Ravaging Times

Volume 36

Back Cover Couplet
You see a tiger pounces on the earth; you hear the cranes sing in the sky

Previously on Ravages
The Zhongjia Emperor dies in Jiangting; Little Conqueror wages war on Jiangxia

Ravages Afterword
I remember when I first delved into Three Kingdoms in middle school,
I played KOEI’s Three Kingdoms game (when the screen was still just black and white)
and read hundreds of books on this subject. But I never thought that I would one day join the ranks.
After the death of Lü Bu there are still two major campaigns I want to write. The first one is the “Battle of Guandu.”
This two year campaign gave rise to the anti-hero Cao Cao, and it also tests my script-writing ability.
Today I will be drawing it instead of playing (the game).
It’s still in black and white. There are also over a hundred in print if you count the different language versions.
The excitement I feel about being a part of this (franchise) is no less than back when I first got a taste of the legend.

Next on Ravages
The Fourth Genius returns;
defeats Zhang Fei;
pursues Liu Bei.
Xuzhou falls and Guan Yu surrenders!
Volume 37
Brothers Separated


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