Ravaging Times

chapter 279

{Outskirts of Xiapi}

[?]: Look. The enemy troop is sizable.
[?]: Too many shoe and hoof marks to count.
(“men and horses stepping all over…”)

[?]: Sure hope peace would come soon.
[?]: Yes. We’ve had enough.

[?]: Quit yapping. Go home if you’re afraid to die!

[?]: Screw you. I wouldn’t be here if I’m afraid!
[?]: Those two heroes could do it, so can I!

chapter 279 Elite Soldiers And Effective Commanders

[?]: You said it! I ain’t afraid either!

During the second half of May, the army of Zhongjia Emperor Yuan Shu met Imperial Uncle Liu Bei‘s army of Han.

[?]: Is that old Wen from the southern village?
[?]: Oh, little Cai, you’re here too.

[?]: Northern villagers to the fifth battalion.
[?]: Southern villagers to the third battalion, help with transport.

[?]: I am Lu Zhong, chieftain of the Lu clan village. I come with my fellow brothers.

[?]: We five hundred volunteers are willing to fight the traitor alongside the government troop!
(“…together with the government, eliminate the traitor…”)

[?]: We await your orders, Imperial Uncle!

[Liu Bei]: Thank you.

[Guan Yu]: One thousand yesterday and two thousand today; plus the six warlords from around here.

[GY]: Our numbers exploded within a mere few days. Your reputation is awe-inspiring, big brother.

[LB]: Even so, luck is still essential.
(“big/loud reputation needs luck too”)
[GY]: Luck?

[LB]: That recent incident really did excite the people.

[GY]: You mean that rumor is true, Big brother? That Yuan Shao‘s eldest son Yuan Tan was defeat by two civilians?
[LB]: Their righteous act inspired the world, just like the call to action against the Yellow Turbans back then.

[LB]: Speaking of which, Cao Cao‘s men sure spread the news around fast.

[LB]: This certainly lit a fire for our drafting efforts.

[?]: Look, Yuan Shu is over there!

[?]: Zhongjia bastard! Your granddaddy is coming!
[?]: Pull off your pants and get your ass out here!

[LB]: The morale is high. It’s time!

(it’s closer to “huh” in sound, but that’s misleading)


[?]: Two thousand more on the right.
[?]: One thousand more on the left.

[?]: A motley crowd. Altogether but twenty or thirty thousand.
{flag reads: Yuan}
[?]: How can they compare against our fifty thousand elite soldiers.

[Yuan Shu]: Cao Cao is (fighting) way out of his league.
(“…doesn’t know his limit”)
{Zhongjia Emperor, Yuan Shu}

[YS]: Listen up. No need to wait for Yuan Shao’s so-called reinforcements.

[YS]: We surpass them in force and leadership. These bitty pawns are easy picking.

[YS]: Notify Yuan Shao that we will strike first and clear a path for him.

{sfx: ding}

[YS]: Though the ignorant masses still need some preaching.

[Ji Ling]: Simpletons, open your eyes!

[JL]: Our country fell to chaos because foolish people support the evil in power!

[JL]: My righteous kingdom aims to clear the fog before people’s eyes so we can (re)build the world!
{Yuan Shu’s General-in-Chief, Ji Ling}


[YS]: Army of Zhongjia, forward!




[?]: Enemy vanguard of ten thousand!
[?]: Second battalion, get ready!

[LB]: Amazing.

[GY]: You have me and Yi De. Don’t worry, big brother.

[LB]: No. Look at those Cao soldiers down there.

[LB]: They’re still calm in the face of a massive army.

[LB]: We’ve been through much fighting, but never have I seen such an elite troop.

[LB]: Cao Cao’s personally-trained elites. They sure are both feared and loved.

[LB]: No wonder Cao Cao still dares to go against Yuan Shao when the latter has superior military power.
(“…the army strength like hitting a rock with an egg…”)

[Zhang Fei]: Haha! Good job!

[ZF]: This is more like it. This is elite!
(“…this is elite soldiers”)

[?]: Second battalion, forward!

[GY]: Third brother is so excited…

[LB]: Effective commander matched with elite soldiers.

[LB]: For us it’s like a dream come true.

[GY]: Just you wait. Your wish will be fulfilled one day.

[?]: Forward!


[ZF]: Forward! Hahaha!

[JL]: Come!

[JL]: Come!


{sfx: zing~}

[ZF]: Come!

{sfx: zing~}

[?]: Great Han’s elites!

[?]: Charge!


{sfx: cha~}


[JL]: Zhongjia’s elites, don’t retreat!

{sfx: zing~}

[ZF]: You pompous fools! You won’t take the world!

[JL]: His Majesty will today!

[ZF]: I,

[ZF]: Zhang Yi De of Yan,

[ZF]: will take the arrogant boor’s head!

[JL]: Take the world!

[LB]: Like it’s already in the pocket.

(it’s actually not that sound, more like “huh”, but could be misunderstood)

Waves after waves, volunteers joined Liu Bei’s army at the end of the battle.

One by one, men of the Zhongjia army fled during battle.


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