Ravaging Times

chapter 287

{the Xu capital}

[?]: How is he?

[?]: His condition has finally stabilized.
(“he has finally escaped danger”)

chapter 287 The Top Clan of the Eastern Region

{Cao Ren}
[Cao Ren]: We’re fortunate that you were still in Xuzhou at the time, Doctor.
{Hua Tuo}
[Hua Tuo]: Don’t worry. You can expect a full recovery in a few days.

[?]: What else… did Yuan Fang do?

[CR]: After targeting you, Yuan Fang also sent assassins our way.

[CR]: Army Controller Liu Da, Advisor Li Fang, Han Jian, Cui Quan, Kong Yang and so forth…
[CR]: Our eight main decision makers were killed in two days…

[Xun Yu]: The carriage and its steadying poles depend on one another. We are lacking leaders now…
(the quote is longer, “…the teeth will be cold if the lips are gone”)

[XY]: Add these three to the rank of Advisors: Man Chong, the Grand Administrator of Runan, Mao Jie of Chenliu, and Yuan Huan, a former subordinate of Lü Bu.

[CR]: Our Lord will definitely put faith in your recommendations.

[CR]: However, these three could never replace our key figures…
(“…no matter how skilled they are…”)

[CR]: There are many students in the school of Water Mirror. Do you remember one named Zhang An?

[XY]: Yes. He was sent by Yuan Shao to study under Guo Jia.

[CR]: On the day of your fall he went to Aocang.

[XY]: He’s too weak to be an assassin.
(“He’s weak, he couldn’t be an assassin.”)

[CR]: A few days later he died of illness in the guest tent.

[XY]: Ill…illness, so… so who did he see before then?

[HT]: He spread that wretched plague to Guo Jia.

[HT]: And just like you, Guo Jia had to withdraw from the frontline.

Guo Jia…

[XY]: That means, since Zhang Xiu has only recently surrendered, Jia Xu

[CR]: That’s right. Yuan Fang caused a wedge between them.
(the strategy of pitting allies against each other)

[CR]: A month ago the Yuan clan suddenly got friendly with Zhang Xiu. Wary of a change in loyalty, our Lord sent Jia Xu to handle the situation.

[CR]: But we heard that there was a sudden increase of rebels where Zhang Xiu is, and since a majority of our forces have been dispatched to the north, we don’t have enough to send southward.
[CR]: Jia Xu’s letter says he will need at least a few months to settle the matter.

[XY]: Ingenious…

[XY]: Just like that he has removed two of our key figures…

[XY]: First shixiong knew our numbers are not even one-tenth of that of Yuan clan’s army. Our only strategy is through surprises. Too bad… he’s got us by the nose now.
(“…we are completely in his calculations”)
[XY]: There are two men who’re good at deploying troops. Entrust the main army to Yu Jin; order him to manage mobilizations to the best of his abilities.

[XY]: And I recommend Zhang Liao, whose brain and brawn will benefit us the most when the right time comes.

[CR]: Don’t worry, Advisor. I have assigned bodyguards to all of our key figures. They’re all safe.

[XY]: Wait!
[XY]: There’s one more! One more!

[XY]: First shixiong is very meticulous.

[XY]: If I were him, surely I would…

That guy…

that guy is still in Xuzhou!

{sfx: ta~}

[J]: Hurry, Young Master!

[J]: Hurry!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: No road ahead. We’ve got him cornered!

{sfx: pa}

[Sima Yi]: Whoa.

{sfx: pa~}

[J]: Young Master!

It’s over!

[J]: I’ll hold them off. Run!

{sfx: don~}

[?]: Good.

[J]: Young Master!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

Behind me!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~}

[SMY]: Old Jia!

[SMY]: Duck!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}


[?]: They’re Yuan clan’s assassins.

[?]: Just like you predicted, Organizer Lu.
(總綱 means outline, but I don’t know how to translate that into the actual title/rank)

The Lu clan of the Eastern Region…

After delivering Sun Quan‘s greeting, Lu Xun left without another word.

Zhong Da watches him go, and is reminded of himself back when he first entered the scene.


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