Ravaging Times

chapter 297


[?]: Wounded men, come this way!

[?]: It doesn’t hurt; not at all.

[?]: It doesn’t hurt. You won’t feel a thing.

chapter 297 An Unheard-of Technique
(“…kept hidden from the world”)

[Hua Tuo]: Your arm has been infected, General. It must go.

[HT]: You will live after its removal. Be thankful for that.
(“…you should be happy that you will live…”)

[?]: Yes…thankful.
(“…be happy”)

[HT]: He’s ready.
(“It’s okay now”)
[?]: Yessir.

{chop sfx: cha}

{sfx: pa}

[?]: It’s done, Master.

[HT]: How do you feel?
(“how is it”)

[?]: Ah, I feel so much better.
(“…my mood is much better”)

[Xiahou Dun]: Not even a grunt. Scary.
(“not even an utterance, makes one feel chilled”)

[HT]: General, I thought it was scarier back when you swallowed your eye in a killing spree.

[XHD]: Haha, killing is like a routine to me.

[XHD]: Something smells good. Is that what you called opiate, doctor?
(could be “narcotics”, not sure)

[HT]: It’s a toxin from the south. Don’t inhale it too often lest you become addicted to it.

[XHD]: Did you learn all these from Yu Ji?

[HT]: Yes. A little trick like this is enough to help me save countless lives.
[XHD]: It’s vile though. Had you not explained it, I would’ve believed it to be magic.
(“…celestial technique”)

[HT]: Too bad an average person won’t know the details. They’ll just worship it blindly.

[HT]: The Taiping cult won over so many supporters back then because Zhang Jiao and his brothers were skilled in this methodology.

[?]: Our Lord has been asking for it again, doctor.

[HT]: Make sure he takes this medicine with caution, because it has cold attributes.
(Traditional Chinese medicine at wiki, look up keyword “cold” or “hot”)
[?]: Yessir.

[XHD]: Our Lord’s migraine must’ve stumped you.

[HT]: Our Lord’s migraine is a chronic disease. It requires an unconventional method to cure it completely.

[XHD]: You wouldn’t suggest cutting off his head, would you?

[HT]: More or less.

[HT]: I can open a small hole on his head,

[HT]: then cut away some…

[XHD]: Stop kidding around!

[XHD]: I’ve never heard of such preposterous thing in my life.

[HT]: You don’t believe me, General Xiahou?
[XHD]: So… so it’s true?

[HT]: The advanced medical techniques I learned are ahead of their time.

[XHD]: This is a medical technique?

[XHD]: And so is the way you can change someone’s thinking?
[HT]: Yes.

[XHD]: That sounds so fantastical. No wonder the Eight Eccentrics are as famous as the Eight Geniuses…

[XHD]: Then that means… we can also use Yuan Shao‘s men as assassins?

[HT]: Yes, in theory.

[HT]: As long as killing feels like a routine to that person.

[XHD]: Hoo.

[XHD]: Doctor Hua,

[XHD]: such a man isn’t hard to find in this war torn era.



[?]: The third battalion has been scattered. The fourth battalion will take its place.
[?]: Fifth battalion, get ready!

[?]: Damn it! Who knew those Shangliao rebels would collude with them!

{flag reads: Liu}
[?]: This terrain puts us at a disadvantage, my Lord. Must we keep fighting?

{governor of the Lujiang province, Liu Xun}
[Liu Xun]: What’re you afraid of? They’re no match for us. We’re not leaving till Shangliao is ours!

[?]: Sir! The fourth battalion has entered the battle!

[LX]: Fight! There’s no way he can fend off so many!
(“…I won’t believe he has three heads and six arms”)

[?]: My Lord, the third battalion can’t hold on anymore!


[?]: The formation has been broken!

How can a mere few thousand take on my thirty thousand!

This troop of Sun Ce

[Lü Meng]: (Men of the) side flank, are your bellies full?
(“secondary/supporting army…”; I’m having trouble shortening it to “are you full”, which can be confusing)

{Lü Meng}
[LM]: Then let’s make two shit sausages to stuff Liu Xun’s mouth!

[LM]: Work those three thousand asses!
(“…exert (yourselves)”)


(wordplay on “pull” and “relieve (bowel)”, in English you would probably tell someone to “push” when trying to take a dump, but that can be confusing considering the hanzi out-of-context means the opposite motion. XD)


[?]: Main flank, crash in!
(“…enter formation”)

[LM]: Side flank, shit’em up!

[?]: Side flank, crash in!



It’s as if nothing’s in their way. What… what kind of formation is that?

The leader of that troop must be a world-class genius!

[?]: My Lord, the enemy is attacking us from behind!


[LX]: We’ve been had! This is Sun Ce’s main attack force!

[?]: Sir! The main army has entered the battle!

[LM]: Brothers, it’s time to wipe our asses.

[Cheng Pu]: The main army has entered the fight!
[CP]: We’re not leaving till we kill over ten thousand men!

[LM]: Haha, when it comes to killing…

[LM]: I’m no match for geezer Cheng!

After this defeat, Liu Xun fled Lujiang to join Cao Cao.


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