!

[LB]: It doesn’t (hurt)!

[LB]: Little one, I,

[LB]: I, I,

[LB]: I’m not in pain at all!

[Meng]: Little one is gone.

[M]: She’s not coming back.

[M]: Look at you.

[M]: Are you Lü Bu?

[M]: I heard that a Lü is fearless.


[M]: Sit up.

[M]: Sit.

[M]: It doesn’t hurt once you get used to it.

[M]: It’s just a flesh wound.

[M]: This is not the most painful thing in life.

[M]: It’s not like that.

[LB]: What is?

[M]: It hurts,

[M]: it hurts when comrades are gone.

[M]: It hurts when one has to befriend the enemy… to survive.

[M]: And it hurts more when your closest family…

[M]: doesn’t care about your existence.

[LB]: Are you talking about me, or you?

[M]: We walk different paths, but we feel the same way…

[LB]: You understand?

[M]: Yes, I do.

[LB]: Huh…


[LB]: It’s the pain of love.


cut me.


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