Ravaging Times

chapter 258

Some say it is hard to satisfy both loyalty and filial piety.

That is a contradiction we must live with.

[?]: I rather die than surrender!

[?]: I rather die!

[?]: Huff!

chapter 258 Be Loyal And Filial

[?]: Look at you all…

[?]: Did you forget who your Lord is?
[?]: What’s his surname? What is he called?

[?]: The lot of you… go burn in hell!

[?]: Heavens curse you to die without graves!
[?]: Be the last of your bloodline!

[?]: Be the last…

[?]: the last…

[?]: You two…

[?]: Go home, mother. There’s nothing to see here!

[?]: Go home! I ask you to go home!

[?]: Take her home, my dear, before she catches a cold!

[?]: Go home!

What is loyalty?

What is filial piety?

{banner reads: White Gate Tower}
Upon seeing the absurdity of the former dynasty,

what is loyalty, then?

[?]: Do it.
[?]: Yessir.

{sfx: cha}

Upon seeing these sons leaving one after the other,

what is filial piety, then?

What can’t be let go of when death comes knocking?

[Xiahou Dun]: Forgive us for the mistreatment, mister Chen Gong.

[XHD]: Untie him immediately.

[Chen Gong]: There’s no need.

[CG]: I never liked to waste time.

[CG]: Even in death I will be loyal to Lü Bu.

[XHD]: Do you think my Lord is not good enough in comparison, sir?

[CG]: No. He’s just as bad, that’s all.

[CG]: Thank you for your good intentions.

[?]: Advisor Chen!

[CG]: Lü Bu and Chen Gong were incompetent. Your misery is not your fault.

[CG]: Die if you want to; live if you want to. At this brink of life or death, weighing your options is the most important thing.

[CG]: Disregard loyalty and such things, for they are mere tricks played by men of letters to enslave you all.

[CG]: Han’s traitor Cao Cao, Lü Bu’s subordinate Chen Gong is here! Come out and face me if you haven’t been scolded enough!

[CG]: Otherwise just order somebody to draw the blade! I have wanted to go for a long time now!

[?]: Weigh your options at the brink of life or death.

[?]: What they say about “loyal subject serves no more than one lord” is also a sycophantic remark in the interest of the conqueror.

[Cao Cao]: You know the rules of the game, Chen Gong, but you can’t extricate yourself and rather die for Lü Bu?

[CG]: I am old. I’m no longer interested in leading people to their deaths.

[CC]: Since your conscience has spoken, let’s talk about family instead of the country.

[CC]: You humbly call yourself old, but your aging mother and daughter are still alive at home. What will become of them if you die?

[CC]: If you think the country is beyond your concerns, why do you ignore your flesh and blood?

[CG]: What does my mother and daughter’s fate have to do with me?

[CC]: You are well-versed in the sagely classics. How could you speak this way?

[CC]: I may not be as talented, but I would not be this absurd.

[CG]: I heard that those who rule by filial piety do not punish the relatives of the condemned;

[CG]: those who rule by benevolence do not end one’s bloodline.

[CG]: If you have those qualities, my family after my death will be at the mercy of your true nature,

[CG]: not up to me!

[Guo Jia]: He makes us utterly speechless.

[Jia Xu]: Having said that, Chen Gong must have made up his mind.

[GJ]: It’s really regrettable that we cannot work with him.

[JX]: Ay!

[CG]: You pride yourself in filial pious rule, lord Cao, so you should treat the common people like family.

[CG]: How can you abandon our families when we are to die because of you?

[CG]: And show the world your hypocrisy?

[JX]: He’s cornering our Lord, making him unable to get out of this predicament.

[GJ]: We cannot confront such awe-inspiring integrity.
(“awe-inspiring aura…”)

[?]: Pity, what a pity…

[CC]: Enough.

[CC]: I have nothing to say to that, Chen Gong. I’ll just have to do my best.
[CC]: But why do you stubbornly insist on burying everything you have achieved?

[CG]: They say lord Cao is an able minister at peacetime and an anti-hero in wartime.
[CG]: Now is wartime. What would I be if I help you?

[CC]: Not aiding evil is your definition of loyalty?

[CG]: And also getting my family taken care of – that is my definition of filial piety.

{sfx: pong!}

[GJ]: Is, is there no way to keep him?

[JX]: You are only asking for humiliation if you go out there.

[GJ]: Xun Yu, you knew he will act this way and you couldn’t bear it anymore. Is that why you left?

[JX]: Chen Gong is like this White Gate Tower –

[JX]: a relic of the former dynasty.

[?]: My Lord, wha…

[XHD]: Mister Chen Gong, please reconsider!

[?]: Please!

[?]: Don’t go!

[?]: Mother… I’m not… I’m not…

[?]: filial!

[?]: Ugh.

[?]: Do it.
[?]: Yessir.

[CG]: Parents of the world! There are no unfilial children!

[CG]: Only lost fledglings under the force of greater powers. It is the way of Heaven. Don’t blame them!

[CG]: Mother, I am leaving.

[CG]: Don’t blame me; don’t miss me!

{sfx: ta. ta.}

[?]: Huff.
[?]: Huff.

[CG]: It is the way of Heaven.

[CG]: Perhaps it is now your era.

{sfx: pa. pa.}

[CG]: Maybe… you are different from Lü Bu…

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

[CG]: Different.

[CG]: Different.

{sfx: pa}

[CG]: The Old Master said,

[CG]: The way of Heaven is impartial; it always sides with the good man.
(Dao-De-Jing ch. 79; the translations out there are not unified and can be quite divergent in meaning)

[CG]: Lü Bu is neither loyal nor filial. He deserves Heaven’s wrath!

[CC]: I will never forget these words of the sage!

[CG]: This is Chen Gong’s last step.

[CG]: Done.

After that, Cao Cao tended to Chen Gong’s mother until her death, and he also found a husband for the daughter.

He still grieves whenever he is reminded of Chen Gong.


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