Ravaging Times

chapter 290

[?]: Jiang Qin‘s troop has landed!

[?]: Dong Xi’s troop has entered the city!

[?]: Deng Dang’s troop is approaching the shore!

chapter 290 Two Idea-Men
(“big and small bags of tricks”; previous translation “two wise men”)

[?]: Sir, Sun Ce‘s army is growing.
[?]: We won’t stand a chance here!

[?]: Our forth battalion has been wiped out, General Huang.

[?]: The enemy has entered the city!

[?]: The one to enter the city is Taishi Ci again!

[Taishi Ci]: I see you back there!
(“back there, I see you”)

[?]: General, Zhou Yu‘s troop is preparing to land!

The Eight Geniuses…

Sun Ce,

you have avenged your father…

Jiangxia has fallen into your hands!

[?]: The blockade has been cleared. Our troops will move in!
(“over-water encampment is open, army heading straight in”)

[?]: The Eighth battalion will head for the inner city!
[?]: The Ninth battalion, south gate!

[Zhou Yu]: Hmph!
(“hoo”, exhale, but in context this could mean anything)

[Sun Ce]: I know what you want to say.

[ZY]: Let me say it again: you’re too impatient!
(or “too extreme”?)

[SC]: There are three more supporting cities outside. Take a troop there.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Second battalion, follow me!

[SC]: Gong Jin, could we have accomplished this so soon without me taking some risks?
(Gong Jin is Zhou Yu’s courtesy name)

[SC]: I dare to do this because I took my ancestor’s words to heart,

[SC]: Place your army in deadly peril and it will survive; plunge it into desperate straits and it will come off in safety.

[ZY]: I have no retort for Master Sun‘s sagely words.

[?]: My Lord, a battle between Taishi Ci and Huang Zu has begun.

[SC]: The world is in chaos, little bro; use the opportunity well.

[SC]: If we don’t act while Yuan and Cao are fighting each other, we’ll be left in the dust later.
(“…only to sigh at the door”)
[SC]: The Taiping cultists are numerous, but it’ll be a waste not to use them. And didn’t we just get an excuse to eliminate them?

[SC]: Life is short. Isn’t it easier to deal with problems,
(“…bring together troublesome things”)

[SC]: when they’re all lumped together?
(“isn’t it easier”)

[SC]: Besides, no matter how reckless I act,

[SC]: you and your team of wise men still have my back.

[SC]: Main army, with me!

[Huang Gai]: Haha, I smell trouble.
(“now is troublesome”)

[ZY]: Huang Gai, any word from “Wise Man Lu”?
[HG]: Yes, some should be sent out tomorrow.

[ZY]: Okay then. If it’s fast he wants, we’ll see who’s faster!

Before me is a Lü Bu with Master Sun’s wisdom…

Could I… catch up?

[?]: General, only a few hundred managed to escape.
[?]: We can’t save those at the southern quarter!

[HZ]: Stay calm, we still have one last trick.

[HZ]: Sun Ce is deep in the Jiangxia territory. His base will be weak.
[HZ]: We’ll pull back to Jingzhou and proceed as planned!

Once that secret letter arrives…

I’ll give you a crushing defeat, Sun Ce!

In the winter of year 199, Sun Ce overwhelmed Liu Biao‘s army at Jiangxia.

The naval force took down many of Jiangxia’s key encampments that day.

The land force was met with little resistance; the defending troops surrendered quickly.
{flag reads: Sun}

Huang Zu escaped, but his family members were all caught.
(“…wife/wives and children…”)

The six thousand warships captured by Sun Ce make up nearly the entire naval force of Jingzhou.

He was the most powerful young warlord that year.

Perhaps Han is too old, and that a younger generation has arrived.

{Taiping cult’s army camp along the river}

[?]: Go!

[?]: Quiet. Don’t wake the troop downwind.

[?]: No alertness at all. A motley crowd indeed.

[?]: Sir, we found the commander’s seal and all of Taiping cult’s secret instructions.

[?]: It sure is easier with a guide.

[?]: Having been in their midst for so long you men must know the Taiping cult very well. We’ll be relying on you from now on.

[?]: The key figures have been removed. Go tell Yu Ji that Sun Ce’s sudden capture of Jiangxia has prompted them to go to Jingzhou to plot a coup.

[?]: Don’t worry, sir. With us leading Xu Gong‘s army, General Sun can attack Jingzhou at ease.
[?]: In addition, our Taiping cult insiders will cooperate with Cheng Pu to destroy the cult when the time calls.

[Xu Gong]: You… you’re… plotting from the inside and ou…
[XG]: Oof… oof…

[?]: Xu Gong, this must be the secret negotiation letter to Huang Zu, right?

[?]: All those righteous Taiping warriors sacrificed themselves at Shaxian, but you’re betraying them by colluding with the enemy.

[?]: This is the hard evidence to overthrow Yu Ji.

[?]: Once again, Organizer Lu, just like you predicted.

[Lu Xun]: Hand him to Advisor Zhou.

[LX]: From now on, I’ll handle the correspondence with Huang Zu in his stead.

After surveying the area around Shouchun, Lu Xun plotted a flawless route for Sun Ce’s army to pass through.


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