Ravaging Times

chapter 294

[?]: Many scholars have recently appeared in the Southeast. They gave talks all around the area, attracting many listeners.

[?]: Sun Ce went through all that trouble, but for what?

[?]: Yes… The scholars mostly lecture about how much suffering the Yellow Turbans have caused back then.
(“…created the chaos that led to much suffering back then”)

[?]: Most people have lived through that disastrous period, so the words ring true to them.
(“…none would not sigh with emotion at what the Yellow Turbans did back then”)

[?]: So our followers have been divided as a result?
(“many of our believers have been split, right?”)

chapter 294 Words To Blind

[?]: Yes.

[Yu Ji]: Thank you.
(“you worked hard”)

[YJ]: Look at my hand. Forget that you came here once you return.

[YJ]: And also forget what you have told me.
(“…revealed to me”)
{Yu Ji}

[?]: Yes… Yes.

[YJ]: Okay, you are dismissed.

[?]: Cheng Pu‘s army is growing outside the city, Great Saint. It looks like they’re about to take action.

[?]: Those scholars are targeting our weakness to disperse our followers. We cannot wait for them to destroy us.

[YJ]: Our main force is in the Wu province, and Xu Gong is meeting with Liu Biao. This is not the time to rush.

[YJ]: Not to mention that the battle of Shaxian has weakened us.
(“…the battle of Shaxian has killed many of our commanders and soldiers, our influence is no longer as powerful as before”)

[YJ]: With Cheng Pu’s army waiting outside, any wrong move on our part will help Sun Ce.
(“…be what he wanted”)

[YJ]: There are many talented people around that boy. I sure have underestimated him that day.

[YJ]: They call him the “Little Conqueror”. How fitting.
(“…lives up to that name”)

[?]: Gossip is a fearful thing, Great Saint. Sooner or later we will be abandoned by the masses. What should we do next?

[YJ]: Sun Ce is only teaching a fish how to swim.
(“showing off his skills with an axe in front of a master carpenter”)

[YJ]: He’s using scholars to disperse my followers, but he doesn’t realize that he’s up against the master of deception.
(reworded with suggestion from commenter “ppp”)

[YJ]: Don’t you know, Little Conqueror, that you’re dealing with an Immortal?

{ten li outside of Pengze}

{Sun Ce’s main encampment}

[Taishi Ci]: Our Lord has been hunting more frequently these days…
[?]: Indeed. Waiting for that right timing must’ve made him restless.
(“the timing isn’t here/right, for fear of boredom, certainly more often than before”)

{Taishi Ci}
[TSC]: It’s common knowledge that our Lord likes to hunt. We should take caution against enemies who would “cater to his pleasure.”

[TSC]: Send more guards to protect him on the next hunt.
[?]: Yessir.

[Sun Ce]: Hoo.

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

{Ling Tong}
[Ling Tong]: Young Master, why not leave this task to the servants…
(“…why would you…”)

[SC]: Let someone else handle my kill? Where’s the fun in that?
(“the prey you killed should be dismembered by yourself, that’s the fun part”)
[SC]: Just like you should manage a world that you conquered.

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

[LT]: Don’t you think that’s cruel, Young Master?

[SC]: Gong Ji, we have to eat, you know.
{Ling Tong, whose courtesy name is Gong Ji}

[LT]: No, I mean all those people you killed. Aren’t you ashamed?

[SC]: That’s Yu Ji’s opinion, right?

[SC]: Wars as we know them are conducted using human lives.
(“…proceed by stepping on top of human lives…”)
[SC]: What’s not proper about this timeless rule?
(“this is a law that has not changed for thousands of years…”)

[LT]: But Yu Ji thinks life isn’t like that.

[SC]: So what’s the great theory by “the Immortal”?

[LT]: All life are of equal value, Young Master, so what about those people who died for your conquest?

[LT]: Emperors were once commoners, and anyone can become an emperor. Why should people die for such a man?

[SC]: I sent you to spy on Yu Ji, but you became “influenced” by him instead.

[SC]: That man is all empty rhetoric and doesn’t understand the inherent flaw in human nature.
(not sure about the “flaw” part)

[SC]: People of the Central Plain have inherited a slavish trait. Even if everyone is born equal, someone will stand out and make the slaves fight among themselves.
(“Zhongyuan” ~ “the Middle Plain” ~ “the Middle Kingdom”)

[SC]: There is no shortage of principles or reasoning. Why do you think Yu Ji can save the world when even Confucianism failed?

[SC]: Gong Ji, the so-called Perpetuation is the law of life. Do what you can, and do your best.
(“…heaven and earth unchanging law…”)
[SC]: If not, someone else will. The result is the same.

[SC]: Rats are eaten by foxes, who in turn are eaten by tigers. Humans are at the top, so Heaven arranged for them to kill each other.

[SC]: If that’s Heaven’s law, then we can only continue our way to the top to avoid getting killed.

[SC]: Life is complicated. It’s easier if you treat it like a hunt.



{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[LT]: I see.

[LT]: I see.

[LT]: I get it.

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pa~}

[TSC]: What’re you doing, Ling Tong?

[LT]: UGH.
(struggling grunt)

[LT]: Hunt!
(part of a word that means “hunt”)

[LT]: Hunt!
(part of a word that means “hunt”)

[?]: You work hard, General Cheng.

[Cheng Pu]: Nono, Great Saint. We’ve made a few enemies recently, so my young master is worried that innocent people might be affected, especially important guests such as yourself…
{Cheng Pu}

[YJ]: I’m sorry that Lord Sun has to protect me thus in this turbulent time.

[YJ]: I’m ashamed that you have to visit me every day, General Cheng.
(“…run about day and night…”)

[YJ]: Oh, are your eyes feeling better?
(“is the sickness in your eyes getting better”)

[CP]: Thanks to your mastery of medicinal arts, I have benefited greatly.
(“your medical skill is superior…”)

[YJ]: I teach my followers what little I know of medicine, so that we may cure all illnesses in the world.
(“I know some medicine, I gather a crowd to teach them, only so that we can treat people of this world”)

[CP]: Another examination?
[YJ]: I want to see if brother Cheng has fully recovered.

[YJ]: Today there is a new writing on my palm. It’s small.
(“…I wrote two more small zi…”)

[YJ]: Look carefully, General Cheng. What did I write?

[YJ]: Look.

[CP]: It’s too close, Great Saint…

[YJ]: You think far ahead, General Cheng, so of course you cannot see things up close.
(“…cannot see clear the things nearby”)
[YJ]: Over the years, how many days have you spent with your family and relatives?

[YJ]: You must be very tired over these years, right?
[CP]: Um… yes.

[CP]: Yes.

[YJ]: Many things have been overlooked because they were far away.
(this line is ambiguous as to which “things” are “far away”)

[YJ]: Have you ever wondered why?
[YJ]: Working alone (with time to yourself), you must have thought about it.
(“…must have thought about a close reason” close reason? or recent reason?)

[CP]: You understand me completely, Immortal Yu.

[YJ]: Can’t you see that Sun Ce’s cruelty brings misery to the people?

[CP]: I see… I see it…

[YJ]: Those resentful souls have formed writing on my palm.

[YJ]: Does it say, “hunt“?
(I can’t translate this directly; the gist is “hunting”)

[CP]: Yes, it does.
(“…it is hunt”)

[YJ]: It will be very easy for you because you’re so close.
[YJ]: When you hear this word while being alone with him…

You… will do one thing.


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