Ravaging Times

chapter 248

The two of them each dominated a region that day.

Heading higher and higher.
(could be referring to location, situation, or status?)

[?]: We have fought our way here in a mere few months.

[?]: Yes. It’s incredible how well he used the army.

chapter 248 Unrelenting
(“bite [onto something] and not letting go”)

[?]: The world’s number one pass has been breached. Yijing‘s main city is in sight.
(“…within a few feet away“)

[?]: None of our forefathers made it. But he did.
[?]: Hoo. We still have much to learn.

[?]: Everyone around the area has surrendered. The main city is isolated and short on supplies. Sooner or later they will be finished.
[?]: I heard that Cao Cao is doing the same thing to push Lü Bu over the edge.

[?]: Let’s see which of those two big shots will die first.
[?]: In this day and age, skill is no match for scheme.
(“…not ‘lose to a more skilled opponent’, but ‘lose to a more strategic opponent'”)

[?]: Yes. Members of this school really live up to the hype.

[?]: Boss, Young Master is here.

{Yuan Shao‘s subordinate, Gao Lan}
{Zhang He}

[Yuan Fang]: Thank you for your hard work, Generals.
{Yuan Shao army’s military advisor, Yuan Fang}

[Zhang He]: You too, Young Master.

[Gao Lan]: Under your command we have been like a breeze in the spring, reaching Yijing effortlessly.
[GL]: Even in deadly terrains it still feels like we’re walking on flat ground during battle. How hard could that be?

[GL]: Besides, our soldiers survived all the way out here thanks to your brilliant leadership.
[GL]: If we can ever be of use to you, Young Master, the two of us will follow your every command.
(Chinese idiom, “look at the direction of my/your horse’s head to determine the next move; follow the leader’s move”)

[YF]: Then I shall depend on you all in the future.

[YF]: Excuse me.
[GL]: Go safely, Young Master.

[GL]: What do you think?

[ZH]: That was some serious ass kissing.

[GL]: Is that wrong, brother Zhang?

[ZH]: On the contrary. Only a fool would want to leave this commander.

[?]: Young Master will stand out one day.

[?]: Yes. Our comrades all feel the same way.

[?]: Yuan Fang’s faction is slowly taking shape, growing ever stronger.

[?]: Looks like the northern territories will be his military base.

During Cao Cao’s campaign against Lü Bu in year 198, Yuan Shao advanced northward to attack the enemy behind him – Gongsun Zan.
Yuan Shao’s army gained an unstoppable momentum, causing nearby warlords to surrender one after another. The army surrounds Yijing within only a few months – Gongsun Zan is in imminent danger.

Someone wants to remove the threat behind him; someone wants to pluck the thorn from his side.
There are countless means to reach those ends.

When a snowstorm hinders the progress of war,

strategies have already been set in motion.

{Xiapi prison}

[?]: You men wait out here.
[?]: Unlock it.

[Wei Xu]: So, have you made up your mind?
{Wei Xu}

[?]: Let us out, and we’ll do whatever you want.

{sfx: ka}

[?]: You bastard!
[?]: Go to hell!

[Hou Cheng]: You ungrateful lowlife!
[HC]: Die! Die!

[WX]: Calm him down, Song Xian!

[Song Xian]: Are you done, Hou Cheng?

[WX]: Think of the big picture, brother Hou.

[HC]: Huff!
[HC]: Huff!
[HC]: Huff!
{Hou Cheng}
[SX]: Enough, Hou Cheng, enough!
{Song Xian}

[HC]: You betray us first, then you betray Lü Bu. Why should I believe you?

[WX]: Let me say it again, Lü Bu’s days are numbered.

[WX]: What can I make of myself if I stay?

[WX]: Greedy ingrates like me only live for themselves.

[WX]: But don’t forget why you two endured all these years in shame.

[WX]: Have you avenged the death of Dong Zhuo and Hua Xiong?

[WX]: The best opportunity is right before your eyes, and only this once.

[WX]: Do you want to wait until Cao Cao enters the city and take away that chance to kill your enemy yourself?

[WX]: Was it not your life-long wish to kill Lü Bu with your own hands?

[WX]: Only this way will you be able to preempt Cao Cao.

[WX]: Besides, Yuan Shao has already surrounded Yijing. If Cao Cao withdraws to defend against their returning forces, your chance will be gone as well.

[?]: Yuan Shao… Yijing?
[HC]: That… that fast…

[WX]: What’s so strange about that? Cao Cao has Water Mirror‘s Geniuses, so does Yuan Shao.

[WX]: The number one Genius is besieging Yijing right now. And he will try to end the war quickly because he’s after the defenseless Xuxian.

[WX]: If Cao Cao withdraws to defend his estates, we won’t have any opportunity.

[WX]: Too many soldiers are deserting, so Lü Bu desperately needs reinforcements to guard Xiapi.
[WX]: He will have no choice but to accept the help of our mercenary troops out there, even if it is dangerous.

[WX]: Once our mercenaries come in, we’ll work with Cao Cao and make the first move.

[WX]: Don’t forget that I’m Lü Bu’s brother-in-law.

[WX]: He won’t suspect my actions.

[HC]: Fine. I’ll give you my commander badge to deploy the troop.

[HC]: But, don’t you forget,

[HC]: we are only after revenge.

[HC]: Go tell your master that we don’t care about the credit as long as it gets done!

[HC]: Scram! Go take care of this right now!

[WX]: Good.

[WX]: Very good.

{Cao Cao’s main camp}

[?]: Yijing has been surrounded? That’s way too fast.
[?]: And we thought Gongsun Zan could wear down Yuan Shao’s forces,

[?]: but apparently their casualty is low; not a good sign for us.
[?]: Our spy says Yuan Shao’s northward reinforcement is on its way back.

[?]: So we only have a month to finish off Lü Bu?

[?]: We don’t have enough time, Yu Jin. What’s our Lord’s decision?

[Yu Jin]: Attack.

[?]: Stop joking. It’s not easy to take Xiapi in a month!
[?]: And there will be a high cost to force a siege in the snow!

[?]: The cost is too high, Yu Jin, don’t risk it!
[?]: Right. Let’s pull out now and think it over!

[YJ]: Listen, when this is over,

[YJ]: the Geniuses might not be the only ones you want to flatter.

[?]: We received Wei Xu’s letter. Everything is according to your plan.

[Cao Cao]: Give me a definite date.

[Sima Yi]: The mercenary troop will revolt in ten days.

[CC]: Then where do we target?

[SMY]: White Gate Tower.

The White Gate Tower.


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