Ravaging Times

chapter 268

Morale remained high after consecutive battles.

The army has arrived at the gate in the blink of an eye.

{the city of Kuaiji . Headquarter of Yan Bai Hu‘s allied forces}

[?]: Please give us a moment, lord Yan. We are mobilizing our troops.

[?]: Once I report to my Lord we will dispatch reinforcements immediately!

chapter 268 A Good Recipe For Value Appreciation

[Yan Bai Hu]: Screw the mobilizing! Another battle will end up like mine anyway!

[YBH]: Sun Ce has taken down many of my cities. All’s lost; I’ve got nowhere left to go!
[YBH]: This man’s tough; you can’t fight him head on. Please let me in to help with the defenses!

[?]: Sir! More and more troops are appearing on the outskirts!

[?]: Sun Ce’s army is here. Let lord Yan come in immediately!

[?]: Good work. My master has stated that your life will be spared once the gate opens!

[Huang Gai]: You can go now, Yan Bai Hu.

[HG]: Let’s head on in, my brothers!

[HG]: Team two, carry out the plan!

[?]: General, that man looks familiar!

[?]: I know him – he’s Sun Jian‘s subordinate Huang Gai!
[?]: What did you say? Huang… Gai?

[?]: Then that means, Sun… Sun…

[?]: Sun Ce’s army has entered the city!
[?]: Sun Ce has entered the city!

[?]: Sir! The southern gate has been breached. The enemy is already in the city!
[?]: Hurry and lead a troop to stop their advances!

[?]: Look, General, there on the main street!

{galloping sfx}

[?]: Oh no, their cavalry entered first!

[Zhou Tai]: Five (of you), come with me!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Take arms! Fight to the death!

[ZT]: Forward!


{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: cha~}

[ZT]: Guard this entrance, my brothers!

{sfx: pong~}


[?]: Cheng Pu‘s troop has entered!
[?]: Han Dang‘s troop has entered!

[?]: Jiang Qin‘s troop has entered!


{Grand Administrator of Kuaiji, Wang Lang}

[?]: We’ve lost the east gate too, my Lord. We can’t secure the city anymore!
[?]: Our army is at the north gate. Let’s get out of here!

They came so fast, can it be that…

[?]: Guard the gate!

[?]: Front, two teams, so fast!
[?]: Be careful, everybody!

[?]: Up one, front!
[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Direct attack to join forces!

{sfx: pong~}


{sfx: zing~}

[?]: Sun… Sun Ce!
[?]: And Taishi Ci!


They… they must have an insider in the city!
[Wang Lang]: Retreat…

[WL]: Retreat… retreat to base! Retreat to base!

[?]: Exit through the north gate!

[?]: Sun Ce has entered the city!

[?]: North gate, head for the north gate, everybody!
[?]: Stop jostling. Someone fell!

{banner reads: Qiao residence}
[?]: Pack up things that are easy to carry. Forget the rest!
[?]: Oh, where is master?

[?]: Don’t worry. Master has renowned mercenaries to protect him. He’ll be fine.

[?]: Apologies. You must be frightened, master Qiao.

[Qiao]: You…

[?]: This is for your own good, master Qiao.

[Q]: Take… take everything you want. Just…

[Sun Quan]: You think we “Defeated Officers” are after such things?
{Sun Quan}

{Xu Sheng}
[SQ]: These philistine properties are not the only things you own, master Qiao.

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: ta. ta.}

[daughters of Qiao]: Father!
{Pan Zhang}

[Q]: Elder Qiao, Young Qiao, why are you two still here?

[Q]: What the hell do you want, boy!

[Q]: Let me repeat – everything here is yours!
[Q]: And more if you would just let us go!

[SQ]: And let me repeat as well. I only came to help you.

[SQ]: You are wealthy, master Qiao, and you also represent a prominent clan in the eastern region. Why do you support rogue civilians to turn the nation into chaos?

[SQ]: If you make the wrong first move, you will only sink deeper with every muddy step.

[SQ]: And these rebels will just disperse no later than a few months from now.

[SQ]: Isn’t that right?

[SQ]: We’re all businessmen. We know what’s on our minds.

[SQ]: I’ll leave my proposition first, master Qiao. You can think it over.

[SQ]: My older brother is a government appointed officer, and his skills are above those of Lü Bu.

[SQ]: My oath brother is one of the Eight Geniuses. His brilliance is outstanding.

[SQ]: What more can you ask for if your daughters end up in their care?
[SQ]: Not that I don’t know what you would ask for, master Qiao.

[SQ]: Maybe it is Heaven’s will.

[SQ]: My talent is in raising the value of your assets.

Zhong Da only taught this boy for a few months,
(Zhong Da is Sima Yi’s courtesy name)

though years later his management skill will render Zhong Da speechless.


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