Ravaging Times

chapter 296

{Kingdom of Beihai}

[?]: Those in the backyard couldn’t escape, so they were all caught!
[?]: Another group fled toward the north gate. Go cut them off!

chapter 296 Xuzhou Lost

[Zhang He]: You won’t get away that easy!

{Zhang He}

[?]: Hang in there, my Lord!

[?]: Huff.

[?]: Open your mouth, drink this, down it all!
[?]: Bear with it, my Lord, don’t move!

[?]: Hang in there, my Lord!


{sfx: pa~}

[Yuan Shao]: Cough cough cough!

[?]: Spit it out. Good, good!

[YS]: Huff.

[?]: Let me examine you, my Lord!

[YS]: I’m fine. Go take care of the others…

[YS]: What a malicious poison to be able to delay its effect until now…
(“This poison is really amazing…”)

[?]: We’re losing Sir Li!
[?]: Sir Zhang is dying too!

[?]: Looks like the problem was with the ingredients. But how come they passed the test?
[?]: It’s really an eye opener how unpredictably skilled that poison maker is!
(“the one who put the poison…”, also reworded)

{Yuan Shao’s young(est) son, Yuan Mai}
[?]: Young Master! Young Master!

[?]: Hang in there! Please!

[?]: Haha, the delicacies I brought were all poisoned!

[?]: If the father survives, the son will have to suffer for him! Serves you right!

[?]: Hahaha, that’s Heaven’s wrath!

[?]: Traitor Yuan Shao, you shall never dominate the world! Even if you live through today, you’ll die by Heaven’s hand!

[YS]: That’s my line, Imperial Uncle Liu, for your whole family.

[Liu]: His Majesty is still here. For killing a traitor me and my family shall die for a glorious cause!

[Liu]: While you, a traitor to your clan’s reputation of Loyalists-
(“…generations of highest-ranking ministers…”)

[Liu]: how will you face your ancestors (in the underworld)!

[Liu]: Kill me if you want! I’m not afraid!

[Yuan Fang]: How’s the situation?
[ZH]: Quite a few were poisoned.

[YF]: Hm.

[YS]: I thought we had the upper hand. It’s my fault for dropping my guard.

[YF]: So many Imperial clansmen flocked to us, my Lord. I was remiss to ask you to play the host.

[YS]: It’s a headache to deal with these people in order to restore our image.

[YF]: Don’t worry, my Lord. They’re only paving the way for the main character to come and join us.

[YF]: Their usefulness will end once he arrives.

{sfx: zing~}

I gave you a plague…

(but) you always return the favor.

Guo Jia

I applaud your venomous royal banquet!

{Xuzhou . Peixian}
(Xu “province”, “county of Pei”)

[?]: The third line can’t hold it any longer!

[?]: The two side walls have been taken too!

[?]: We’re ready to retreat, My Lord!

[?]: Yuan Fang has sent word, my Lord, that he will welcome you personally at the Kingdom of Beihai!

[?]: Third Master has lured away the Tiger and Leopard Cavalry!

[?]: Please go now! Leave the rest to us!

[Liu Bei]: Third brother.

{sfx: pa~}

{horse neigh}

Big brother…

Is that you?

[LB]: Live.

Big brother…

[Zhang Fei]: Don’t worry.

Don’t worry, big brother.

Even if we lose everything,
(“even if the entire army gets annihilated”)

our goal will be fulfilled.
(or oath? as foreshadow?)

You must live too, big brother!

So must you, second brother!


[LB]: Zi Long.
(courtesy name of “Zhao Yun”)

[LB]: Thank you.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Don’t mention it.

[LYH]: I won’t let third master die.

[LB]: We’re about to leave Xuzhou, everyone.

[LB]: But don’t worry,

[LB]: I have never been so determined to fight!
(“Bei’s will to fight, has never been so vigorous/exuberant”)

Xuan De flees the city but content to fight another day.
(“Xuan De abandons the city and fled for his life; self-assured in his preparation for a re-match”; Xuan De is Liu Bei’s courtesy name)

Zi Long rides into battle without any opposition.
(“Zi Long rides out unrestrained; tens of thousands of soldiers can’t beat him”; Zi Long is Zhao Yun’s courtesy name)

(two halves of a poem written by Mr. Chen; doesn’t rhyme)


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