Ravaging Times

volume 37

Back Cover Couplet
A Loyalty as clear as day; a transcendence from ordinary to the Warrior Saint

Previously on Ravages
Sun Bo Fu defeats Huang Zu; Cao Meng De executes Dong Cheng

Ravages Afterword
Now that we’re about to enter 2010, it’s time to do a little summary.
It appears that I almost did nothing else besides work.
My head is filled to the rim with storylines, and I continue to work after I come home.
By midnight I fiddle around with the TV remote like I have Alzheimer’s.
It has been a long while since I last went to see a movie, or even had a drink.
I don’t even have the normal break time like regular 40-hour-week-workers. I also forgot about common sense (with regard to daily routines).
I have regretted becoming a comic artist ever since the first year I started. And I will continue to regret it, haha!

Mr. Robinson, time to hand in your pages ~ ~

Next on Ravages
One scheme for one battle
One life for one world

Volume 38
An Insane Battle

Included in this volume is a map of the relevant locations in year 200.

I might just point out where approximately the settings are as the chapters mention them.


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