Ravaging Times

chapter 257

[?]: Someone intends to assassinate our Lord!

[?]: Organize a search party and check every residence!

[?]: Go, quickly!

chapter 257 Below The White Gate Tower

[?]: Search every corner of the house! Bricks and tiles too!
[?]: And send more men into the city to broaden the security parameter!

[?]: Here, First Master.

[Sima Lang]: How’s the situation, old Jia?

[?]: Make way! Make way!

[Jia]: Look toward that pavilion, First Master.

[SML]: Cao Cao is still alive.

[?]: Hua Tuo sure is good.

[?]: The assassin is still alive!

[J]: Stay calm, First Master!

[?]: Back off! Back off!

[?]: Too many people; stop crowding!

[SML]: *gasp*

[?]: The assassin is a Eunuch!

[?]: The assassin is a Eunuch!

[?]: Did you hear that? He… he’s a Eunuch!
[?]: Goddamnit, haven’t those sons of bitches gone extinct already?

Xiao Meng

[SML]: Old Jia, many people know about Xiao Meng. Him being alive is bad for us!

[SML]: Notify Zhong Da that we are pull out of Xuzhou immediately!

[J]: Don’t leave.

[J]: Second Master’s setup will all be for naught if we do.

[?]: Ahem!

[?]: Brothers from Qingzhou, did you hear that?

[?]: Did you hear who the assassin was?

[?]: Or maybe you heard, but forgot all about it, right?

[?]: Do you still remember the young ones who starved to death at home?

[?]: Do you remember who forced us to join the ranks of outlaws and become Yellow Turbans?

[?]: Life is better now, but have we forgotten how we suffered back then?
[?]: Who caused the downfall of our country? Who made it all happen?

[?]: No! I have never forgotten our pledge back then!

[?]: Never!

[?]: Death to all Eunuchs! Never forget!

[?]: Yes! Kill all Ten Attendants and their faction! Never forget!

[?]: Death to all Eunuchs! Death to all Eunuchs!

[?]: Kill the Eunuch!
[?]: Kill the Eunuch!


[?]: Kill the Eunuch!
[?]: Leave none alive!

They have been incited!

[?]: No good Eunuch!

[J]: Xiao Meng can’t be saved.

[J]: He will be more miserable if he lives.

[J]: Remember, Second Master’s plan cannot have any loose end.

[J]: Do you understand, First Master?

[?]: My Lord, let us kill this Eunuch!
[?]: My Lord, we cannot spare this castrated man!

[?]: My Lord, let us do it!

[?]: Oh no. The Qingzhou troop has been incited.
[?]: You all must be wondering why I’m not stopping them.

[Cao Cao]: Not that I don’t want to, but I wouldn’t dare.

[CC]: The biggest reason is because of the Cao family’s origin.

[CC]: The Cao family is a Eunuch family, and grandfather Cao Teng is even an eminent Eunuch in the courts.

[CC]: In order to conquer the world we went through so much trouble to draw the line between ourselves and the Eunuchs.
[CC]: I’m really afraid that someone would use this to turn the Qingzhou troop against us.

[CC]: They can kill him if they want to. Don’t let things spiral out of control.

[CC]: This eunuch will help us end the matter once and for all.

[Xiahou Dun]: Go.

[?]: By our Lord’s order, we will kill that man to honor our dead brothers!

[?]: Great! Let’s all go!

[?]: Go!

[Hua Tuo]: Lord Cao, that assassin is not a member of Ten Attendants’ faction…

[CC]: Handicapped Warrior, Xiao Meng.

[CC]: Sima clan’s assassin, right?

[HT]: You knew, Lord Cao?
[CC]: Yes. Too bad we still missed him after taking all that precaution.

[CC]: You must be wondering why I’m still letting the Sima clan roam free.
[CC]: That’s because they have already drew the line between them and him.

[CC]: And also,

[CC]: the one to warn me of an assassin…

[CC]: was Sima Yi.

I’m… still alive…

Heavens, you are still toying with me.

Jia Kui!

The bug is here!

The bug that does nothing but damage!

He is here…

which means…
which means…

Young Master never forgot about (the) revenge!

Young Master’s aspiration still exists!

Heavens! What have I been doing?

After all these years I’m still blindly doing stupid things.

I almost ruined everything!

I’m such an idiot!
(“me confused bug”)

I’m such a moron!
(“me confused bug”)

The biggest fool there is!
(“the world’s number one confused bug”)

Really, Young Master, even death is too good for me.

I’m sorry!

I’m sorry!

I caused you trouble, Young Master.




[CC]: Huff!
[CC]: Huff!

Brother Huo,
I’m leaving.

Miss me not,

and don’t blame Young Master.


the sun can be eclipsed; and the moon can wane.

(I) still remember…


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