Ravaging Times

chapter 267

If you can control illness, you can control the world.

Doctors practice the “way” of deception.
(wordplay on 道, Daoism or “way”)

[?]: This man has a terminal illness.

[?]: Only celestial methods can cure him.

[?]: Don’t be afraid.

chapter 267 Return of The Way of Evil
(saying it’s “evil” is a one-sided opinion; this translation is not good)

[?]: Master (teacher)! It hurts! It hurts!
[?]: Waaaaah…

{Watermirror‘s Seventh Genius}
[7th]: It should, because I have reached the affected area.

[?]: Oww! Ahh! It really hurts!

{sfx: cha}

[?]: He… he dug in!
[?]: So much blood!

[?]: Look! Exactly like what we saw last time!

[7th]: Treat the treatable, if not –

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Ev… even intestines got pulled out!

[?]: Exactly like it! Exactly like it!

[?]: Amazing! That’s so amazing!

[7th]: treat them with psychology!

[7th]: If you join my (religion) cult but harbor wicked thoughts and do unrighteous things, this serious illness will just return.

[?]: Look, there’s only blood, but no wound!
[?]: Like… like a miracle!

[?]: Hahaha.

[?]: Pure misdirection.

[Pang Tong]: A nice show of “Zhuge Plays God.”

{Watermirror’s Sixth Genius, Pang Tong}
[PT]: Looks like you’re an expert with that trick.

[7th]: Why are you back?

[PT]: The situation is grave. You came back too, right?

[7th]: Assistant instructor, pay attention to what the left hand is doing. Study it well, everyone.
[?]: Understood.

[?]: Enchanted water, curing diseases.

[Watermirror]: Yes. That’s how followers of the Nanhua Immortal operate.
{Master Watermirror, Sima Hui}

[WM]: These men are experts in medicine. Unfortunately their oversized ambition makes them reckless.

[7th]: So they are from the same cult as the Zhang Jiao brothers?

[WM]: Yes. And these “doctors” now want to be literati and officialdom too.
(wordplay by adding prefix to a term that could mean two things)

[PT]: Haha. Immortals should be free of desire. Why would they act this way?

[WM]: The Nanhua Immortal is world renowned.

[WM]: There is a group of scholars who has nothing but praise for him.

[WM]: But they don’t know that he’s just a bastard who pretends to be Zhuang-zi.
(you might want to do some research on your own about this to make it make sense to you; see Kongming Archive’s link and wikipedia’s link from above)

[WM]: People are easily instigated during turbulent war times.
[WM]: What have you learned on your trip, Fledgling Phoenix?

[PT]: “The Way of Taiping” is the best known one in the east; and “Five Pecks of Rice” has taken a foothold in the southwest.
[PT]: So it seems that the other cults will show their colors too once chaos breaks out in the east.

[WM]: “Five Pecks of Rice”… Wow. So they had a backup plan all along.

[?]: I bet theocracy will soon take shape in Hanzhong.

[WM]: The biggest headache in war planning is raising funds. But their method of warfare can profit from nothing.
[WM]: Persuasion plus some trickery, and the people will be at your beck and call.

[PT]: They might be about heresy, but if used appropriately, their methods may calm the masses better than restoring Imperial Han.

[?]: Religion guides people toward doing good. If they understand that, it will be like Master Kong‘s teaching of righteousness…

[WM]: Wrong!

[WM]: Religion never advocates for killing!

[WM]: But any extension into violence will make it an evil cult!
(slightly distorted)

[WM]: Because true religion advocates for peace, kindness and love.

[WM]: Daoism is pure like water. If the preacher is a filthy container, what Daoism water pours out will be spoiled.
[WM]: That kind of “Dao” may be flawless in the beginning. But eventually the followers will simply go with the flow, changing beyond recognition.

[WM]: Stay here again, and teach them well. Make sure the students understand the truth and will also discourage their lords from going astray.

[7th and PT]: Understood!

[?]: Excuse (us).
(“Student(s) take (our) leave.”)

[WM]: The Taiping Daoism has been destroyed for years,

[WM]: but that “Immortal” is still alive – reemerging from the ashes was only a matter of time.

[?]: Luckily you had planned for it, master. I know that eastern cult from the inside out.
(not “teacher”, but master; almost like how Zhang Zhao refers to Watermirror as master)

[?]: They lurked for years, and this is the year to resurface, just like you predicted.

[WM]: Can it be controlled?

[?]: Cao and Yuan‘s factions each has our Geniuses with them, and that their political situation is stable. Nothing to worry about.

[?]: But the eastern region is a large territory. And the constant fighting adds to my concern.
[?]: Especially since the Sun clan is only beginning to strengthen. They are not strong enough to handle it.

[WM]: He’s a descendant of a Loyalist. We can’t stand by and do nothing.

[?]: The new chaos of the eastern region is their most important appetizer. I’m afraid…

{Hua Tuo}
[WM]: You’re afraid that Zhou Yu can take on external threats in stride, but not the internal ones…

[Hua Tuo]: Exactly.

[HT]: Gong Jin is the number one Genius when it comes to military deployment. We can count the days when he finally takes the eastern region.
(Gong Jin is Zhou Yu’s courtesy name)

[HT]: But these men play mind games. I’m afraid even our own people will fall for their tricks.

[WM]: You mean they have developed so much that they can control the eastern region without using an army?

[HT]: Yes. Actually, many civilians who revolted are already serving him.
[HT]: They thought they were set to win, but…

[HT]: Sun Ce ruined their plan, attracting their direct animosity.

[WM]: Hua Tuo, who is this man?

{banner reads: Langye Yu Ji}
(you might notice that the hanzi for “evil” is part of the region name where this man is from, clever for wordplay, no? Some readers noticed that the hanzi used in this one was a “mistake” by ancient writers but got passed down and eventually become an “acceptable variant”)

[HT]: The guy who taught me all about medicine.

Yu Ji.


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