Ravaging Times

chapter 259

They say a loyal subject serves only one lord.

They also say a good bird chooses the tree to nest in.

Sometimes (as) a man, sometimes (as) a bird.

Men speak the language of men.

Birds chirp the language of birds.

chapter 259 A Warrior’s Way of Thinking

[Guan Yu]: Another bunch executed. That Cao Cao sure is decisive.

[GY]: Don’t employ the questionable, as they say. We must really watch our steps now that we’re serving Cao Cao.

[Zhang Fei]: Second brother is right. We will face many obstacles if we want to approach His Majesty.

[Liu Bei]: Your concerns are warranted, but I don’t like to be sneaky.

[LB]: I know how to approach His Majesty.

[LB]: Let’s go.

[ZF]: He knows how? Don’t tell me he’s bluffing!

[?]: How is it?

[?]: You just missed Chen Gong‘s departure.

[?]: Zhang Liao is next to be interrogated.
[?]: Hoo. No wonder more and more people are gathering here.

[?]: Zhang Liao is the most outstanding warrior of late. What do you think he intends to do?
[?]: Chen Gong died for his cause; I say an iron-willed man like Zhang Liao will not surrender either.

[?]: I think our Lord would just be wasting his time.

[?]: Get rich while you can!

[?]: Odds are one to twenty in favor of Zhang Liao surrendering; seven to eight that he doesn’t.

[?]: Old Ye, that’s too little payoff for him not surrendering.
[?]: Who would place a bet if you say it like that?

[Ye]: There are all kinds of strange things in the world. I’ll be frank – a fool has just placed a huge bet on Zhang Liao surrendering.

[?]: Hahaha, which fool gave you money for free?
[?]: The biggest beneficiary of this trip to Xuzhou must be you, old Ye!

[?]: But we want you to lose big time, so we’ll place all our bets on him not surrendering!
[?]: Yes, he’ll lose for sure. I will also bet that Zhang Liao dies!

[Y]: Has our Lord made a decision?
[?]: Not yet.

[Y]: Hurry up. Place your bets now before our Lord decides.

[?]: You hear that? Somebody still believes he will surrender.
[?]: What about you?

[?]: As a fighter myself, honestly, who doesn’t want him in our ranks?
[?]: You’re right, but… only if the sun rises from the west.

[Zhang Liao]: Cao Cao, you traitor to Imperial Han!

[ZL]: Emperor-controlling rebel! Decency-killing crook!

[ZL]: Eunuch-raised dog!

[ZL]: Who gave you the right to torture the people of Xuzhou?

[ZL]: Who gave you the right to kill Loyalists of Han?

[ZL]: How about it? Come out and let’s have a debate if you think I’m wrong!

[ZL]: Come out! Or else I still have some breath left to scold you!

[ZL]: Listen, you Cao!

[ZL]: You are good for nothing, except a top-notch liar!

[ZL]: May heaven be my witness – I am loyal to Imperial Han. I rather die than surrender!
[ZL]: Cao you pretentious mutineer!

[ZL]: Don’t expect me to submit and become your minion!

[ZL]: I’m no ignorant fool nor a greedy ingrate!

[ZL]: I’m sick of living already, Cao! Kill me if you want to! That’s my final decision!

[Xiahou Dun]: Isn’t he tired after all that cursing?

[XHD]: A-man, Zhang Liao is too determined. Not even a whole night of persuasion helped.

[XHD]: Let him go. We have done our best.

[XHD]: You’re recovering from a fresh injury. Troubling thoughts will only exacerbate your headache.

[Jia Xu]: You don’t understand our Lord’s feeling, General Xiahou. This man may have strayed with Lü Bu,

[JX]: but he is too rare a talent to discard.
(“hard to come by even over a century of time”)

[JX]: I would give anything to keep him if I’m able.
[Cao Cao]: So you feel the same way, Jia Xu.

[JX]: A special kind of iron will needs a special kind of persuasion. Too bad no one in our army has that talent.

[CC]: That’s right.

[CC]: If someone can persuade Zhang Liao to surrender, I would have owed him a big favor.

[JX]: Oh.

[ZL]: Traitor Cao Cao,

[Guo Jia]: Oh.

[ZL]: I’m not done yet, I…

[ZL]: I…

[XHD]: Liu Bei?

[ZF]: Big brother, what… what’s he up to?

[ZL]: I…

[LB]: Have you thought it through, having been locked up these past days?

[ZL]: Who do you take me for?

[ZL]: You indiscriminate opportunist!
(“confound black and white”)

[ZL]: We share no common goal…
[ZL]: no…
(“different paths, can’t work with/for each other”, one English translation online is “no common goal, no common cause to cooperate”)

[LB]: Oh Zhang Liao, you are still lying.

[LB]: I’ll ask you again.

[LB]: Answer with your heart.

[LB]: Answer truthfully with that goddamn heart!
(“answer very honestly”)

You are more deceitful;
(“I am not as deceitful as you”)

I am more mendacious.
(“you are not as deceitful as me”)


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