Ravaging Times

chapter 293

[?]: Nothing’s changed after all these years.

[?]: Liu Bei still can’t leave Xuzhou.

chapter 293 Demon Comes Assailing

[Zhang Lei]: After failing to defeat Cao Cao, he is now a pawn in Yuan clan’s anti-Cao campaign.
(“…Yuan clan’s minion…”)

{Zhang Lei}
[ZL]: Liu Bei’s immense reputation certainly won him a lot of support.
(this “him” is referring to Yuan Shao/Fang)

[ZL]: I’m in awe of the way the First of the Eight Geniuses schemes.

[ZL]: Yuan Shao rules over several provinces and his military is strong. I think he has just about conquered the world.

[ZL]: It seems that what you and Young Master have speculated…
(“Young Master and your calculation seems…”)

[Liaoyuan Huo]: No!

[LYH]: Young Master will make sure Cao Cao wins.

[LYH]: And I’ll make sure that one day Liu Bei becomes Young Master’s stepping stone to take control.

[ZL]: Huo, why Liu Bei?

[ZL]: Why does he deserve your wholehearted service?

[LYH]: He is the polar opposite of Young Master.

[LYH]: Have you ever experienced that joy (of clarity) when you no longer feel lost (inside)?

[LYH]: A righteous man never feels ashamed to face his shadow when standing alone, or his soul when sleeping alone.
(quoting from “Yan-zi’s Spring And Autumn Annals” or “Yan Zi Chun Qiu”, with minor simplification)

[?]: Insignificant as I may be, I fear nothing in service for the Greater Good.
(“Under the great righteousness, even if insignificant, heart still unafraid”)

[ZL]: Is that your life’s aspiration?

[LYH]: Like a new lease on life.

[ZL]: Having been through thick and thin over many years, Huo, we’re like real brothers.
(due to the fact that “brother” is used so commonly in this story, I needed some emphasis)

[ZL]: I know very well who you are and how you think.

[ZL]: Perhaps you didn’t want to do the things we’ve been doing all these years;

[ZL]: perhaps getting clansmen out of trouble is a waste of your capabilities.
(“…remove trouble solve problems…”)
[ZL]: Shallow waters cannot trap a dragon. I’m happy for you that you can make this decision (today).

[ZL]: I’m also waiting for the day when you bring us pride.
(not sure; strict dictionary definition is “relief”, but sounds anti-climatic/anti-dramatic?)

[ZL]: Perhaps this Liu Bei… is a man of virtue who can let you live upright.

[ZL]: But as a member of the Sima clan, I have a word of caution.

[LYH]: What do you want to say, Lei?

[ZL]: Whose side will you choose when that day comes?
(“where will you stand…”)

[ZL]: The Greater Good? Or your master? You must be clear.

[ZL]: Kneel.

[ZL]: You two as well!

[ZL]: Swear before this grave!

[ZL]: Watch over them, Xiao Meng.

[ZL]: Please watch over them!
(“watch them well”)

[ZL]: Please…

[?]: Leader!

[?]: A troop has appeared behind us!

{galloping sfx}

[?]: Two riders are heading this way!

[ZL]: This could be trouble. Go, now.
(“This is unusual; in case something goes wrong, you go first”)

{sfx: pa}

[LYH]: Wang Shuang,

[LYH]: Guo Huai,

[LYH]: remember to listen to Uncle Lei.

[ZL]: Take care.
(“watch yourself”)

When that day comes,

Whose side will I choose?

The Greater Good?

Or my master?

[LYH]: Huh.

(“county of Pei”)

[?]: How many? And from where?

[?]: At least twenty thousand from behind the hills!

[?]: By the looks of their flags they really are Cao Cao’s troops!
{Jian Yong}

[?]: Sir! The enemy troop has begun to set up formation!

[Liu Bei]: We have just entered Xuzhou, yet they arrived so soon…
(“…came so fast…”)

[?]: Break through the siege and send someone to request aid from Qingzhou’s Yuan army.
[?]: Yessir! I’ll go immediately!

[LB]: Their number is growing. Notify Guan Yu that Xiapi may be under attack.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Sir, Cao Cao’s elites that we sent away to the Xu capital –
(“…thousands of…”)
[?]: have… have turned back and stationed behind the hills!
{Cao Cao has previously assigned ten thousand elites to Liu Bei to fight against Yuan Shu}

[LB]: Then it’s a good thing they were sent away. We would be in deeper trouble if they were to start a mutiny inside the city.

[Jian Yong]: My Lord, a troop has departed from the north gate!

Yi De…
(Yi De is Zhang Fei’s courtesy name)

[Zhang Fei]: Block them at the eastern corner!

They are fast! Really fast!

They bypassed all of my defense points overnight.

We know everything about Cao Cao’s troops in the area.
They were all tied up by the Yuan army. How could any be dispatched here?

Unless… they are not from this area!?

[?]: Sir! Donghai’s rebel armies have been trapped and they’re pulling out!
(not sure)

{flag reads: Cao}

[?]: Sir, that’s Zhang Fei over there!
(“…across from us…”)

[Cao Chun]: Understood.
{Cao Chun}

[?]: Prepare for battle!

[CC]: How should we fight this battle, Advisor?

[?]: You have two days before the Yuan army arrives.

[CC]: Don’t worry. One day is enough for my Tiger and Leopard Cavalry.

[?]: Yue Jin has arrived too.
[Yue Jin]: Here.

[?]: Yue Jin, there are a few thousand elites behind the hills. Join their ambush operation once the Yuan army arrives.
[YJ]: Yessir.

[Guo Jia]: Aocang has been entrusted to Yu Jin, so I can open a new front at Xuzhou.

[YJ]: But your health…
(“…your body…”, usually meaning “your health”)

[GJ]: Hahaha, how you guys underestimate me.

Feeling that rush of excitement for a long-awaited moment,

Guo Jia has already forgotten about his health.


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