Ravaging Times

chapter 282

[?]: Prepare to land!

[?]: The fifth battalion has arrived!

[?]: Gather at the gates of the Pass as ordered!

[?]: Hurry!

chapter 282 Peace In Blood
(wordplay; “taiping” = “supreme peace“)

[?]: Jingzhou‘s fifth battalion has come ashore under Liu Hu’s command; awaiting your order!
[?]: The sixth battalion under Han Xi is ready to board!

[Huang Zu]: Has Sun Ce‘s main force moved?
{Jiangxia’s Grand Administrator, Huang Zu}

[?]: No, but their secondary army hasn’t let up on the left corner!

[HZ]: What are they doing?

In December of year 199, Sun Ce led a siege on Shaxian along the river – against Liu Biao‘s General Huang Zu.

[HZ]: Such disorder…
[?]: Their casualty is high as they continue a failed siege.

[?]: Strange. One should retreat in a situation like this…

[HZ]: Yes, and watch the way they fight – it’s as if they received no training.

[?]: They say Sun Ce is good at military deployment. Looks like that was an overstatement.
[?]: I can’t imagine how we could’ve lost those major camps to them.

[?]: Look! Another group is coming to die.

[?]: Sir, we caught an enemy spy,

[?]: and seized Sun Ce’s secret command!

[HZ]: Let’s see it…

[?]: What is he doing?

[?]: Yessir!

[HZ]: Whoa!


[?]: Look out, Sir!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Huff!

[?]: Watch out for the assassin!

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[?]: UGH!

[?]: Doesn’t hurt!

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Doesn’t hurt at all!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Hahahaha~

[?]: Heaven is dead!

[?]: Way of Taiping

[?]: forever victorious!

[?]: I see!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Kill him!
(“stab him to death”)

{sfx: cha~}

[HZ]: Huang Zhong!

[?]: No wonder there were swaying opinions inside the Pass recently. They must’ve already been colluding with the enemy.

[Huang Zhong]: It seems that the Taiping cultists have already infiltrated our ranks, Sir. It would be troublesome if we don’t act soon.

[Huang Zu]: But Sun Ce hasn’t shown himself yet.

[Huang Zhong]: Don’t worry.

[Huang Zhong]: He will soon.

[?]: Huang Zu is still alive…

{a Yellow Turban Circuit Commander, Peng Yuan}
[Peng Yuan]: Old Wei’s assassination attempt failed!

[?]: Old man Peng, we may have won a few earlier battles according to Sun Ce’s strategies,

[?]: but this time our casualty is severe.
[?]: Our first battalion has already lost its ability to fight.

[PY]: Are you saying there is a problem with this current strategy?

[?]: Circuit Commander, the second battalion is moving forth!

[?]: What!?

[?]: The second battalion is making a direct frontal assault…
[?]: But they’re not a vanguard force at all!

[?]: And Sun Ce’s main army…

[PY]: stands still!
(“no movement”)

[PY]: You’re right. There’s definitely a problem!

[Taishi Ci]: Bo Fu, in a blink of an eye their army is over halfway gone.
{Bo Fu is Sun Ce’s courtesy name}

[Sun Ce]: Halfway to success.

[?]: The first battalion is almost annihilated at the left corner.

[SC]: The second battalion is attacking the enemy’s main force. Two thousand enemies for five thousand Taiping soldiers. A good deal.

[SC]: Last time I led the troops myself and gave the Taiping army a sweet taste of victory.
[SC]: This time they don’t suspect any foul play and will wipe out both themselves and the enemy.
(not sure about second part)

[?]: This will wear down their advantage. Soon the Way of Taiping will no longer be a threat to us.

[TSC]: Bo Fu, while the chaos of battle is going on, why not let the Sun army have a sweet taste of victory too?

[SC]: We’ll show up then.
[TSC]: Troop stance: direct attack!
(“…orthodox/straightforward confrontation”, in relation to Master Sun‘s terminology)

[?]: Sun… Sun Ce’s main force is besieging the Pass!
[?]: Fifth battalion, get ready!

[?]: His true self is finally here!

[?]: I killed you once before;

[Gan Ning]: this time is no different.

The strong man turns to enter the city.

As he lifts his blade, he remembers a Loyalist.


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