Ravaging Times

chapter 266

Straight to the core.

They advanced on that day.

Toward their ideal.

[?]: Sir! Sun Ce is just ahead of us!

[?]: Formations!

chapter 266 Heaven Protects The Descendant
(I will talk about the wordplay in this one later)

[?]: That lad’s good – made it all this way in a mere few months!
{East Wu’s King of Morals, Yan Bai Hu}
{revolting-civilian Yan Bai Hu called himself “East Wu’s King of Morals”}

[Yan Bai Hu]: Liu Yao‘s allies are so fragile. It’s frustrating that now we have to pay for their incompetence.

[YBH]: Our crop fields are to the south. They must not be allowed to get there.

[YBH]: Generals, if we lose the southern lands we’re done for. Act now!

[?]: The world is in chaos, and the people can barely survive the day. Our enemy wants to take the advantage and plunge the eastern region in turmoil!

[?]: They might have defeated Liu Yao’s allied forces, but having been worn out by battle, they are now hanging onto their last bit of strength!

[?]: We people of the eastern region must never let them mess with us!

[?]: Having dominated the region for all these years, who’s afraid of that monkey boy!
(wordplay: homonym “sun”)

[?]: Heaven protects the eastern region!

[?]: Heaven protects our lord, East Wu’s King of Morals!

[?]: Kill!


Sun Ce defeated Liu Yao’s allied forces in Meiling in year 199; he then targeted Hushu and Jiangcheng, taking them both.

Mass uprisings happened throughout the eastern region that year. Countless men raised armies to benefit themselves.

A man from the Wu region, Yan Bai Hu, proclaimed himself “East Wu’s King of Morals”. His army of ten thousand is garrisoned in Kuaiji. He decided to fight his enemy til death.

[Cheng Pu]: Their left and right flanks intend to surround us.

[CP]: The center is their main force. It looks powerful.

{Sun Ce army’s general, Cheng Pu}
[CP]: Their marching is orderly and brisk. They know their formations from the inside out.

[Zhou Tai]: Who knew we would meet our own kind a few months into the eastern (region)!
(as in someone who is also well versed in Master Sun‘s teachings)
{Zhou Tai}

{Huang Gai}
[Huang Gai]: Gentleman Sun! Somebody has summoned your ancestor!

[Sun Ce]: What do you think, General?

{Taishi Ci}
[Taishi Ci]: Our enemy is using the art of offensive and besieging tactics from Master Sun‘s teaching. So it appears they outnumber us.

[TSC]: But your ancestor also said, control a large force like a small force: divide and conquer. Fight a large army like a small army: use signs and signals.
(shortened, see long translation through link, v.1, v.2)
{General Who Glorifies the Han, Sun Ce}

[TSC]: The Energy chapter says, Engage through straightforward methods and win by “surprise”.
(the wordplay here is on “qi”, which is also referring to their Genius – Zhou Yu)
[SC]: Good.

[SC]: Gentleman Zhou! Direct confrontation!

[Zhou Yu]: I have always heard that our enemy is well-versed in Master Sun’s Art of War.

{Fifth Genius of Watermirror(‘s school), Zhou Yu}
[ZY]: And I have always wanted a match against Sir Sun.

[ZY]: Our army traveled here and rested for four hours. The enemy mobilized and hurried here for six hours.

[ZY]: Seven-tenth energy for them, three-tenth for us. Another one in the rain once they run across this muddy terrain. Six-tenth for them, four for us. Scatter!

[SC]: By the Advisor’s order, scatter evenly!

[?]: Scatter evenly!

[?]: Walk. Save your energy!

[?]: Commander, the enemy is making a sparse formation!
[?]: Haha, Master Sun’s descendant won’t use his art of war?

[?]: They must feel inferior to our formation, and are messing up their own.

[?]: Sir! Their two flanks are turning!

[?]: The enemy wants to scatter our forces, but we outnumber them! Center, sprint forward!

[?]: Faster! Let’s take down their center first!

[?]: Collect and concentrate. Full speed ahead!

The left and right flanks have added their distance!
(not sure)

And the center is increasing in speed as well!

Advancing for a thousand steps. Their center force has five-tenth of energy, so do we.

Five-tenth left. Their energy has diminished again!

In this weather, every thousand steps means one grade depletion in energy.

[ZY]: Huang Gai, Zhou Tai!

[HG and ZT]: Here!

[ZY]: Protect our two sides. Block to defend, not to win!

[HG]: Left and right infantry will march first!

[HG]: Huang Gai engaged!
[ZT]: Zhou Tai engaged!

[ZY]: Cheng Pu!
[CP]: Here!

[ZY]: Shield Wielder formation. Lure the enemy in for five hundred steps using a constant retreat!
[CP]: Yessir!

[ZY]: Taishi Ci!

[CP]: Cheng Pu will deploy!
[TSC]: Here!

[ZY]: Take their commander when their center grows weary!

[TSC]: My thoughts exactly!
(wordplay on “direct method”, see his previous quoting from the Art of War)

[TSC]: Taishi Ci leads formation!

A muddy terrain ahead. Four-tenth energy for the enemy, six for us!

[ZY]: Gentleman Sun!

{sfx: pa}

[ZY]: Yan Bai Hu ahead!

[SC]: No!

[SC]: The Eastern region.

[SC]: It’s the eastern region!

Eastern region!

Let us take it then!

[?]: Watch out for the mud!

[?]: Huff!
[?]: Huff!
[?]: Huff!

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Master Sun! I’ll be teaching your descendant a lesson!
(wordplay: reverse the two hanzi “sun zi” and you get “zi sun”, which means “descendant”)

[SC]: Ancestor!
[SC]: Let’s see if you will protect me!



[?]: I thought Sun Ce would lose, but now he has gained the upper hand.

[?]: Fighting in mud wears down soldiers the fastest. An extra thousand steps will turn the tide.

[?]: The army of King of Morals has went in too deep, speeding up the depletion of their main force’s energy. The two flanks have been separated. The center is in danger.

[?]: They use their force well. No wonder Sun Ce army’s morale is still high after consecutive battles.

[?]: This reminds me how the Yellow Turbans lost for the same reason.

[?]: But we learned. Oh have we learned.
[?]: This time we won’t miss.

[?]: But now the Eight Geniuses have joined the fight. Are you not afraid, Great Saint?

[?]: The Son of Heaven has lost his influence. The Great Han is but an empty name. That’s the right timing. Warlords divide the land and wreck havoc. That’s the right location.

[?]: The introduction of Eight Geniuses only made the bloodshed worse. Instilling more fear and chaos in people’s hearts.

[?]: We laid in dormant all this time just to wait for Master Watermirror to establish the right people.

[?]: Speaking of bringing chaos, how are the Eight Geniuses any different than the Ten Attendants back then?

[?]: When all they do is make war, the people are still the only victims.

[?]: This is another kind of omen.

An omen that the Way of Taiping has returned.

The rain stopped. Master Sun still takes care of his descendants.



  1. Missing Sun Ce’s name and title when he’s re-introduced with Taishi Ci.


    Comment by Ki Shodar — August 9, 2009 @ 8:59 am

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