Ravaging Times

volume 33

Back Cover Couplet
Celestial cult stirs new trouble; brothers pacify the Eastern region

Previously on Ravages
Blood spilled in the city of Xiapi; debts paid outside the White Gate Tower

Ravages Afterword
Maybe I have seen too many B grade Horror films, so to avoid feeling indifferent, I developed a new way to watch them.
Believe it or not, as long as the film is unsophisticated, I can figure out the ending just from the opening scene; and I can predict all the setup that were meant to frighten the viewers. My accuracy is over 90 percent. Lame, isn’t it…

Die! Die!
Sir, please leave~
I only recently realized why I like foreign horror films. It might be because of the heavy metal music that plays during the ending credits~

Next on Ravages
The Zhao banner flutters as the Fire burns. The Undefeatable General takes to the sky.
I think… his era is about to begin.
Volume 34
Zhao Zi Long of Changshan


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