Ravaging Times

chapter 262

It is snowing.

The heavens still in a shade of misty gray.

Dead silence;

only dead silence.

chapter 262 The Fiery Years

Perhaps heaven is dead.

Perhaps mine is too.

[Xu Chu]: Lü Bu,

[XC]: now, you look like, Lü Bu.

[XC]: Father, is, waiting for you.

[Lü Bu]: I looked forward to this moment as well.

{sfx: pa}

[XC]: Very good.

[LB]: Huff.

{sfx: pa~}

[LB]: Ugh!

[XC]: You… are shivering. Afraid?

[LB]: Yes… but not afraid.

[LB]: It is cold…

[LB]: and suddenly I felt underdressed…

{gripping sfx}

[LB]: Tighter!
(“put more strength into it”)

[LB]: Exert yourself, or you won’t be able to kill me.

[XC]: Umf!

[LB]: Xu Chu, I ask you. Cao Cao didn’t come out earlier… Was he debating whether to keep me… or not?

[XC]: Hoo.

[LB]: He must have… Because he thought I was still of use…

[LB]: But,

[LB]: but… someone changed his mind!

[XC]: Lü Bu, that person, was, not, me.

[LB]: I know.

It is that man…

A guy who can judge character.

[?]: HUGH!

[LB]: GUH!

[LB]: Tighter, Xu Chu!
(“put more strength into it”)

[?]: Kk!

[XC]: Mons, ter!

[Xiahou Dun]: Xu Chu,

[Xiahou Yuan]: here.

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa. pa. pa}

[?]: Oof!

[?]: Oof.

[LB]: Gg!

[?]: Tighter!
[?]: Tighter!

It doesn’t hurt at all!

But it is getting colder and colder.

Perhaps these are chaotic years.

The heaven is dead!



You are still alive.

You are finally clearing up.

What are you trying to say?

What are you saying?

You are lurking.

You are waiting.


for whom?

You are waiting for another era.

Whose era?

This man’s?

{sfx: pa}


You think I’m wrong?

{sfx: cha!}




Not them;

not theirs.

It is fiery red?

Who is it?


Quit your fancy cryptic games and tell me!

{sfx: pa}

Bastard! Hurry up and tell me!


{sfx: pa~}

(quoting “Oath of Tang”; a popularized curse during the Xia dynasty, against king Jie, who compared himself to the sun; here you can interpret this literally as LB being angry at the sun/heaven/fate, or you can interpret this as an indirect curse toward Cao Cao, who is currently “all powerful” in the court; a Chinese translation of this ancient wording; two English translation (page 2 of the PDF) found by reader HerrK)

(another reference found by reader Pyrite)

Tell me, whose is it?

It is phoenix!

{sfx: cha~}

Fiery phoenix!


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