Ravaging Times

chapter 272

{Xuzhou . Xiapi}

[?]: Yuan Shao‘s army has reached the forest entrance yesterday.
(“…linkou…”; location name?)
[?]: A mere frontline troop already number in the ten thousand.

[?]: Even Juancheng’s force is fifty thousand strong, and increasing daily.

[?]: Looks like those who were fighting Gongsun Zan have all returned.

chapter 272 Unyielding

{Xuzhou’s Commander in Defense, Che Zhou}
[Che Zhou]: Just as Guo Jia predicted, Yuan Shao’s other troop will go through Qingzhou, heading southward to attack Xuzhou.

[Chen Deng]: Xuzhou’s territories are too vast to be covered by our army. We can only concentrate our defenses.

[CD]: My army has systematically pulled out of the staging grounds and gathered at Xiapi for the showdown.
{General of the Hidden Waves, Chen Deng}

[CD]: This way the Yuan army will have to leave behind some men to hold those locations, and we can also protect the important cities of Xuzhou.

[CD]: As long as we follow Advisor Guo’s plan, Yuan Shao will advance no further than Xiapi.

[CZ]: I’m only concerned about that other army.

[CD]: Imperial Uncle Liu Bei has accepted the order to head to battle with ten thousand elites. He will keep Yuan Shu in check if he uses his resource properly.

[CD]: Though bad news arrived first…

[CD]: Yuan clan’s Qingzhou division was victorious first. One by one the warlords up north have lost to them.

[CZ]: They couldn’t retreat fast enough?

[CD]: Right. Their precise deployment and speedy pace was too hard to prepare against.

[CD]: I think the one in charge must be one of their famous commanders…

[CD]: And his troop must be the best cavalry in the Yuan clan!

[CD]: Beware, everyone. Against Yuan clan’s first strike, losing is not an option.

{cavalry movement sfx}

{cavalry movement sfx}




[?]: First cavalry report! Tian Kai to our north has been defeated!
[?]: The first passage way has been opened. Our army can now advance southward!

[?]: Second cavalry report! Kong Rong to our east has been defeated!

[?]: The second passage way is cleared!

{Yuan Shao’s Commander who Conquers the South, Chunyu Qiong}
{Zhang Yi}
[Chunyu Qiong]: At your service, Young Master!
(specifically, it is calling, “Eldest Gong-zi”, or “eldest son of (my) master”)

{Jian Qiu}
{Qiao Song}
{Han Jiang}

[?]: Thank you all for your hard work.

{Yuan clan’s Chief Controller of the Southern Conquering Force, Yuan Shao’s eldest son – Yuan Tan}

[YT]: Two eastern kingdoms in two days.

[YT]: The bravery you all displayed has overshadowed the humiliation that was the unintentional lost of Shequan.

[YT]: With this sweeping victory our momentum is unstoppable. All the nearby warlords have submitted to us.

[YT]: If we take Xuzhou we’ll have Cao Cao firmly locked in place.

[YT]: As Yuan clan’s elite force we must take charge in battle even more.

[TY]: Let’s go. The entire Yuan clan is watching.

[YT]: Lady Zhen… is also watching.

[CYQ]: Everyone, forward!


[?]: Infantry, forward!

[?]: Main cavalry, forward!

[YT]: Target… Xiapi!

In May of year 199, Yuan Tan led a force southward, defeating Tian Kai, Kong Rong and such ministers. Their momentum was high, heading straight for Xiapi.

{Outskirts of Xiapi, Cao camp}

[?]: Yuan Shao’s army came faster than predicted. Pack up quickly!

[?]: We won’t be able to hold this place. Full retreat back to Xiapi!

[?]: We must hurry! Hurry!

[?]: Our first camp was taken by surprise?

[?]: Yessir, Yuan clan’s vanguard force ambushed them during their nighttime withdraw. The first camp master was quickly finished off.

[?]: Master, if the enemy can make such deployment, they must have…
[?]: Yes. They must have disguised themselves as civilians and laid in waiting at Xuzhou.

[?]: Huang Song is no paper tiger to have made it to first camp master’s position. He died just like that…

[?]: The commander of that Yuan army is no easy foe.
[?]: Our morale is really taking a hit this time.

[?]: Sir! Enemy spotted to our west!

[?]: Must be that guy…

[?]: Master, this man tasted marrow and wants to take out another camp. I fear that he may have blocked our retreat path too.

[?]: I think if they were already in Xuzhou they must be infantry. So they can’t move very fast.
[?]: We’ll make it back if we go around the east route.

[?]: Have all of our men withdrawn from the area?

[?]: The only one left is that guy at the mass graves…
(is 亂葬崗 a coined location name?)

[?]: You mean that friend of Chen Deng…?

[?]: Forget it. Crazy person does crazy things. It’s not our problem.

{East of Xuzhou}

{Mount of Graves}

[?]: Sir! We have planted decoys to the west and the enemy has fell for it. They’re coming this way.

[?]: Good, we can take another camp.

[?]: Have you found a passage?

[?]: First Master’s army will catch up with us soon. As the vanguard force we can’t block his path.
(“…lose courtesy”?)

[?]: This way, General. Both men and horses can pass through here.

[?]: Wait, a person!

[?]: There’s someone down there. Be careful, he might be a scout.

[?]: Halt!

[?]: Hal…

[?]: Don’t worry, he’s just a gravedigger.

[?]: You’re too early, gravedigger. A few days later there will be some ten thousand more here.
[?]: More for you to steal from.

{sfx: ta}

[?]: General.

[?]: Such a strong killing aura…

{General of the Front who Conquers the South, He Zhi}
[He Zhi]: Hold on there, boy.

[?]: I am digging.

[?]: From dusk to dawn,

[?]: reaching here just now.

[?]: The soil in these parts are loose. If an army tread through it the bones in the mud will be a wreck.

[?]: I only want to find the remains of my dearest one.
(you could simply interpret it as “family member”, but we all know the implication anyway)
[?]: Please take a detour, sir.

[HZ]: My Young Master’s army is on its way here. They don’t want a roadblock either.

[HZ]: Stop looking. I’ll send you to see your dearest one.

[?]: Let me say it again, go around if you want to pass.

[?]: I’m not yielding this path to you.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Scram!

[LYH]: I’m in a very shitty mood.

Or perhaps one should not ask about a hero’s origin.
(not sure, the tone could be “it doesn’t matter where the hero is from”)


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