Ravaging Times

chapter 264


[?]: You were just released, Ma’am, you shouldn’t strain yourself so much surveying all these businesses like this.

[?]: These are all Sima clan’s assets. How could I not worry about them?

[?]: Speaking of which, the shops in these regions are doing pretty well.

chapter 264 Impending Storms

[?]: Yes. Young Master had learned all the best tricks from you!

[?]: We just heard news that the Cao army has locked down the city. You should rest here for now, Ma’am.

[Shan Wu Ling]: Thanks.

[?]: Please forgive me for the poor welcome. I didn’t know you were visiting.

[SWL]: Buns?

[SWL]: I didn’t expect the Sima clan to take an interest in this trade.

[?]: Nonono, this shop is owned by master Liaoyuan.

[SWL]: No wonder Zhong Da still goes out of his way to keep the business going.

[?]: You may not know this, Ma’am, but Young Master is not the only person who cares about this shop.

[?]: Ever since the disappearance of master Liaoyuan, if it wasn’t for his care, this place…

[SWL]: Hoo. That guy sure is nostalgic.

[?]: Murder for other people, then start a losing business.

[?]: My oldest apprentice has the skill but not the aspiration to do great things.
[?]: He managed to achieve nothing all these years.

[?]: Yet our fates are intertwined. Mine is no better.

[?]: Though there is one good thing about this shop.

[Liu Da]: It reminds me how to tread my path.

[?]: Don’t worry, teacher, I won’t let you down.

[LD]: You are exceptionally gifted. I stake everything on you.
[LD]: Number two has died. Third and Fourth will follow you from now on.

[?]: That means I should leave now?

[LD]: You kept the businesses in perfect order while the Mrs. was away. You have learned all there is to learn about management.

[LD]: A big clan needs talents like you the most.

[LD]: Mister Ma,
[Ma]: Yessir.

[LD]: why did the business drop so much while I was away these months? What happened?

[M]: To be honest, we had competition.
(“…customers were taken from us”)

[LD]: A new shop nearby?

[M]: Yes. Recently some new shops opened on the other side of the market. They are doing better and better each day.

[LD]: Their buns tasted better than ours?
[M]: No. They don’t sell buns.

[LD]: No wonder.

[LD]: They also treat sickness, right?
[M]: How do you know, boss?

[LD]: They used to sell enchanted water. Now they’re selling flat cakes?

[LD]: I had gone through it before. How could I not know?

[LD]: Taiping Daoists are only good at this.

[?]: You mean the Yellow Turban rebels are trying to start over?

[?]: Good news, manager!

[?]: So that’s why they locked down the city!

{marching sfx}

{marching sfx}

[?]: Look. They surrounded that shop.

[?]: Good. Shut it down, shut it down!

[?]: Spirits protect us!

[?]: Protect my all-benefiting all-decent shop. Don’t let the officers take it!

[?]: Protect the shop with our lives!

[?]: Protect us, spirits! Protect it with our lives!

[?]: Are… are they not afraid of death?
[?]: It’s like they have gone mad.

[?]: Protect the shop with our lives! Charge!

[?]: Our order is to leave none alive!




[?]: Should we save this man? Advisor Cheng?

{Cao Cao’s military advisor, Cheng Yu}
[Cheng Yu]: No need! Give them enchanted flat cakes. Let them treat themselves.

[LD]: That’s right.
[LD]: It is the best strategy against them.

[?]: Enchanted flat cakes can save people? (Like) Hell!

[CY]: This again.
{book: Collection of the Mountains and Seas}

[CY]: Hurry and notify the Advisors. Tell them…

[CY]: those bastards are back.

[CY]: Then send some men to search the area. Don’t leave any of this kind alive.

[?]: Yessir.

[?]: He sure is decisive.

[SWL]: That’s because you don’t know the severity of the situation.

[?]: Sis.

[SWL]: I have returned safe and sound. You can go now without worries.

[?]: You mean…

[SWL]: If it’s like this (even) here, there must be more in other parts.

[SWL]: This organization is everywhere, and they are good at controlling minds.

[SWL]: The three Zhang brothers have stirred up quite a storm already. The remaining few want to play the same old trick.

[SWL]: The ashes reignites. This time it may be more difficult to deal with now that they have learned from past experience.

[?]: So it’s that kind of warfare?

[SWL]: Yes. Cultism brainwashing.

[?]: The most despicable tactic there is.

[LD]: Troubles are brewing in the eastern region. Words really get around in places like this.

[?]: Tell them to take out anyone who sells charms to cure disease, or talk of heavenly ideals.

[?]: Go get ready while the city is still under a lock-down.

[?]: Yessir.

[SWL]: Xu Sheng and Pan Zhang have followed you for years. But you are finally letting them go.

[LD]: I feel that my “Defeated Officers” will become extraordinary in his care.

[LD]: Young Master,

[LD]: you’re welcome at the bun shop if you ever forget your goal.

[?]: Not to worry, teacher. I’m not interested in buns.

[LD]: He’s got spirit.
(“has aspiration”)
[SWL]: A tiger’s cub still craves blood.
(“…still likes blood”)

[SWL]: I want a son like that too.

[?]: Then make some babies already.
(“then hurry and give birth to some”)

[SWL]: Bugger off.

[?]: Your wish is my command.

[?]: Oath sister, teacher.

[?]: Zhong Mou is heading out.
(the wordplay is on “leaving mountain”, where hanzi “shan” is the word for “mountain”; so the inside “meaning” of “a Genius emerging/graduating” could also JUST mean “leaving the Shan clan”. This is all speculation because we don’t know how Mr. Chen will develop this plot line!)

The new wave has drowned me.



  1. “{leader of the Defeated Officers, Liu Da}”

    That part isn’t in the volume scans.

    Also missing the translation of the location on the first page.


    Comment by Ki Shodar — August 5, 2009 @ 10:52 am

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