Ravaging Times

volume 31

Back Cover Couplet
Roping a tiger in the chaotic city is risky; the corroded tower draws out a threatening arrow

Previously on Ravages
Invincible God of War battles a crowd of Generals; Charging Vanguard raids the Cao camp

Ravages Afterword
I remember when I first entered the manhua industry – a time when it was at the peak of its game, when many manhua artists were interviewed, including me.
I like to stay low-profile, but due to life’s circumstances I had no choice but to show my face to the world.
Sometimes I would get strange stares from people on the street, which made me uncomfortable all over. I was paranoid for years.
In these recent years I have made some achievements. The media would like to pay some attention to me, but I tried to avoid them whenever I could.
Unfortunately I do get caught once in a while, and knowing that I haven’t progressed much over the years made me rather nervous.
I gave myself the pen-name “Chen Mou” because I’m content with being “mou” – just “someone”. To my long-term supporters in the media, please forgive me; I’m avoiding you but not out of disrespect.

Isn’t that…
No, I am Gu De Chao!

Next on Ravages
Then the caged animal was sent to the slaughtering ground.
Some accepted death calmly;
some struggled to the end;
some wagged their tail for mercy.
Volume 32
Each To Their Own Fate


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