Ravaging Times

chapter 276

{north of Xuzhou . Cao army’s first line of defense}

[?]: You two are quite skilled, and yet you continue to fumble?
(“…make mistake again and again”)

[?]: Last time you found nothing when assigned to watch Sima Yi.

[?]: And now…

chapter 276 A Young Master In Misfortune

[Xun Yu]: Oh well. It’s no easy task to shadow Zhang Liao.

[?]: I’m incompetent. I have failed Advisor Guo Jia.

[XY]: This man has committed the heinous act of insubordination. Our Lord will deal with him.

[XY]: The enemy approaches. Our top priority is to hold the defensive position. No time for games.

[XY]: Don’t worry. Even Han Hao couldn’t tame him, let alone you two.
[?]: Thank you, sir.

[XY]: Deputy.
[?]: Here.

[XY]: Deploy some troop on the northern hills. Prepare to face the enemy.

[Yue Jin]: The enemy has yet to appear in the northern hills. I suspect a change in their plan.

[XY]: You mean…

{Yue Jin}
[YJ]: The scout reported that another troop was discovered to our east.

[?]: East?
[?]: That fast?

[?]: Our east is a vital ground, sir, we can’t lose it!
[?]: I’m willing to go and fend off the intrusion!

[YJ]: No. We have deployed many scouts in the east, yet they are only reporting now…
(“…only now did they discover…”)

[XY]: Do you mean to say that their commander is no ordinary foe?

[YJ]: Yes. This is a special case.

[YJ]: It would be best if you’re there personally, Advisor.

{galloping sfx}

{sfx: cha~}

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Scram.

{sfx: cha~}


{sfx: cha~}

A fight is starting there.

That Young Master is still around.

Nice opportunity!

[?]: Hurry! He’s heading for our Young Master!

[Yuan Tan]: Rear guard! Rear guard, you hear!

Why is he coming back?
(“…retreating back”)

[?]: Look out, Young Master!

[?]: That man is now on horseback!

[?]: Block him! Don’t let him near our Young Master!

[Zhang Liao]: Scram.

{horse neigh}

[ZL]: Watch out. I’m switching weapons.

{sfx: cha~}

[ZL]: Piss off you bastard!

A… another one!


{sfx: cha~}

That guy…

is just like the earlier one!

(“saw ghost”; this has the connotation of “damn such bad luck”)

they’re from hell!
(“saw ghost”; this has the connotation of “damn such bad luck”)

Two Lü Bu?!


[LYH]: Hey there.
(“good that (you) come”)

[LYH]: Die!

It… it’s over!

[ZL]: Mine!

[?]: Young Master!

{sfx: cha~}

[LYH]: You!

[ZL]: You’re still alive?

[?]: Young Master!

[?]: Young Master!


have I died?

[?]: After you, Young Master.
(“Young Master go first”)

[Zhang He]: Zhang He will be the rear guard.

He always stayed behind.
(or “the last to go”)

He became second to none during Zhong Da‘s time.


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