Ravaging Times

chapter 286

One man wants to avenge his father. One wants to catch a turtle in a jar. And another wants to reap the benefits effortlessly.
(allusion to this imgery)

Three men, three strategies, and a showdown at Shaxian.

[?]: That’s Han Xi’s flag!
[?]: About sixty or so ships! At least five thousand men!

[?]: Sir! Liu Biao‘s sixth battalion is almost here!

chapter 286 The Arrogant Conqueror

[Peng Yuan]: So Sun Ce was ambushed inside the pass.
{Yellow Turban Circuit Commander, Peng Yuan}
[?]: And now with the arrival of their sixth battalion, we’re surely outmatched.

[?]: Circuit Commander, not many are left in our Taiping army. Do we continue the siege?

[?]: He’s good – grinding down over half of our strength in just one move…

[?]: Right now Huang Zu‘s army is in full force. Sun Ce is dead meat inside the pass.

[?]: Kids will be kids – always so impatient.

[Xu Gong]: The Way of Taiping has already won people’s support and is well established in the Eastern region.

[XG]: Once Sun Ce dies the people’s loyalty will shift toward us – a free gift.
(“…we can benefit effortlessly”)
{Prefect of the Wu Territory, Xu Gong}

[XG]: Order a full retreat, then send an ambassador to Jingzhou to negotiate a truce with Liu Biao.

[XG]: That boy Sun Ce was keen on finishing us,

[XG]: but he finished himself instead.
(wordplay on “yellow”, in this case “yellow turban” vs. “yellow spring”, which is akin to “River Styx“)

The Taiping army retreated by the afternoon. A hidden troop that was waiting inside the pass also vanished instantly.

[?]: They’re retreating!

[?]: Sun Ce’s secondary troops are retreating!
[?]: Little Conqueror is a goner!

[?]: You’re a goner!

(or “rragh” if you prefer)

{sfx: zing~}

[Huang Zu]: Way to go, Gan Ning!
(was tempted to say, “You go, Gan Ning” or “You the man”. Hahaha)

[HZu]: Let me be the man to take down both father and son of the Sun clan!

{sfx: pa}

[Gan Ning]: Why are you only fighting defensively?
(“What are you doing, always defending and not attacking?”)

[Sun Ce]: I’m waiting for an opportunity

[SC]: to kill two birds with one stone.

[GN]: Why don’t you look out for yourself first!

[SC]: My life has long since been unimportant!

{sfx: pong~}

{horse neigh}

{sfx: pa~}

[GN]: So the rumor is true. Your combat prowess rivals that of Lü Bu.

[SC]: Oh yeah?
(“What about Lü Bu?”)

[SC]: Was he ever this crazy?

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: This is how we Sun clan do things.

{sfx: pong~}

[Taishi Ci]: Again!

[Huang Zhong]: Fine.

{sfx: pong~}

Huang Zhong!

{sfx: zing~}

{sfx: zing~}

[HZhong]: Not bad.

[TSC]: Not bad yourself, gramps.
(I think the tone here is more respect than insult)

[HZhong]: You’re lucky. If it had been twenty years ago you would be pulp by now…

[GN]: Sun Ce, your Taiping reinforcements have already retreated to save themselves.

[GN]: They will swallow everything in the Eastern region once you’re dead. Then the Sun clan will have nothing left.

[SC]: I knew from day one,

[SC]: that great accomplishments require great sacrifices.
(“…if you want to accomplish great things you cannot be afraid of death…”)

[SC]: That was the path chosen by Ling Cao!

[TSC]: That’s right. Everything we do is for the young master!

[TSC]: Sun Quan is way more capable than us!

Ling Cao’s path?

[?]: Sir! The sixth battalion is inside the pass, but… but…

[HZu]: Han Xi, you should dock at the west side, not the main port!

[HZu]: Oh!

[?]: Incoming!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: sha~}

{sfx: don~ don~ don~}

[?]: The sixth battalion is heading for the shore!

That… that’s not Han Xi’s sixth battalion!

Then… then that means…

[?]: The Taiping army went back on their word. Their betrayal will enrage the people and give Cheng Pu the excuse to exterminate the rebels.

[?]: First Shaxian, then Yellow Turbans; two birds with one stone.

[Zhou Yu]: Bo Fu, you’re way too insane.
(Bo Fu is Sun Ce’s courtesy name)

Since then, Zhou Yu has become uneasy of how Sun Ce does things.

And this feeling intensifies as the latter becomes even stronger.


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