Ravaging Times

chapter 260

(If you) answer with your heart,

perhaps your path to the future will be different.

Perhaps those with intentions understand this path.

Perhaps it will win the support of the people.

Perhaps it will win the world.

chapter 260 Imperial Uncle‘s Intent
(I suspect word-play on the literal “use heart”, which could be to related to what he claims to “speak with your heart”, but also the common use of the term to mean “intent/motive”)

[Liu Bei]: I can feel that you are struggling.

[LB]: The exterior and the interior are in conflict.

[LB]: On the outside there’s the ethical demand from the sages.

[LB]: But on the inside there’s that primordial wanton of human nature.

[LB]: To live on the path of our forefathers, or to become lost on the path behind them?

[LB]: Did the sages speak the truth? Or does your heart?

[LB]: How do we define the Truth? How do we judge worth?

[LB]: Hush, let your heart do the talking.
(“don’t use mouth, use your heart to answer”)

{sfx: sha}

[?]: Hold tight!

[Zhang Liao]: Oof!

[LB]: The more you struggle, the more conflicted you become.

[LB]: Do you want to shake off this external shackle?

[LB]: Or do you want to be rid of that weak pounding in your heart?

[LB]: But you’re not weak at all; outstanding, even.

[LB]: Of all the people here, no one rivals you at your age.

[LB]: You know this well.
[LB]: So do I.

[LB]: Because I have never been wrong about people.

[LB]: What is wrong is that someone chose a futile path.

[LB]: What is wrong is that someone was short-sighted when choosing the right lord to support.

[LB]: What is wrong is that someone thinks he will be a righteous martyr.

[LB]: What is wrong is that someone is still betraying himself to save face.

[LB]: Zhang Liao, you know better than I do the kind of man Lü Bu is.

[LB]: But so what if you know? What’s your next move?
[LB]: Isn’t that facade of loyalty (and righteousness) you maintain just to fool yourself?

[LB]: And what’s worse, those brothers who have always trusted you had to die meaninglessly because of you.

[LB]: Haven’t you agonized over it at all?

[LB]: No, you have.

[LB]: You stayed because you would not abandon your brothers!

[LB]: You insist on the path of loyalty (and righteousness) and did not flee with Lü Bu.
[LB]: You choose to pay with your life –

[LB]: something so priceless in exchange for your ignorance,

[LB]: because unconsciously you have began to question the value of your life.

[LB]: What is the so called “a loyal vessel serves only one lord?”
[LB]: What is the so called “a good bird chooses the tree to nest in?”

[LB]: Wise sages were people too; they could have been subjective.
[LB]: Their sagely words were but the product of an era.

[LB]: Therefore we should go with the waves of time – with each era comes new (ideas).

[LB]: And similarly, some will be eliminated.

[LB]: Do you know how many sages have been drowned under the waves of past eras?

[LB]: Do you know that sagely words were spoken, but history was written?
(not sure)

[LB]: Do you know that everything came from nothing, and that we made things happen?

[LB]: A sage’s words came from a man, and any man can take that title.

[LB]: Similarly, the world is not owned by one man, because heroes can create a new state of things!
(could be better)

[LB]: The great path is not limited to sages. Any capable man can open a new path.
(not sure)

[LB]: And everyone has a path, a way to tread it, and how one should see himself.

[LB]: Some people went beyond then looked back.

[LB]: Some stop and think they have reached the destination.

[LB]: But,

[LB]: who doesn’t want to GET . OVER . THERE?

[ZL]: AH!

[ZL]: AH!

[ZL]: AH!


[LB]: You got there.

[LB]: Your heart replied.

[LB]: And I, Liu Bei,

[LB]: feel no different than you.

[LB]: This is an age when heroes will save the world.

[LB]: For those with aspiration, who doesn’t want to get on this path?

[LB]: But where is the path? Where is the man? Where?

[LB]: Come.

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pong}

[Cao Cao]: I’m here!

[CC]: Cao Cao is here!

[CC]: Zhang Liao, I’m here!

[CC]: Liu Bei, I’m here!

[CC]: I’m here! I’m here!

[CC]: I’m here!

[Zhang Fei]: Second brother,

[ZF]: I… I get it!

[ZF]: Big brother… intended to save Zhang Liao

[ZF]: in order to win over Cao Cao’s trust.

[ZF]: With skills like that, he really can defeat anyone!

[ZF]: Haha, big brother… our big brother…

[ZF]: He has reached an inconceivable state!

You cheat, I swindle.

Who knows what we are really thinking.


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