Ravaging Times

chapter 292

[?]: It’s amazing how he took Shaxian in one stroke.
[?]: And now Jiangxia is his as well.

[?]: Six thousand warships from Jingzhou have all been seized.

[?]: Killing twenty thousand in battle, and countless more drowned.

chapter 292 Evil Scheme Down the Stream
(“evil strategy river flow”)

[?]: All dumped in the river…

[old Jia]: A few years ago he only had two thousand men. Now he has become a conqueror of this part of the world.

[?]: Young Master is here!

[J]: Why’re you guys so late?

[?]: Please forgive my negligence, Young Master!
(“(Apologies, Young Master,) my negligence has caused your suffering!”)

[Sima Yi]: Old Jia, you can’t blame them when the one who miscalculated was me.

[?]: So who saved you, Young Master?

[SMY]: You wouldn’t believe it even if I told you. The Lu clan of the Eastern Region has joined Sun Ce.

[?]: Impossible. Sun Ce’s earlier assault on Lujiang killed Lu Kang. Why would they join him now?
(“…took Lu Kang’s head…”)
[SMY]: Sun Ce had to attack Lu Kang because he was under Yuan Shu‘s control at the time.

[SMY]: The main culprit was Yuan Shu, and the killer was Ling Cao.

[SMY]: Now that both are dead, their past hatred has died with them. The two clans came together for mutual benefit, that much is clear.

[SMY]: Besides, Prior to Sun Ce’s domination over the Eastern region the Taiping cult was on top. The Lu clan also helped the cult then because they had an ambition to rule the area.

[J]: So you’re saying, the Lu clan will abandon Yu Ji in favor of Sun Ce as the latter grows more powerful?

[SMY]: The head organizer of the Lu clan is a smart man. He knew that joining the cult was but an expedient tactic.

[J]: Then if Sun Ce wants to eliminate the Taiping cult, he could use the Lu clan as the insider…

[SMY]: He accepts all talents and uses them based on their skill. This Sun Ce certainly acts like a hegemon.

[SMY]: Sun Ce is fierce like a tiger, while Zhou_Yu is the wisest in the world. With their skills complementing each other so brilliantly, those with their eyes on the prize would surely flock there in droves.

[SMY]: When the world thinks the Little Conqueror is bullying his way to Jingzhou,

[SMY]: Advisor Zhou will successfully set the stage for another ingenious scheme.

[?]: That reminds me. Could our delayed arrival has anything to do with it?

[SMY]: I have been observing the shoreline these past days with old Jia. From what I’ve seen, the flow of the Long River has changed.

[SMY]: Thirty thousand corpses flowing east in this flood is actually Zhou Yu’s doing.

[SMY]: Liu Biao has suffered a major loss, hence he will remain on the defensive. This is a great opportunity for Sun Ce.

[SMY]: The Fifth Genius Zhou Yu is good at telling weather. He knows the flow of wind and water, making him unstoppable on the Long River.

[SMY]: Tens of thousands of corpses will stack up downstream.

[SMY]: This will put the people of the southern cities on edge.

[SMY]: Raise a commotion in the east but attack the west instead – one plot leading to the next.
(#6 strategy)

[SMY]: It’s really an eye opener (to watch) the Sun clan’s team of strategists (in action)!


[?]: Wh… all this… overnight…

[?]: And still more corpses!

[?]: Floods in the past have never been like this. Now they have even pushed into the city…

[Liu Xun]: With tens of thousands of corpses accumulating here, there will be a plague if the retreating tides do not carry them away.
{Commandery Administrator of Lujiang Province, Liu Xun}

[LX]: Go clear the downstream waterway. See if that will get rid of these…

[?]: My Lord, we found that much of the river to our south have been blocked by rocks from the mountain. It will take time to remove them.
[?]: I think we might succumb to the plague before the waterway is cleared.

[LX]: The campaign between Sun and Liu surely has brought much suffering to many.

[LX]: Ever since the formation of the Zhongjia empire, we’ve hold our own here and enjoyed two years of peace…

[LX]: But this has come to an end, it seems. We’ll suffer because of it even if it survives.
(suffer because of the peace?)

[?]: A plague is unpredictable. Let’s abandon this place.

[?]: My lord, since the death of the Zhongjia Emperor, we’ve already took in tens of thousands of his wandering soldiers.
[?]: Pengze is our base of transport with outside territories. If we pull out of here, the flow of rations will be affected.

[?]: Besides, more and more soldiers of Zhongjia will be arriving. Lujiang is already overcrowded.

[LX]: If we don’t take them in they’ll have to join either the Sun or Cao camp. That’s even more dangerous for our future.

[Liu Xun]: Liu Xie.
(sounds the same as the Emperor’s name, but not the same hanzi)
[Liu Xie]: Here.

[Liu Xun]: Shangliao’s rebel leaders have a large supply of rations. Go demand a tribute from them.

[Liu Xie]: Shangliao may be full of resources, my Lord, but a tribute might be difficult to collect if the amount is set too high.

[Liu Xun]: We have more military force. If they don’t pay, attack them and annex Shangliao!

[Liu Xun]: Don’t worry. Sun Ce has just conquered Jiangxia, and Liu Biao hasn’t recovered his losses.
[Liu Xun]: We can move at ease while the two of them are busy with the aftermath.

[Liu Xun]: The world is in chaos. We’ll be asking for trouble if we don’t make preparations during this time of power struggle (between the warlords).

[Liu Xun]: Make haste. Peacetime is nearly over.

[?]: See that? Liu Xun’s runnin’.

[?]: We put some fucking rocks downstream and that mother-fucker gets all flooded.

[?]: Once they return to Lujiang, we’ll leave a pile of shit at Haihun.

[?]: Boss, do you mean… station at Haihun?

[?]: The lot of ’em gotta shit, right? Oh hell, say station then.

[?]: Ask our Lord for five thousand more men so they can shit up the place.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: This dumbass Liu Xun can’t see through my gut at all.
(“cannot see through my belly”, a slang for reading the person’s true intentions)

[?]: Start the fight already – my hands are itching so bad the pus is ’bout to break out!

[?]: Sir, here comes a representative from Shangliao.

[?]: Shangliao’s leaders have met among themselves, boss. They will not pay rations tribute to Liu Xun.

[?]: Good. Tell’em to flee with their mothers if Liu Xun flares up!

[?]: Once Liu Xun closes in on Shangliao, my troop will drill him a new asshole.
(“…make a new hold on his ass.”)
[?]: Boss… do you mean an ambush from behind?

[?]: Sir, Advisor Zhou sent you a secret letter!

[?]: Read the damn letter already – just the important bits.
(“if you gotta fart let it out quickly…”)

[?]: But… but the Advisor insisted that you read it personally!

[?]: Just read it.

[?]: You think Lü Meng can read brother Zhou’s writing?
(in this case I cannot use “I” to replace the name because the name is so important to the readers)

Sun Quan always jokes that despite this man’s strange ways, he will always make others sit up and take notice.


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