Ravaging Times

volume 34

Back Cover Couplet
Shocking fire in front; one-man army behind

Previously on Ravages
Bo Fu bravely defeats Yan Bai Hu; Zhong Mou brilliantly takes the city of Kuaiji

Ravages Afterword
When I pass by book stands sometimes the magazine headlines do startle me. Even when I find out later that some of the stories are incomplete or false, I still can’t help but feel my original prejudice about the victims.
In ancient times if the emperor wants to attack another kingdom, he only has to start rumors at the civilian level that slander the target, fostering a willingness to fight among the masses. This tactic was a must prior to military engagement.
In modern days we already have America’s invasion of Iraq based on the irrational argument that the latter has nuclear weapons.
Things were even worse back when information technology was underdeveloped. When there was no method of verification, no wonder starting a war was so easy in the past.

Rapist X-somebody (“Mou”) is now with the police…
An idiot who suffers from Persecutory Delusions.

Next on Ravages
And then the world appears vast.
His heaven and earth
are filled with blood.


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